Positano, Amalfi Coast, Italy

Cliffside Villages in Italy

Positano is a small village on Amalfi Coast, situated in the Province of Salerno of the Southern part of Italy. A beach town painted with colorful buildings, boutiques, and cafes. 

Our trip to Amalfi was very productive and satisfying. We have Explored the town of Amalfi Coast, went for a boat ride to Capri Island, and Hike the Path of the Gods. But the fun never stops and this time around we're going to a famous holiday destination in the country, not just great for families but most especially for lovebirds. And I for one don't mind having another honeymoon again.  
Let's go!

Amalfi, Italy Itinerary

October 21 - 25
4 Days in Amalfi Coast, 1 Day METRO ride back to Rome.

Monday, October 21 - Morning arrival
October 21 - 24
Check-in: Hotel La Pergola 
Address: G. Augustariccio 14, 84011 Amalfi, Italy

We love Hotel La Pergola for the great location, cleanliness, and the genuine service of the staff. The owner greats everyone with a smile and the staffs are knowledgeable about anything you can think of whether its the bus timings, location, and activities.

Bus and Car tips: From Sorrento south to Positano and Amalfi, try to sit on the right side of the vehicle or bus to see the beautiful Mediterranean sea and the coastal houses. And when traveling north, sit on the left side.

Thursday, October 24
Visit Positano Town after hiking the Path of the Gods

Positano Town

From Amalfi Coast Bus Terminal you can take a bus straight to Positano town. We took a different route as we planned to hike first then visit Positano. 

In Amalfi Coast City Centre, there are buses that go to different towns.  Ask your hotel about bus times. 

Always make sure to buy your tickets at your hotel ahead of time or at the bus station.  It’s best to buy them the day before so you can just patiently wait for the bus instead of rushing back to its pickup site.

Buy your bus tickets in advance from bars or small shops. These bus tickets are sold at "tabaccherie" (cigarette shops), newspaper stands, and bars, and cafés. 

Reminders: Tickets can't be purchased onboard the bus. There are no ticket kiosks at the bus stops. Bus tickets must be stamped on board or torn by the driver.

Bus fare: 1.30 euros

What to do in Positano

The Path of the Gods is located in the village of Bomerano in the municipality of Aregola. It is situated close to Amalfi Coast which makes it a perfect hiking destination for a day. After your hike you have two options from this point: wait for the bus along the street (if you have purchased a bus ticket ahead of time) or walk to Positano Centro. We did the second option as the bus took forever, and our stomachs are calling out for food.

Walking on the road to Positano Centro is not so bad. You get to see the spectacular cliffside village from a different angle.

Admire the colorful town of Positano

Welcome to the town of Positano! This area here seems like the drop-off and pick-up point for bus services that came from Amalfi Coast and from other neighboring towns.

The roads are small and narrow on all Amalfi Coast towns. Be mindful when you cross the street and be kind enough to allow elderly locals to pass first.

I simply love the simplicity of life here in Positano. I bet the locals miss those times when they're town isn't bombarded with tourists.

Shopping in Positano

There are plenty of shops and cafes in town.

Bring some cash as some small shops only take paper bills.

Lunch and Beach time at Spiaggia Grande

We walked all the way to the beach at this place called Spiaggia Grande. This is where you go can go swimming and have a meal with the beautiful sight of the beach. There's a section of the beach where it's private and you have to pay an entrance fee however, the public beach is just on the other side and it's good enough for us.

We ordered Rosé Wine which made our meal sumptuous. 

It was nice to share different food, but mine was the best.

The beach was so crowded, but there's more space (and privacy) further up in Minori.

No need to worry about skipping Leg Day with all these stairs.

There's always somewhere to eat around every corner.

Minori town

If you still have a day to spare and you don't mind traveling farther more. Check out Minori town which is less crowded, more spots to lay your beach towel, and definitely no queue for the gelato parlor. 

Wednesday, October 23

Swim time in Minori Beach

Massage and Spa @ Otium Spa

Minori is a laid-back seaside town in Amalfi Coast. I don't know what happened on that day but the streets were empty, all the locals seemed to have disappeared and most shops were closed. It could be due to the low-season status of the year. 

Otium Spa - Costa d'Amalfi 
Address: Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 47, 84010 Minori SA, Italy

After all the walking we did in Paris, France, and Siena, Italy we needed some tender loving care. I was surprised to get a spot for three people the night before our visit to Minori. We got Otium Spa deal which includes a massage and Roman bath with whirlpool and regenerating salts.

The water was cold, but it was a nice dip.

This spot is reserved for a handsome prince with a castle. That's a wrap for our Amalfi Coast trip in the Southern part of Italy. 

Have fun and be safe ^__^

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Where am I going next?

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