What to do in Capri, Italy

Italy's Hidden Paradise

Capri is located in the Gulf of Naples and the western part of the Amalfi Coast. A beautiful island in Italy which can only be reached by boat. The island boasts a natural rugged landscape and blue waters that attract thousands of tourists from all over the world. 

I didn't know anything about Capri, my friend told me about it and I was in awe of the extraordinary scenery of the island. My only knowledge about Italy is the abundance of vineyards and their perfection on the craft of winemaking.  Let's go!

Amalfi, Italy Itinerary

October 21 - 25
4 Days in Amalfi Coast, 1 Day METRO ride back to Rome

Bus and Car tips: From Sorrento south to Positano and Amalfi, sit on the right side of the vehicle or bus to see the beautiful Mediterranean sea and the coastal houses. When traveling north, sit on the left side.

October 21 - 24
Check-in: Hotel La Pergola 
Address: G. Augustariccio 14, 84011 Amalfi, Italy

We love Hotel La Pergola for the great location, cleanliness, and the genuine service of the staff. The owner greets everyone with a smile and the staffs are knowledgeable about anything you can think of whether it's the bus timings, location, and activities.

Tuesday, October 22
Visit the Island of Capri for the Day
Boat Tour Price: 150 USD (per person)

Explore Amalfi Coast by boat

We booked online for our boat tour with buyourtour.it. The tour includes snorkeling gears, sandwiches, beers, limoncello toast, however, there's an additional charge for hotel pick-up to the pier. 

I don't exactly remember the right number of heads who went for the tour but I'm sure it was less than 20 people on the boat. Before embarking I was already eyeing the middle boat with the name "Satisfaction" written on it. Guess what, the forces of the Universe conspired to meet my desire and we were among the chosen ones to aboard this beauty.

Welcome to the Island of Capri

The boat tour reminds me of my trips to the Philippines and Thailand. Fresh air, color waters, and the clear blue sky. I love the part where we get a chance to swim around for a few minutes. The water was cold but that didn't stop us from getting in the water.

White Grotta 

The white grotto or also known as Grotta Bianca is a famous sea cave on the eastern coast of Capri. We didn't go inside the cave the boat simply passed by the opening and we all snapped our eyes for still shots.

The best part of being married is having a travel buddy for life. To have someone to share your memories and fun times is incomparable, plus you get to split travel expenses too, ahahaa.


Another iconic landmark on the Southeast side of the island of Capri is the three rocky peaks namely: Faraglioni di Terra (mainland), Faraglioni di Mezzo (separated by the sea), and the famous among the three Faraglioni di Fruta which is towards the sea. 

A closer look at the Faraglioni where it shows an incredible arch that brings a feeling of entering a new world.

Marina Grande (Main Harbour)

Life is better with someone whom you can enjoy a can of beer and a great view. This is another town on the island of Capri named "Anacapri." A sister village of Capri town which is approximately 10 minutes away by public bus. Our boat docked at Marina Grande and we were given a few hours to run around the island.

Welcome to Anacapri Town

We took a shuttle bus from the harbor to Anacapri town.

Piazza Vittoria

The Piazza is a few minutes away from the bus terminal. We didn't go around much at first as we were hungry so we placed our order to the very first restaurant we found with fewer people. Let's give a moment of silence as we admire the uniqueness of their cabs on the island.

Pizza and Wine for Lunch

I found the best pizza I've ever tasted in Italy at Anacapri. The classic margarita pizza paired with a Chianti Wine is a match made in heaven. The wine brings me back to Chianti in Siena, Italy where we went for a wine tasting tour with the world-famous wine-makers in the country.

Walk Via Giuseppe Orlandi

There's always lemon treats around the corner. Anacapri loves their lemons and they're very proud of it. The lemons grown in Amalfi Coast is considered special as it has an intense aroma and fragrance compared to other lemons. The skin is not that thick and has lesser seeds than the usual lemons.

I saw this old man playing his guitar, the first live local music I've heard in Italy.

The whole town is painted with whites and streaks of blue hues.

Indulge in sweet pastries as you roam around town.

Chiesa di Santa Sofia (Santa Sofia Church)

A parish church located in the Piazza of Anacapri.

Street art in Anacapri

This is one interesting art in the streets of Anacapri.

Museo Casa Rossa di Anacapri (Museum and Historical Residence Casa Rossa)

This red brick building is called Cassa Rossa. An interesting find on the island of Capri. Address: Via Giuseppe Orlandi, 78, 80071 Anacapri NA, Italy. After roaming around Anacapri town we walked back to Piazza Vittoria to the bus terminal and took another bus to see Capri Town. 

Welcome to Capri Town

The roads are small and narrow all over the island. It's scary when you're at the edge of the cliffside part of the road and there's another bus coming towards you on the other side of the road, but we made it alive, all is well. There are so many tourists buses on a non-peak season, just like when we were in Paris

Piazza Umberto

This is the famous square in Capri town overlooking the cliffs and the marina. Address: Piazza Umberto I, 80076 Capri NA, Italy 

Fresh smoothie with a great view of the sea at the Piazza. We got tired of walking around as the crowd here is more than we expected. It was overwhelming to see so many people all at once in such a small space.

I hope we're not disrupting the simplicity of people's lives here in Capri. It's such a beautiful island here in Italy, and the amount of tourists is a bit too much for me. I'm trying not to imagine the chaos here in Summer.

Shopping in Capri Town

I see more stores here in Capri town. It's also more decorated and a few numbers of restaurants with celebrity pictures posted on its walls.

Pizza shops are everywhere, you'll never go hungry. It's a cheaper option, especially that the food here is more pricey compared to Amalfi Coast.

Tyrrhenian Sea 

The island of Capri is famed by the Tyrrhenian Sea on the western coast of Italy. It's part of the Mediterranean sea and off to the westside part of the Sorrento Peninsula. I'm glad Capri island is accessible by boat from Amalfi Coast, at least we get to see the island even just for a day. 

People say it's expensive to travel, it is but you get more out of it. We are not rich, we work hard like everyone else, we use our vacation leave and save up a lot for our trips. It's always a matter of priority and a smart way of budgeting your money. 

This is how we ended the boat tour with all smiles and love for traveling. The staff surprises us with a limoncello toast at the end of the day. Limoncello drinks are very popular in the Southern part of Italy especially in the Amalfi Coast and the island of Capri. Our skipper said it's a lemon-flavored alcohol drink popular among the locals, and he wants to share the fame traditional drink to everyone. The last few words of our tour ended with kind words and a toast for good health and prosperity.

The whale-like waves of the waters of Capri sent us back to Amalfi Coast. A memorable trip of a lifetime, this is one of those days that I feel young and carefree. I may not be that young anymore but traveling gives me a sense of nirvana, a youth-spirited feeling of being open-minded and deep satisfaction of wandering.

Have fun and be safe ^__^

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Where am I going next?

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