Path of the Gods Hike, Bomerano, Italy

Hiking from Heaven to Earth

The southern part of Italy does not only boast beautiful beaches but amazing cliffside hikes up in the mountains. The Path of the Gods is located in the village of Bomerano in the municipality of Aregola. It is situated close to Amalfi Coast which makes it a perfect hiking destination for a day.

We have already explored the town of Amalfi Coast, took a boat tour to Capri Island and now the mountains are calling and we have to go. Let's go!

Amalfi, Italy Itinerary

October 21 - 25
4 Days in Amalfi Coast, 1 Day METRO ride back to Rome.

Monday, October 21 - Morning arrival
October 21 - 24
Check-in: Hotel La Pergola 
Address: G. Augustariccio 14, 84011 Amalfi, Italy

We love Hotel La Pergola for the great location, cleanliness, and the genuine service of the staff. The owner greets everyone with a smile and the staffs are knowledgeable about anything you can think of whether it's the bus timings, location, and activities.

Bus and Car tips: From Sorrento south to Positano and Amalfi, try to sit on the right side of the vehicle or bus to see the beautiful Mediterranean sea and the coastal houses. And when traveling north, sit on the left side.

Thursday, October 24
Hike Sentiero degli Dei or Path of the Gods in Bomerano 

Distance: 5 miles or 7 kilometers (from Bomerano to Nocelle, plus a flight of stairs approximately 1,500 steps down to Positano).
Duration: 3-5 hours, depends on pace.

In Amalfi Coast City Centre, there are buses that go to different towns.  Ask your hotel about bus times. 

Always make sure to buy your tickets at your hotel ahead of time or at the bus station.  It’s best to buy them the day before so you can just patiently wait for the bus instead of rushing back to its pickup site.

Buy your bus tickets in advance from bars or small shops. These bus tickets are sold at "tabaccherie" (cigarette shops), newspaper stands, and bars, and caf├ęs. 

Reminders: Tickets can't be purchased onboard the bus. There are no ticket kiosks at the bus stops. Bus tickets must be stamped on board or torn by the driver.

Bus fare: 1.30 euros

Piazza Paolo Capasso

From Amalfi Coast Bus Terminal we took a bus to Bomerano or Aregola. Makes sure the driver knows to drop you off at Sentiero degli Dei or Path of the Gods. At the drop off point, we don't know where to go good thing we found fellow hikers headed to the same route. Look for Piazza Paolo Capasso, from there you'll find a few coffee shops, a hike rental shop, and this sign that leads you the trail. We bought a cappuccino so we can use the restroom before we start the hike.

Follow the sign to Sentiero degli Dei.

A small sign on the side of the road after the flight of stairs.

It starts with a paved road, a great way to warm up those calve muscles.

From here you can already see the beauty of the mountains. We had a full breakfast and all pumped up for this hike.

This is where the dirt path starts. Try to wear appropriate shoes for this hike for good ankle support.

Try not to get lost. Look for fellow hikers along the trail.

The amazing Meditteranean sea out in the open with the sun shining brightly warming us for the day.

Try to notice the red mark stones along the path which reassures you're in the right trail.

We saw stone houses along the way. From this point, you'll find a post that says Agerola, Bomerano with an arrow sign.

Then another arrow sign that says Positano, Praiano, and Nocelle.

Behold! The Path of the Gods.

Stop and Stare.

Here I am all smiles admiring the captivating cliffs of the peninsula.

The hypnotic roads of the coast make you salute the drivers of this small town.

Make sure to take breaks and simply admire the view. 

It's not a race, take it all in and drink some water too.

There is not much shade in this trail, equip yourself with sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat for sun protection.

It's not a beginner's hike but we saw a lot of hikers of all ages. 

Surprisingly, we saw a cat along the path. Simply chillin' out and enjoying the view. We really took our time with this hike and took lots of photos.

Before reaching this point, you'll find a paved path and just follow the arrow sign that says Sentiero degli Dei.

I think this is the only part of the trail that has a series of trees providing shades.

Follow the arrow sign that points to the town of Nocelle, Montepertuso, and Positano.

It's nice to know that they place an emergency number here, in that way fellow hikers will know what number to call.

And here we are out in the open once again.

Arrived at Nocelle in one piece. We didn't stop here as we planned to visit the town of Positano and have lunch there.

This by far is the most challenging part of the hike taking 1,500 agonizing steps to Positano. We had to stop several times here as it puts so much pressure on the knees and the calves muscles.

We continued taking the stairs that leads to Positano Centro.

Finally! Touchdown to Positano. You have two options from this point: wait for the bus along the street (if you have purchased a bus ticket ahead of time) or walk to Positano Centro. We did the second option as the bus took forever, and our stomachs are calling out for food.

Have fun and be safe ^__^

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Where am I going next?

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