Pasalubong from Bangkok, Thailand

Must-try foods in thailand

Bring Home Unique Goodies! and Must-try foods in Bangkok!

The Philippines is most likely the same as the urban atmosphere in Bangkok, Thailand. It was hard to find something different that we can bring as "pasalubong" or souvenirs when we go back home. 'Pasalubong' is a term we use in my country which represents something like a present a person gives to someone after going overseas or somewhere away from home. Aside from the fact that they have a good wholesale market for clothes, street foods and fruits were great too. We have noticed how fresh and tasty the fruits are and decided to bring a lot of them for my two crocodile brothers at home.  Let's go!

Where to buy bring-home goodies and souvenirs in Bangkok?

What to bring checklist: 
-no handbags bring a cheap sling bag for your belongings 
-bring a lot of baht, baht, baht
-running shoes
-puppy eyes for bargaining
-cap to throw when you have no more bills
-peace of mind to know who gets this and that pasalubong
-possessed eyes for calculating numbers

Pratunam Market

At Pratunam Market, we bought big sweet tamarind for only 50-80 baht and it tastes delicious especially if you put a dab of salt. It’s bigger compared to the ones I grew up with. If I remembered right we used to climb this tamarind tree near my cousin's house. It was the only tree that leads to a restricted area where we can go swimming on a nearby beach. A rusted ship by the shore can be found too where we play inside and look for leeches.

The other night while roaming around Pratunam's night market we ate these big Rose apples or Tambis for only 50 BAHT. We referred to the fruit "Tambis" in the Philippines; it is also common as the Malay apple or rose apple. Normally, Zambia in the Philippines doesn't get this big and I was even surprised at how sweet, juicy, and crispy it tasted. It brings back memories of my childhood; we use to have this tree nearby our apartment when I was young. All the kids from the block gather and play around this tree. And so my mum and I decided to buy a pack of it for my brothers to try back at home.

Nearby Wat Pho temple in the dried goods area near the river ferry we drop by to buy some dried spicy shredded fish. It's an orange paper-like stripe of fish that is suitably paired with a beer. Cost around 50-100 baht. My cousin's elder brother visited Thailand just a month ago and was still craving the shredded papers. Later, I realized that it was actually an addicting snack. You never get full so you crave more of it in your mouth.

Lastly, we shop at Pratunam Night Market for wholesale goods, also the Night Bazaar at Ramkamheng Soi 65 in Bangkok was a great place to shop. We bought a lot of clothes and clothing at a very affordable price. An original price of 300 baht dress will be discounted if you buy 2 more items approximately 250-200 baht for each. Moreover, further reduction is given for 6 items at about 50 percent off, which makes it just around 150 baht. What good news for my online business back in the Philippines. We also bought a few statement t-shirts and polo shirts for my brothers.

After buying pasalubong for everyone, it was to feed our tummies.

Here are my Must-try foods in Bangkok:

What to eat in Bangkok - Where to eat in Bangkok: BREAKFAST, LUNCH, DINNER, and MIDNIGHT SNACKS

A food trip to Pratunam Market -BEST DAY EVER!

Pratunam Market is located at the intersection of Ratchaprarop and Phetburi Road, opposite of Platinum Fashion Mall. The glint of happiness in my eyes was visible as I pass by each stall in the market. It is the Food Mecca of Bangkok.

I've realized that every time I travel I always have this big appetite and an endless craving to try everything I see around me. When you're in another country it's best you expose yourself to the people, and their traditions, speak some of their dialects, and eat local foods. In this way, I was able to immerse myself in Bangkok's busy yet calm lifestyle.

What you need for this day:
-I recommend wearing loose clothing/maternity dress 
-short shorts to divert attention away from the belly
-comfortable flats, a brimmed hat, and a body bag
-Tons of small bills or a bag of 10 BAHT bills
-Grizzly appetite for food 
-Spicy Tolerance
-Strong stomach to avoid food poisoning 

Optional to bring along: hotel's tissue roll, wet tissues, charcoal tablets - just kidding!


To start the day right we had our breakfast while walking in the streets of Pratunam AreaYou'll never get hungry on the pavement of Bangkok City, there are plenty of street foods to choose from.

Pork Barbecue (wide): 10 BAHT
Freshly Squeeze Pomegranate Drink: 40 BAHT

The sizzling hot sun was dehydrating every fiber of our being so better drop by  COCO, a famous milk tea outlet in Bangkok. We ordered the famous Tropical Fruits: 50 BAHT and Blueberry with Coconut Jelly: 55 BAHT.


My Favourite for only 100 BAHT

Bangkok streets, especially near the public markets, are packed with vendors selling a variety of street foods.  Seafood Stall selling mouth-watering tiger prawns in a stick and medium-sized crabs was eye-catching of them all.

I've noticed a variety of sticky rice in the streets: one is steamed and packed in a plastic sheet while others were grilled and come in different colors. While roaming around inside Pratunam Market looking at piles and piles of clothes we bought some quail eggs and snacks from an old lady for 20 BAHT.

What I really love about Bangkok is that there are always chilled fresh fruits sold around the corner. It doesn't just look good but it tastes even better. The freshly squeezed fruits are just exceptionally refreshing with Bangkok's traffic and scorching heat. All kinds of fruits are squeezed and sold in the streets. Freshly Squeeze Pomegranate Drink: 40 BAHT.

My mum's favorite treat in Bangkok is located at the outer rear of Pratunam Market and a few steps away from Mcdonald's. The crepe was tasty and it was served hot, the price depends on how many toppings you want. 25 BAHT- 50 BAHT for one order. It's cheaper compared to the ones I dine in dessert outlets but the taste exceeds my expectations. Even better you can make way for your charm to add some more toppings. Be friendly that's all and it will surely make a difference.

Lunch at Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

Pad Thai! Another classic favorite!

Lunch at Damnoen Saduak Floating Market was delicious we ordered Pad Thai with chopped peanuts on top.

The noodle dish is minced pork with a wonton wrapper

Beef with fish cake and added more bean sprouts, as requested by my cousin. The bean sprout was my favorite it's crispy and fresh. The floating market was a great place to try new dishes. Food Prices range from 50 BAHT - 100 BAHT. Foods sold in the floating market were satisfying, it was fresh and tasty. One place that should definitely be on your vacation checklist when you're in Thailand.

Another Lunch option is at the Mall

A little bit fancy compared to my street foods ahahaa.

Terminal 21 is one of the famous attractions here in Bangkok. They have tons of restaurants to choose from. Once in awhile dining in at established restaurants balances your taste and you get to compare which one works better for you. We ate lunch at Sansab located at Terminal 21. Food Ranges from 100 BAHT - 200 BAHT. We did not spend that much just about 500 BAHT for our meal.

Snack time in Terminal 21

Daddy Donuts 1 doughnut: 26 BAHT paired with Dairy Queen 1 regular cup: 35 BAHT


Papaya Salad, a must-try!

Food Bazaar near Pratunam's High-end shopping center, the Central World Mall was mouth-watering. The food stalls along the streets were packed with people craving a delicious dinner. 

Famous Papaya Salad: 40 BAHT, Fish covered with Salt: 150 BAHT, Sticky Rice: 10 BAHT  (the sticky rice is plainly like white rice) and Bottled Water: 20 BAHT

Another option is having your dinner in a standing heard me right!

A good old Bangkok-style food feast was all we need after an energy-draining temple run in Bangkok. Standing style position while eating Barbecue with the popular sticky rice. 

Pork Barbecue: 10 BAHT, Big Chicken wings: 15 BAHT,  Three little Chicken wings: 30 BAHT and Sticky Rice: 5 BAHT 

We purchased some midnight snacks at 7'11 and bought some Thai junk food and a 1.5 liter of Pepsi, which was exactly what we needed to finish a relaxing night. 

Junk Foods: 10-25 BAHT and Pepsi 1.5 L: 30 BAHT

More Food? Maybe some MIDNIGHT SNACKS?

Night Food Bazaar at Ramkamheng Soi 65

The fun does not end at night in the busy streets of Bangkok. Food Bazaar is extremely popular here and people flock to these places to dine and do some shopping sprees. I, on the other hand, prefer the first option. 

I'm always a fan of eating a variety of foods from different countries. I have the passion to try all kinds of things and food in the world. 

My attention was caught with these colorful appetizers and seeing me daze with its cute colors and shapes, the vendor decided to give me a free taste! What I said about being friendly? It gets you in many ways possible. 

However, the sushi person was annoyed with my eye-watering gaze at his goods, I guess no free sushi for me tonight. Business is business as they said. I was aiming for real food and that's the grilled foods around the corner.

Let's take a break...One food at a time!


Grilled food craving? Check. My taste buds were dancing in the moonlight and then I saw this rocker dude cat which even made my night more enjoyable. The food bazaar was located near the sports stadium and that's where we dropped by for a visit to the comfort room. Another surprise awaits me as I enter the room, the pink cartoon character tickled every part of my being and I just kept laughing - lame me. We had a good laugh that lasted for hours. I'd never seen anything like that before and my mind was just laughing hard with my ignorance.

We rode the Bus for 8 BAHT going to our next food bazaar destination. The MRT or they preferably call it BTS in Thailand costs approximately 20 BAHT, depending on your desired location. Riding the bus was totally unsafe we were in a standing position, the door was opened and I bet the passenger limit exceeded as well. 

Another favorite grilled squid!

This was so good too!

Another favorite: ^___^ Mushroom with Bacon with chili sauce for 10 BAHT

Small Squid-  stuffed with egg -10 BAHT

Lastly, my favorite fruit in Bangkok 

A few other prices I remembered: 
Squid Cutlet- 10 BAHT, Sticky Rice- 5 BAHT, and "Buko" or Coconut Juice 20 baht. 
Street Food prices range from 10 BAHT - 50 BAHT

Mangosteen 1/2 kilo: 40 BAHT Amazing! Mangosteen sold per kilo in the Philippines is around 168 pesos, which means it is 4 times cheaper in Bangkok and that equates to more cravings on my list. It was immediately part of my daily fruit diet during my stay.

Bangkok is surely a food haven for food junkies out there. The Night Food Bazaar at Ramkamheng Soi 65, Bangkok was an exhilarating and stomach-bursting experience. A variety of street foods were sold from one tent to the other. It was a mind-boggling night, all the foods arrange neatly looked delicious and inviting.

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Have fun and be safe ^__^

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Where am I going next?
My next adventure is a Backpacking Trip in Cambodia and seeing the ruins of Angkor Wat.


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