Five Easy Steps for NCLEX RN Application for New York State

NCLEX RN Application for New York State

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to apply for NCLEX-RN for New York State as a Foreign Nurse

The easiest way to apply for NCLEX in the United States for Filipino nurses is through the state of New York. I find it simpler compared to other states, no need to take the CGFNS, no additional credits needed, no need for SSN, and best of all the application is done online. Everything is mostly online which means you can even apply for NYS NCLEX from the Philippines.  Let's go!

I have a Social Security Number (SSN) as I've already migrated to the US, however, my friend from the Philippines didn’t have one but he was able to get his papers done. He was the one who encourage me to process my papers after he got his approval from NYS to take the NCLEX-RN Examination. 

This post is based on my experience. I’m not an agent or an agency that processes NCLEX Examinations. For more detailed information you can visit the NYSED website. 

This guide also provides information on How to apply for New York NCLEX Examination for Filipino Nurses.

1. Download Two Forms: Nursing School and Licensing Authority at the NYSED website

For Filipino Nurses, these forms will be for the University or Nursing School and the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) in the Philippines.

a. Download Form 2F - Certification of Foreign Nursing Education

This form is for nurses who graduated outside of the United States.

For Filipino Nurses:
Fill out the form, print it out, and ask your University in the Philippines to send your nursing credentials straight to New York. You cannot send them your papers, only your school can do it for you. If you live abroad, you send an Authorization letter to your family and ask them to process your papers. All they need to do is bring their Authorization letter and the forms to the Registrar's office and from there the school will know what to do. Pay your fees and they will send your papers to New York. 

b. Download Form 3F - Verification of Foreign Professional Licensure/Certification

This form certifies your nursing license in your country.

For Filipino Nurses:
For PRC processing, give the authorization letter to a family member who has a PRC license as they are the only ones who can process your papers. I’m not sure why they have this rule, just take note of this information.

1. All forms must be submitted by your University and the Licensing Authority Board in your country.  All your nursing credentials must be translated into English.

2. Read the sections carefully and only sign where you're asked to sign. 
Triple-check if possible.

3. The address is written at the end of the form for your school or the licensing authority to send it via snail mail, no electronic documentation will be accepted. 

For Filipino Nurses: Most Universities in the Philippines are pretty much oriented on how to do this as a lot of us nurses are applying for different licensure examinations abroad. Even the PRC office is well-informed about the process.

4. Process the two forms first as International delivery takes time, giving the school and the licensing authority time to produce your credentials and send them to New York.

2. Take Two Mandatory Examinations

a. Child Abuse Certification
b. Infection Control Certification

Each certification costs 30 USD. I took both certifications with Access Continuing Education. After I received my certification of completion then proceeded with the online application.

3. Fill out an online application 

June 2021
I applied online for the licensure and paid a registration fee of 143 USD.

a. Complete all the required information for the application. Do not add unnecessary certificates or papers as that might delay the process.

b. I've only attached four documents: 
1. Child Abuse Certificate of Completion
2. Infection Control Certificate of Completion
3. High school diploma
4. Nursing diploma.

c. Take note of the Application number as you will use this to check the status of your application. After the online application, you will receive an email receipt from the NYSED for completing your application.

4. Check the status of the application

There is only one way to check the online application and that is through the Contact Us Form. Make sure to allow 6 weeks upon receiving the receipt of your online application in the email before inquiring about the status of your papers.

Sit back and relax. 

5. Approval email and Register for NCLEX Examination

Dec 2021
I received my Approval email to take the NYS NCLEX Examination through email. It took around 6 months to get the approval. 

What happens next after you receive your approval?
You can now then register for NCLEX Examination online, visit: Pearsonvue, or contact via phone (866) 496-2539.

After registering online you will receive your ATT (Authorization To Test) email for you to schedule your examination.

1.  The NYS NCLEX eligibility to take the Examination does not expire

2. There is no required time and date to take the test upon receiving the approval.

3. You can take the examination at any testing site offered by Pearsonvue; it does not have to be in New York State.

Please do your own research, forms may vary and may be updated. For more information visit NYSED

Have fun and be safe ^__^

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