How to Apply for US Passport for your Baby

How to Apply for US Passport for your Baby

5 Easy Steps to Get Your Baby a US Passport

Everyone needs a passport when traveling to another country, even your precious little baby. Cuteness overload won’t get you past the border even if he shows the most adorable giggles of all time. My baby is ready to face the world but first, we need to get his US Passport. I’m not an agent or a passport agency, this is solely based on our experience acquiring our baby’s passport amidst the COVID pandemic situation. This is a step-by-step guide on how to apply for a US Passport for your baby. Let's go!

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1. Fill out Form DS-11

You can find the form at, after filling it out, print the form and do not sign the form yet.

2. Gather all the required documents for the application 

a. Provide an original and a photocopy of your baby’s Birth Certificate. 

Important Tip: Make your life easy and order multiple certified copies of your baby’s birth certificate for a backup, for safety and to avoid wasting your money ordering again and again to get a copy. Also, make sure to process his Social Security Number upon birth, most hospitals in the US include this in their hospital packet along with the birth certificate. These two documents are your child’s main documents so make sure you have both on hand.

b. Parents identification ID and photocopies of ID

Both parents need to be present and provide physical evidence of identification. We showed our driver’s license and a photocopy of both licenses.

If one parent can’t be there you will need to fill out a form and read more about it at

c. One 2x2 passport size picture of your baby

Make sure you have the right 2x2 passport size picture. There are specific dimensions for the face so go to a reliable photocenter.

I took my baby’s picture on my own and it turns out we had the wrong measurements, and the place we had it printed did not even mention our mistake. The good news is they can take your baby’s picture in their office, take note not all offices offer this photo service. It’s pricey but better than coming back for another appointment.

Two 2x2 pictures for 15 USD, you get to keep the second picture as they only need one for the application.

If you're confident to do it on your own check out the Requirements for US passport photos.

d. DS-11 Form  ( Do not sign the form) 

3. Schedule a passport appointment with USPS

Visit the USPS Retail Customer Appointment Scheduler to make an appointment.

Make sure to complete all required fields in the form. 

Make an online appointment to avoid waiting in line. The appointment takes around 15-20 minutes. 

4. Sign the DS-11 Form in front of the Passport officer

This is very important do not to sign the form until you get to sit in front of the officer in charge.

5. Pay the passport fees

Application Fee: Total amount for a passport application is 135 USD ( 100 USD for the application fee and 35 USD processing fee )
Additional fee: 60 USD for expedited service

Fees may change refer to

Payment type: Personal, certified, cashier's, or traveler's check

I brought our checkbook for the payment transactions. Write two checks in advance but leave the amount blank. The First one will be addressed to the "U.S. Department of State" and the second one to the "Postmaster."

Wait time: Passport processing takes around 4-6 weeks

We paid for expedited service to avoid any delays. Our passport appointment was after Christmas on Dec 2021, we received our baby’s passport via mail around the second week of January 2022. Despite the delays due to the COVID pandemic we received the passport in less than a month. 

The passport book was sent via mail and the citizenship evidence we brought to the appointment which was our baby's Certified Birth Certificate was mailed back to us in another separate mail. 

Reminders: Make sure to sign the passport upon receiving it.  I also made a photocopy just in case we needed it and also as a backup copy when traveling. 

Please do your research and visit for more information about passport applications.

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