And then there were two.

What started as a solo travel adventure suddenly -- and surprisingly -- became a joint adventure.  My partner and I met in the spring of the friendly frozen lands of Canada.  You could say he melted my heart, ahahaa.

We are two wanderers in search of travel that feed the mind and soul.  Join us as we explore the simple pleasures that inhabit life.



I'm a Traveler, Beach Lover, Nature Explorer, Food Enthusiast, Adrenaline Junkie, Book Reader, Sunset Seeker, Earth Saver and a Yoga Fanatic.

My feet tingles for adventure, my eyes see things differently and my appetite craves for new flavors. I travel in different places, meet new people and explore wild activities that other people are frightened to do. I'm not only sharing my experiences but also a few guides on how to get to places I've been to. This started as a simple vacation checklist that I wanted to share and somehow encourage people to explore and be wild and free. I believe traveling is not just about going to other places or an escape from the stressful life. Traveling is also about self-discovery and feeding the soul. Enjoy traveling and embrace all its wonders!



An introvert recently turn nature lover. Fascinated by mountains, big rocks, ducks and penguins ahahaa. There's two things I can never turn down - Barbecue and Cookies. Life is too short take the cookie. 

Enjoy the Great Outdoors


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