Bangkok Floating Market Tour, Thailand

Bangkok Floating Market Tour Thailand

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market 

Bangkok city tour will not be complete without a floating market experience. We've arranged a package tour that will take us to Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, located in the province of Ratchaburi. It is considered to be the most famous tourist destination among the floating markets in Thailand. We just had an exciting and exhausting temple tour in the enormous Grand Palace of Thailand, so we decided to have a break in the morning and resume the temple run in the afternoon. Good thing a travel agency was offering packages for the floating market tours.  Let's go!

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Bangkok Floating Market Tour Thailand

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market Tour

Promo Package: 700 BAHT (inclusive pick-up transfer-back from hotel) 
Travel time: 2 hours away from Bangkok

Our day began bright and early at 6:45 AM as we were picked up from our hotel. Although there are buses available, I wouldn't recommend them as I've heard that without a package tour, the boat ride will be more expensive. After arriving at 7:46 AM, we headed to the Khao San area to meet up with the other tourists. Unfortunately, we had to wait for a while for some latecomers. Also, check out Bangkok, Thailand Itinerary.

Bangkok Floating Market Tour Thailand
You're in the land of smiles, so what you do is smile. Share the love. Share the positivity. 

Bangkok Floating Market Tour Thailand

The River

There is beautiful chaos as we go around the market. People taking pictures -present! , vendors continuously buzzing for customers, bidding customers and waters splashing in every corner.

Bangkok Floating Market Tour Thailand
What made me frown was that the market was overcrowded and some boats on the tour kept on bumping each other, and what made it worse was the motorized boats. I wasn't expecting this, now, I feel bad for the locals.

Bangkok Floating Market Tour Thailand

The smoke that came out from these boats combined with the heat was suffocating. It would be nice if they did it the old-school way, like maybe using a normal paddle. I know it will take longer but most tourists want a relaxing day and be able to see what's in the market, locals see the market every day and take everything just an ordinary day. It wasn't the case for me, it was all new and I wanted to take my time, especially with the boat tour. 

Bangkok Floating Market Tour Thailand

Souvenir Shopping

Our paddler was a very kind-looking lady she couldn't speak English so she just continuously smiled and slowed down every time I snapped some shots. A simple gesture can mean a lot to somebody, so let's do any daily type of kindness to people we don't know. She was like this lotus candle, just floating in the river of Bangkok. Read more: 
Souvenirs from Bangkok.

Bangkok Floating Market Tour Thailand
While roaming around the market I stopped by shops to the artist doing some handmade creative designs on elephant figurines and soap selections. 

Bangkok Floating Market Tour Thailand

Discover Thailand's Best Beers

If you're a beer lover, you must try Thailand's finest brews. My personal favorite is Chang, but you should also give Singha and Leo a try. While you're at it, treat yourself to some refreshing coconut juice!

Bangkok Floating Market Tour Thailand

Try Authentic "Pad Thai"

First on the list was to try the famous " Pad Thai " of Thailand. It's a mixture of ground pork, carrots, noodles, sprinkles of peanuts, sweet and sour sauce and my favorite bean sprout. It tastes good and even better because I have the floating market insight. Food Prices range from 50 BAHT - 100 BAHT. More about that here: Must-try foods in Bangkok.

Next stop: Damnoen Saduak Residence, Bangkok Thailand

Bangkok Floating Market Tour Thailand

The other side of Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

After we had our Damnoen Saduak Floating Market tour, an unexpected ride to another side of the river took my breath away. We headed to a place where the river takes us to the residential areas. There were no vendors in this part of the river. 

Bangkok Floating Market Tour Thailand

Make Time to Travel with Your Parents While You Still Can

This route was more relaxing compared to the first boat ride we had in the public market. The simple lifestyle the people face day to day in this area made the place more captivating.

Bangkok Floating Market Tour Thailand

Made A Friend

I was seated near the paddler and the water was sprinkling everywhere, in spite of the water lilies' beauty to conceal what was below I was not confident the water was clean. I guess he thought I was having fun and didn't mind being showered. I did not complain yet except for the part where my camera was almost drenched. I thought I was going to be mad yet I was not feeling a slight worry at all, I did laugh and the scared paddler joined me too. Hence, he started talking to me in simple English and he pointed out interesting things for me to see. In return, I translated it into English for the other passengers to see what we were looking at. 

Bangkok Floating Market Tour Thailand

The Water Village

Sometimes my new friend pats me hard on the shoulder to catch my attention, for I was busy taking some shots. It was funny and irritating at the same time, so I decided to drop my camera in my lap and let the boatman show me the wonders of the river - no regrets. We saw birds fly and hop around the sides, wooden houses and children waved at us as we passed by. 

Bangkok Floating Market Tour Thailand

I thought it was still part of the tour and then we were invited to see a cobra show or have lunch in the restaurant. The boat ride was supposed to be for the people who have thrown activities in one package. We only took one activity so it only meant we had a free boat ride - not bad! I've always thought that the river was just for a marketplace, but now I know that it's more than that and significantly the best way to see Thailand.

Bangkok Floating Market Tour Thailand

Interesting Find

I just found Bumblebee's long-lost grandfather and I'm still wondering how it got there. It felt like anytime it would transform into some kind of giant robot to back up the transformers when they were in need, unfortunately, it stayed that way until I lost sight of it.

Bangkok Floating Market Tour Thailand

After we had our visit to the floating market, we headed to Wat Pho Temple or Wat Phra Chetuphon, famously known as the temple of the reclining Buddha and the Temple of the Dawn or Wat Arun located on the west side of Chao Phraya River. Wear proper dress code when you visit this temple, the same goes for Grand Palace to avoid renting clothes that are unnecessary for your budget list. We took the river ferry at Tha Tien Pier which is just a walking distance from Wat Pho Temple. 

Next Stop: Wat Pho Temple or Wat Phra Chetuphon

Bangkok Floating Market Tour Thailand

On our way home, we also passed by a temple where you can hang some cute bells, and have your name printed on it. My cousin told me you can pray or make a wish with your bell. I found it really interesting that night and the following days got even better. Read more: Temples of Bangkok.

Have fun and be safe ^__^

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