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Cave of Munits, California

Spelunking in Los Angeles

We have done so many hikes to the mountains or along the beach trail but never towards a cave. This hike is our very first spelunking here in Los Angeles. Cave of Munits is a hidden gem of West Hills and famous among rock climbers. Let's go!

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Traveling Plants

How my plants showed me the world 

The COVID Pandemic started my great journey to loving indoor houseplants. Aside from growing up with more than twenty houseplants in the Philippines. Yes, my mum was a plant hoarder, and yes she has a green thumb and I have lived most of my days with clean air thanks to the army of plants in our house. I guess the pandemic was a good trigger for my dormant love for houseplants. Nature always has it's ways through my heart and now that I'm a plant mum I feel closer to her, and my mum too.

I've also realized how my plants are native to different countries. My plants have shown me a unique way of traveling inside my home. I'm not going crazy but this thought has entertained my wanderlust soul to travel in a none typical way. Let's go!
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Around the world with bae

Like Tre, I came to Singapore full of hopes and dreams. I also wanted to use Singapore as a stepping stone to see the rest of the world. We have one of the busiest airport transits in the world, which is good enough to show how easy and convenient it is to make that dream a reality. I also met the man I was going to do it for the rest of my life. Let's go!

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Corriganville Park, California

How to get to Corriganville Park in Simi Valley

The quarantine lockdown in Los Angeles started around March 2020 and since then we have not hiked. It's been challenging staying home on the weekends, thou we've been working all this time during the lockdown. I feel like the weekend is my bonding time with my husband and with nature, especially we only get to spend our time together every other weekend due to his work schedules. However, this stay at home order has made me realize how much I love staying home too. I get to enjoy cooking, taking care of my plants - this is something new and I'm obsessed about it! , and do more of my paintings. 

When the lockdown order was lifted and some hiking trails reopened I was overwhelmed with joy. A little bit worried but happy about it. We didn't want to expose ourselves that much so we only did a short hike in Simi Valley. Let's go!

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Weekend Trip to Seattle, Washington

4 Days in Seattle

My birthday month is here and I'm celebrating it in Seattle with my husband and friends. It's an exciting trip for me as I've never been to Washington. 

Seattle, Washington is located on the West Coast of the United States. I heard from my friend that it rains a lot in their state but she likes it. I'm curious to see the other side of the US, the colder area if I may say. We packed our rain gears as we're going on a rainy month. Let's go!

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Escondido Falls, California

How to get to Escondido Falls in Malibu 

We are off for another chasing waterfalls adventure. This time around we're driving to the famous Malibu area in search of a well- known waterfall. The Escondido falls are considered the highest waterfalls in the Santa Monica Mountains. Let's go!

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Stopover in Rome, Italy

Roaming Rome for a Day

Our Europe trip has finally come to an end but there's more! Our luck has reached its maximum level and with its last draw gave us one more day to explore Rome in Central Italy. After exploring the streets of Paris getting responsibly drunk in Siena and checking out the enchanting Amalfi Coastit was time to slow down and walk around the capital city of Italy. Let's go!

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Positano, Amalfi Coast, Italy

Cliffside Villages in Italy

Positano is a small village in Amalfi Coast, situated in the Province of Salerno of the Southern part of Italy. A beach town painted with colorful buildings, boutiques, and cafes. 

Our trip to Amalfi was very productive and satisfying. We have Explored the town of Amalfi Coast, went for a boat ride to Capri Island, and Hike the Path of the Gods. But the fun never stops and this time around we're going to a famous holiday destination in the country, not just great for families but most especially for lovebirds. And I for one don't mind having another honeymoon again.  
Let's go!

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Path of the Gods Hike, Bomerano, Italy

Hiking from Heaven to Earth

The southern part of Italy does not only boast beautiful beaches but amazing cliffside hikes up in the mountains. The Path of the Gods is located in the village of Bomerano in the municipality of Aregola. It is situated close to Amalfi Coast which makes it a perfect hiking destination for a day.

We have already explored the town of Amalfi Coast, took a boat tour to Capri Island and now the mountains are calling and we have to go. Let's go!

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What to do in Capri, Italy

Italy's Hidden Paradise

Capri is located in the Gulf of Naples and the western part of the Amalfi Coast. A beautiful island in Italy which can only be reached by boat. The island boasts a natural rugged landscape and blue waters that attract thousands of tourists from all over the world. 

I didn't know anything about Capri, my friend told me about it and I was in awe with the extraordinary scenery of the island. My only knowledge about Italy is the abundance of vineyards and their perfection on the craft of winemaking.  Let's go!

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