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What to do in Siena, Italy

The Medieval City of Tuscany, Italy

Italy is the land of everything nice whether its the food, the landscape, the people, even the culture and tradition. I love this country. After visiting the busy streets of Paris we intentionally decided to hit the mountains in Italy. We wanted a balance for our Europe trip from cityscape to landscape and lastly hitting a small town for some seascape.

Siena was on my top list, a medieval town in Central Italy. A few hours away from Florence the main capital of the country. The town is popular for hosting the annual horse race, wine tours and has great selections of balsamic vinegar and olive oils. Let's go!

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Train from Paris to Italy

How to get to Siena from Paris 

What fascinates me about Europe is the possibility of seeing another country just by taking the train.  Every direction can lead you to different lands.  For the first part of this trip, we enjoyed the bustling city lights and chaos of Paris.  This time around, we're heading to the mountains and wineries of Italy. 

Italy has always been on my list.  I've always dreamed of studying art in Florence.  I imagined myself painting alongside the city's bridges, or driving on the town's beach outskirts, or sitting on top of a hill with my paintbrushes and a glass of wine... Let's go!

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Hidden Gems of Paris

Art and Food Experience

I've always imagined myself walking around Paris with gelato on hand or sitting in a cafe having coffee overlooking the Eiffel tower. Wishes do come true. If you imagine something again and again, sooner or later it will materialize in front of you and all you have to do is believe. 

We wanted something different for Paris, not just the normal tourist sites attractions. I knew exactly what we needed to do. I've always wanted to study art and I thought to myself why not explore that possibility in France. Let's go!

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What to do in Paris

Slept through our Alarm in Paris  

There are days when you just don't hear the alarm. Guess what happened on our second day in Paris, of all the days to miss our alarm. Because of that, we had to postpone our first activity of the day. We felt so bad as our teacher waited for us; we're supposed to have an art class that morning. 

I've underestimated the power of jet-lag with a mixture of huge time difference from California. A perfect mixed that makes you sleep non-stop till ten o'clock in the morning. We woke up dazed, confused then reality kicked in. Let's go!

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Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

Paris in October

I've never been to Europe. This has long been my dream to step on the land of my dreams. I've only seen Europe in movies and it really made me curious. But the time has come, no more cancellations and whatsoever. 

My husband and I booked our tickets ahead of time so we had a really good deal. We did our itinerary early however we planned to be flexible with our activities. A lot of our plans changed when we got to Europe based on our feels for the day. It was a fun and carefree trip. Let's go!

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Europe 15 days Itinerary

Europe 15 Days Itinerary: from Paris, France to Siena, Italy to Amalfi Coast, Italy and finally Rome, Italy

These are more-or-less our notes for our stay, edited slightly for ease of reading. Let's get right to it!  

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Top 35 Inspiring Travel Quotes

One Life Make it Count

It's amazing how someone just dies and that's it. Life is fragile and short. I had a dream a few years ago that I would die before I turned 30. It frightened me and from that day on I decided to do all the things I wanted to do and most especially travel to places I've never been to. I made my own death sentence. I worked hard and party harder but I traveled responsibly. I have gained a lot of inspirations from my travels and I have here a list of my favorite quotes that reflects what I can't put into words my love for traveling. Let's go!

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How to get to Potato Chip Rock, San Diego

Potato Chip Rock via Mount Woodson Trail

I've been eyeing this Potato Hike Trail in San Diego since April of this year.  I'm fascinated by how people hike this trail for just a rock.  I would go for sunsets and sunrises but this idea really sparked my curiosity.  We decided to drive to San Diego on a day where the weather said to stay at home and have a hot chocolate while reading a book.  Let's go!

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How to get to Switzer Falls, California

Switzer Falls, California

It's nice to have a balance in life especially when you live in the city where everything is just moving really fast.  I love spending my days in nature and away from my phone as much as possible on our nature trips.  It's nice to have some clarity and peace of mind.

Our next trip is Switzer Falls located in the Angeles National Forest.  I like this hike because of the big trees along the way which provide shade and protection from the heat of the sun.  Let's go!

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Hike the Hollywood Sign via Brush Canyon Trailhead

Hollywood Sign Day Hike 

Our second hike to the Hollywood Sign.  Last time we did the Charlie Turner Trailhead, but this time we're doing the Brush Canyon Trailhead.  This trail gave us a closer look of the Hollywood Sign from in front and behind.  We started this hike early in the morning together with my husband's coworkers.  The parking area had less than 10 cars parked so all our cars had ample space.  Let's go!

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