Wine Tour in Chianti, Italy

The Vineyards of Tuscany 

I started my love of wine tours in Niagara Falls, Canada. My first part-time job when I was in school there was working at this very famous coffee chain in the country. I didn't realize how far it was from my place when they called me for an interview. The small bus that took me to this certain town only runs in specific hours, and the ride takes me to endless vineyards and wineries. I begin to wonder if I should take the job considering the distance but I can't say no to the beautiful scenery to work. It only took me months to quit the job which is very unfortunate, thou it leads to great interest in wines. My husband who was my suitor back then went for our first wine tour for our very first date. A memorable experience that marks our love for wine tasting and has even open doors to try out beer tours. And here we are in Italy.. and I'm wondering what to do?

Italian's love wine like its water made from heaven with more flavor - can't blame them and I totally agree with that! What's more compelling to do in Siena than a wine tour itself from the motherland of the oldest winemakers in the world. 
Let's go!

Siena, Italy Itinerary
October 17 - 20
3 Days in Siena, Central Italy 1 Day BUS ride to Amalfi Coast

Address: Strada Scacciapensieri 47, 53100 Siena, Italy
4 days 3 nights 230 euros (3 pax)

Saturday, October 19 
Wine Tasting at Chianti Region
Tour fee: 60 euros (with transfer)

We booked our wine tour with Camping Siena Colleverde with confidence. There are lots of tour operators out there when we did our research. It got too overwhelming due to bad comments and the chances of cancellation due to bad weather and overbooking. So we decided to go with the flow of a carefree trip without booking any wine tour. I realized we're in Italy, the home of the wine settlers there should be one available tour for that day we are in town. The best decision ever as we're able to ask our reception for feedbacks and he was able to recommend a reliable tour agency.

We love Camping Siena Colleverde for the unique accommodation, good location, and for the friendly staff who made our stay in Siena productive and memorable.

Castello di Monteriggioni

The first part of the epic tour was a sightseeing morning walk at Castello di Monteriggioni. A small medieval town protected by walls in the hills of Tuscany.

It was like walking in one of those black and white movies I've seen on TV.

Well, of course, I can't resist the sight of ice cream even if its just a trash bin, ahahaa.


You can't say no to Gelato? Are you kidding me?!

Here I go again with the doors in Italy. It soo beautifully made and the simplicity just blows me away.

It was windy and a bit chilly but that didn't stop us from having gelato. 


There are shops here selling leather shoes and bags, even souvenir items. Make sure to bring some money with you.

Porta Franca

It's a small town that you can walk from one gate to another. This gate faces the famous city of Rome.

After a short walk around this medieval walled town, it was time for the real deal. 

Chianti, Province of Siena, Italy

A famous region in Tuscany and home of the best winemakers in the country. Chianti offers a picturesque drive through the beautiful hills of countless grapes and olives. A mesmerizing sight that fills the eyes with lots of greens and organized patterns of excellent farming.  

Vineyards of Poggio Amorelli Estates

This a special moment worth remembering as we are celebrating a lot of things in Italy. Cheers for love, happy marriage and more travels to come!

The first winery we visited is the Poggio Amorelli Estates.
Address: Loc. Poggio Amorelli Castellina in Chianti, 53011 Siena, Italy 

It showcased the wine cellars, the various stages of winemaking and production.

We get to know how to drink wine the right way. My favorite part is we get to try slices of cured meats, bruschetta, cheese, and salami paired up with a variety of wines.

Olive oil and Balsamic vinegar tasting

A deep appreciation for bread brushed off with mild but alluring olive oil goodness.

I get to try old aged balsamic vinegar and its mind-blowing flavors. 

Another wine tasting tour in Fattoria Lornano 

We get to try the famous Chianti Classico wine. A dry, ruby-red wine made of the Sangiovese grape, a specific grape native to  Central Italy. Each bottle of Chianti Classico is marked with a black rooster which is considered the official bottle marker.

The Chianti Classico wine has red berries and violets that gives out the balance of flavors. 

Chianti Classico is a special, high-quality wine made in the mountain hills of Tuscany in Central Italy. 

For the second wine tour we went to Fattoria Lornano 
Address: Strada di Lornano, n. 11 - 53035 Monteriggioni 

A pretty relaxing place if you're looking for a place to stay.

Drink moderately and know your limits, or not! As long as you have
your best buds with you then you're in good hands.

What's great about this wine tour is you get a real glass wine, not those plastic ones. They served it big time.

By the end of the second tour, everyone was all smiles and some were up in the air. Waves of laughter were more loud and merry. It was a happy sight to see, no wonder Italians love their wines. 

More post about our trips: 
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Have fun and be safe ^__^

Itinerary Reminders:

1. Flight Details
Make sure to write down your booking reference number, be at the airport two hours before your flight, and allocate time for your travel to the airport.

2. Accommodation Details
Write down your hotel/motel/resort/BnB booking number. Contact your place to inform them around when you'll be arriving — it really does help.  Also, ask if your accommodation has any discounted activities.  You'd be surprised!

3a. Transportation
List possible times your bus/train/boat arrives and leaves so you don't miss an activity.  Always give yourself an extra 30-45 minutes in case you get lost, get stuck in traffic, or are looking for parking.  Better early than late.  Of utmost importance: check for the last trip and fares!  So you still have time and money to get back.

3b. Car Rentals
Take note of your pick-up address and time allotted.  Our last car rental told us to bring the car back by a certain time with a certain amount of gas.  Allot money for fuel and parking.

4. Budgeting
Set aside a minimum and maximum spending amount for meals, transportation, entrance fees, activities, souvenirs, and emergencies.  3 meals a day + snacks add up quickly, so keep track!  As well as tips for restaurants and activities.

5. Activities
Call to confirm your booking(s) a day or so beforehand.  Set alarms and/or calendar reminders for things you plan to do (i.e- bungee-jumping, river-rafting, or even city/food tours).

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Where am I going next?

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