Travel Tips when flying with a Baby

Travel Tips when flying with a Baby

How to Survive Flying with a Baby

“The most precious jewels you'll ever have around your neck are the arms of your children.” Author Unknown

Our first International travel with our baby happened when he was nine months old. It went smoothly and everyone on the plane including us slept well throughout the duration of our long flight. Also, I asked my friend who flew with her 3-month-old baby to Paris for travel tips before our flight and it seems like most of these moms’ hacks below worked most of the time. Let's go!

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Route: Los Angeles, California, USA (LAX) to Cebu, Philippines (MCIA) with a 1-hour layover and 8 hrs long wait at Singapore Changi Airport.

We used  Skyscanner to compare flight tickets and we always get the best deal there.

How to avoid a fussy baby during long flights

What’s the best time to fly with a baby? It’s when they can’t crawl or walk.

What to check with your airlines before buying your baby’s plane ticket

As parents, we pay for our baby’s plane ticket or a portion of it and I for one want to why are things I can bring for my baby’s needs. Always checked your Airline if your baby’s ticket fare comes along with the following items:

  1. a baby carry-on bag and the allowable weight, 
  2. how many allowable checked-in bags and baggage capacity
  3. and if they’ll take the carseat and stroller for the flight (most airlines do)
  4. also, if they provide meals for your baby
  5. If you’re planning to use a carseat check for dimensions and requirements

How Much are Flight Tickets for Babies

For international flights and babies under two years old, it’s 10% of an adult fare plus taxes. And, if you purchase a seat for your baby or child that will fall under Child fare and approximately be around 75 % of the applicable adult fare, always check the airline for updated pricing. For domestic flights in the US, flying with a baby on the lap is free.

What to do with your Carseats and Strollers 

A lot of airlines will allow you to bring a carseat and a stroller. They're free or no charge to bring both inside the plane. And, there are no additional charges if you want to use your carseat during the flight however, you will have to purchase a seat for that. 

There’s no assurance you’ll get the carseat and stroller in one piece. And that’s why you need to invest in sturdy ones. We have Chicco Keyfit30 Infant carseat and base and I believe we have the oldest model of Chicco stroller. I trust Chicco for my baby’s needs. 

Both the carseat and stroller came back home with us. In addition, Singapore Airlines gave us a huge clear plastic bag for both our carseat and stroller, the only airline that gave us a little bit of protection for our baby stuff. However, if you want more protection and security for your carseat you can get a bag for it. Check out: Padded Carseat Travel Bag on Amazon

Baby Car Seat for Air Travel

If you’re planning to use a carseat for air travel it gets a bit tricky. Make sure to do your research ahead of time to avoid any delays and frustrations. 

You can use a carseat as a child-restraint system (CRS). But first, always check the airlines about this. Always check each airline before booking your tickets, and the connecting flights too. As all planes are made differently and each airline has its own set of rules. Aviation authorities' rules also vary from country to country.

Carseat positions

Child weighs less than 20 pounds: Rear-facing CRS

Child weighs between 20 and 40 pounds: Forward-facing child safety seat

What to Check with Your Baby Car Seat for Air Travel

FAA Approved Car Seats Sticker 

The label on the carseat should state: "This restraint is certified for use in motor vehicles and aircraft."

Other countries in the EU, Canada, Australia, and other EU countries will have the stickers some EU stickers will state ECE R44-04. 

Chicco keyfit30 has been consistently recommended in most air travel for babies. It is lightweight which makes it ideal as carseat for air travel and FAA approved.

Ideally, a baby carseat for airplane travel should be under 10 lbs. 

What Seats to Choose When Flying With A Baby

I highly recommend the front-row bulkhead seats. These are the kind of seats where you can request a bassinet, especially for long flights. There are times when there’s a baby party on the plane then expect these seats gone before you even try to think about it. Alternatively, you can try to contact the airline to make a request for it. 

You will want these seats as there’s so much extra legroom space. And you’ll thank yourself for that space as you have an area to move around and air to breathe when your baby gets cranky.


Passport for Babies

All babies need a passport for international flights and for domestic flights just bring their birth certificate. Do process your baby’s passport once you’re ready as it takes more than a month to get their passport. Check out: How to Apply for US Passport for Baby

Why choose Singapore Airlines when you're flying with an infant?

This is not a paid ad. This is just a suggestion, or check out Skyscanner to find other baby-friendly airlines.

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Travel Tips when flying with a Baby

If you want a Baby-friendly airline then fly with Singapore Airlines. You don’t have to book a business class to get their excellent service, they’re just amazing!

Singapore Airlines is one of the most baby-friendly airlines of all time. We flew with Singapore Airlines from Los Angeles, California (LAX) to Cebu, Philippines. They had amazing service and all these baby benefits came along with flying with Singapore Airlines:

1. Free checked-in for Baby Carseat and Base. At LAX Airport: After checking in at the ticket counter go to the Overside Baggage counter to drop off the carseat.

2. Free checked-in for Baby Strollers at the gate. Most airlines provide this free service. After checking in at the ticket counter you can still use the stroller all the way to the immigration area. You only leave it at the gate or before going inside the plane for storage.

3. Free Bassinet with Singapore Airlines. We got a whole leg space in front of us and our bassinet was perfectly situated near us. Our baby was 9 months old when we flew with Singapore Airlines and he “slept like a baby”.

4. Free meal for our baby. We received all Gerber foods: 1 pureed vegetable, 1 pureed fruit, 1 pureed beef, and an apple juice. Our meal was great too! The best airline food I’ve ever tasted, just imagine flying first class I bet food would be tastier. Even had Haagen Daz ice cream for dessert. 

5. Free baby cloth toy. This was a very sweet complimentary gift for our baby and it really warmed our hearts.

6. And, the most important thing they provide infant seatbelts. There are a few airlines that do not provide these safety features for your baby. 

7.  Singapore Airlines has the best team. The crew is very thoughtful and kind. When you’re flying with a baby you just need all the kindness in the world. They made sure we ate our meals when our baby was sleeping. In that way, we’re both happy and fed and there’s no chance of spilling any drink or food, as babies get crazy when they see food not intended for them. This part really made my trip with Singapore Airlines, so far no airlines have been this kind to serve our meals when our baby is sleeping. Kudos to the crew! 

Reminders: All babies will still need to be buckled into a carseat or on your lap during takeoff, turbulence, and landing.

How to avoid a fussy baby during long flights

How to avoid a fussy baby during long flights:

1. We made sure to feed our baby during take-off and landing. Luckily, our flight is at 2 pm and that’s usually his snack time and nap time. Gave him some snacks and a bottle of milk and he napped really well.

2. We didn’t miss a single feeding. Our baby loves to eat, so we ensure he gets all his calories.

3. Playtime after nap time is essential. We let him stand and sit over and over again till he got tired. It’s one way of using all those energies before nighttime.

4. Follow his bedtime routine. Our baby usually sleeps late around 8 to 10 pm. By 7 pm we changed his diaper, changed his onesie, and prepare his last feeding. Our baby slept like a baby in his bassinet, the bassinet provided by Singapore Airlines helped a lot.

5. We gave him a pacifier just for the flight. The air pressure worried me a lot and the pacifier helped release the air pressure in his ears. Our baby is not used to sucking on a pacifier but I guess he knew he needed it for his ears. 

How to avoid a fussy baby during long flights

Travel hacks when flying with a Baby for long flights:

1. Always check with the airlines if you’re allowed to bring a baby carry-on or diaper bag and the bag capacity. Singapore Airlines allowed us to bring a diaper bag with a 6 kg limit for our baby’s needs. I brought all his essentials and a lot of extra diapers, milk powder, milk bottles with water, and toys, and even inserted some of our small stuff inside his diaper bag. And, I repeat pack extra supplies in your carry-on bag like filling a container or ziplock bag of milk powder and bring the scooper and extra water bottle. You don’t want to experience missing any baby needs on board. 

2. Arrive early at the airport so you can check in with your airlines once they’re open. There are also more chances of securing an empty seat or getting your hands on those bulkhead seats.

3. An important travel hack when flying with a baby is to consider a diaper change right before boarding. It’s way easier in the airport than inside the plane.

4. Enjoy the priority lane of flying with a baby. No more waiting in line unless you have a VIP membership then you can’t relate to the agony of waiting for your seat lane number. If you find yourself waiting for the crew to say “Passengers flying with infants or children may now board the plane” then simply ask and instantly the crew will guide you to the easy path.

5. Prepare your bottled milk or breastmilk ahead of time. I premixed all the powdered milk with just the right amount of milk bottles for his feeding. Then stored the bottled milk inside a small insulated bag with an ice pack.

6. Ask the flight stewards to store your milk bottles inside their fridges. The crew of Singapore Airlines was very attentive and sweet to our needs. 

7. Ask for bottled water to make baby formula milk. During our flight, we almost run out of water, the crew from Singapore Airlines gave us more than what we needed, big bottled water with a smile. 

8. Lastly, always prepare yourself for flight delays and missed flight connections, which means you’ll need extra supplies for diapers, wipes, milk, clothes, favorite toys, and all. Whatever works at home try to bring the same ambiance to ensure your baby’s comfort. 

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Have fun and be safe ^__^

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