Big Bear Lake in Fall, California

Big Bear Lake with a baby

What To Do in Big Bear Lake in November

Big Bear Lake is one of the most popular travel destinations in Southern California. A small town located in the San Bernardino National Forest and made famous by family-friendly ski resorts. I heard about Big Bear Lake countless times and finally, we decided to check it out during the Fall Season in November. Let's go!

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Travel Tips

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If you're renting a car, Enterprise is a reliable car rental service that we have personally used without any issues. Consider renting a car for the whole duration of your trip as it may be more affordable than just renting for a short period. 

Places To Stay around Big Bear Lake

Our family trusts when it comes to hotels with great deals. Try to find accommodation near Big Bear as that will save you time traveling and make the most of your vacation days.

Where to stay in Big Bear Lake California
Big Bear Frontier offers spacious cabins near Big Bear Lake.

How to get there: Big Bear Lake

Los Angeles to Big Bear Lake: 2-3 hours drive
Big Bear Lake Elevation: 6,759 feet (2,060 meters)
Big Bear Lake Weather: We use Accuweather to check the weather forecast

where to stay in Big bear
Our cabin by the woods at Big Bear Frontier

Where to Stay in Big Bear Lake

Location: 40472 Big Bear Blvd, Big Bear Lake, CA 92315
3 days 2 nights: 360 USD

My husband and I usually travel during off-peak season, to avoid the crowd, cheaper hotel rates, and best of all there's parking. I'd never experienced such huge parking problems until I arrived in California. The most advisable and best time to visit Big Bear Lake is the Spring and Fall season unless you want some challenges with lines and parking. Meanwhile, the craziest and busiest months in Big Bear Lake are July, August, and September. 

We chose Big Bear Frontier for the location and the wonderful amenities. It was conveniently located near everything: hiking trails, restaurants, shops, and more. The privacy they provided for each guest also added a great highlight for our stay as we traveled with our 6-month-old baby.

What makes our accommodation special is the Spa bath or your own Jacuzzi inside the studio. Yes, we had like a small jacuzzi that we used after a long day of hiking and sightseeing around Big Bear Lake. A warm, bubbly bath was an excellent way to end each night. I also love that we have a kitchenette all equipped with utensils and kitchen items. 

Where to Buy Supplies and Gas

Costco for Grocery and Gas
Location: 16505 Sierra Lakes Pkwy, Fontana, CA 92336

We gas our car before we drive to our cabin. Costco Gas was 1 hour away from Big Bear Frontier. Also, we bought food supplies ahead of time at Costco. Food supplies and gas are expensive at Big Bear Lake so we went there packed and prepared, especially since we have a baby and we can’t run out of his needs. 

What To Do in Big Bear Lake 

Big Bear Lake in Fall
Big Bear Frontier offers Private Beach Access.  Can you swim in Big Bear Lake? Yes, during the summer months. However, there are no lifeguards on duty. 

Big Bear Frontier Overlooking the Lake

Location: 40712 Lakeview Dr # A, Big Bear Lake, CA 92315

This overlooking place is within walking distance away from Big Bear Frontier. They provided chairs and tables if you want to relax and just enjoy the breeze.

Big Bear Lake in Fall
There is something about lakes that makes me feel silent, not sad just pure stillness. It's a nice feeling to just stare blankly at the horizon.

Boulder Bay Park
Boulder Bay Park in the Fall

Boulder Bay Park 

Location: 39080 Big Bear Blvd, Big Bear Lake, CA 92315
Big Bear Frontier to Boulder Bay Park: 3 mins drive

What to do in Big bear lake
Is Big Bear a private lake? Big Bear Lake is a Public Lake, and did you know it’s also man-made?!

What to do in Big bear lake
Boulder Bay Park is for everybody with lots of space to have a picnic, benches, tables, and even restrooms. Here I am with my little bear enjoying some sun and a little cold breeze. 

Where to Eat in Big Bear Lake: Our favorites!

Unique foods to try in Big Bear Lake
Himalayan Restaurant offers delicious Nepalese Cuisine

Himalayan Restaurant

Location: 672 Pine Knot Ave, Big Bear Lake, CA 92315
Big Bear Frontier to The Village Shops and Courtyard: 2 mins drive, 10 mins walk

We wanted something different and having Nepalese cuisine sounded really good. The food was amazing! A real hidden gem in The Village of Big Bear Lake. 

Oakside Restaurant and Bar Bib bear lake
Oakside Restaurant and Bar

Oakside Restaurant and Bar

Location: 40701 Village Dr, Big Bear Lake, CA 92315
Big Bear Frontier to Oakside Restaurant and Bar: 1 min drive, 7 mins walk

Big Bear Lake was our first road trip as a family of three. What more to celebrate it but with a fancy dinner yet with affordable prices. It was a bit pricey but you can beat great food with a romantic ambience. 

Where to go Shopping: Food and Souvenirs

Big Bear Lake The Village Shops and Courtyard
The Best Place in Big Bear Lake for Dining and Shopping

The Village Shops and Courtyard

Location: Pine Knot Avenue, Big Bear Lake, CA
Big Bear Frontier to The Village Shops and Courtyard: 2 mins drive
Free Public parking
Free Restroom

Big Bear Superstore - Souvenirs

Address: 40755 Village Dr, Big Bear Lake, CA 92315

Where to Hike in Big Bear Lake with a Baby

Where to hike in big bear lake
Champion Lodgepole Pine Trail

Champion Lodgepole Trail
Big Bear Frontier to Champion Lodgepole Trail: 30 mins drive

The Champion Lodgepole Pine Trail is an easy hike for beginners and is located on the south side of Big Bear Lake. On this trail, you’ll find one of the largest Lodgepole Pine trees in the world. An exciting walk through the forest that leads to a wide meadow called Bluff Meadows is where you’ll find the Ancient Tree of Big Bear Lake. 

Beware: You must use a 4-wheel drive going up the mountain

Location: Champion Lodgepole Pine Trail (1W11)
Entrance fee: Free
Parking: Street Parking
Distance:  1 mile (out and back)
Duration: 30-45 minutes
Elevation: 7,500 feet
Highlights: Largest Lodgepole Pine trees in the world.

Another short hike is Woodland Trail however we weren't able to do this hike, as there was a road closure that day. 

How to get there: Woodland Trail 1E23
Big Bear Frontier to Woodland Trail: 10 mins drive

Location: 41948 N Shore Dr, Big Bear, CA 92314
Entrance fee: Recreation Fee Pass or Adventure Pass required 
Route: Check out All trails 
Distance: 1.6 miles
Duration: 45 minutes

Big Bear Lake in Fall
How to avoid a fussy baby during long road trips? Change your baby's diaper every stopover and feed them.

Going back home to Los Angeles

Stop over at Mcdonald's for a bathroom break, dessert, and change our baby's diaper.
Mcdonald's Location: Big Bear Boulevard, Big Bear Lake, CA

Have fun and be safe ^__^

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