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What to do in Singapore

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This is a guest blog entry by yours truly, SaulLovesToCook, sharing my memorable moments in Singapore in 2022. Particularly places (read: food places) to visit. Howdy, ya'll. Let’s go! 

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Welcome to Singapore!

Where the malls are more enormous, the food is better, and the driving doesn't matter.

Because everything is so conveniently, efficiently, and UNBELIEVABLY interconnected after just a few steps to and from the nearest subway station.  And inside each station is a mega mall of shopping and foodgasmic experiences.  All before you even step outside.

So, ready? Set? Let's get right to it.

Prologue: Our Story Begins... with Food!

You would NOT believe the food.  You might even need to call a hotline when you cry after you've come back home to reality.  Let me save you a search; Google "peptoc hotline."  You're welcome.

They say "A picture is worth a thousand words."  But they also say "Don't judge a book by its cover."  Here are some pictures followed by less-than-a-thousand words to judge what your eyes and taste buds aren't telling you.

What to do in Singapore
Chicken Rice: yes, plain and simple.  But this really is my opening Singaporean dish to begin this drive-your-taste-buds-wild tour

One half steamed, the other half roasted, 100% best of both chicken worlds, laid plainly on a pad of rice — the disbelief begins.  The bowl of just soup (seriously, there's nothing else inside it) is just as deceptively good.  But not to throw expectations super wild, don't expect a blast to flavor.  Like its presentation, the taste is subtle but genuinely enticing.

What do in Singapore
Ayam Penyet: or "the best (Asian) fried chicken," my S.O. and I have yet to find an equally satiating crispy fried chicken since we came back home.  I would call it THE best chicken, but I'm still hoping to find something to please that crunchy fried craving here in the Western Hemisphere.  The small supporting stars also supplement the scrumptious satisfaction.

What to do in Singapore
Chicken Curry: ...oh, sorry.  Forgot I was still writing about this.  Was daydreaming again about this curry...

What do in Singapore
Bakwa: Singapore's special beef jerky.  It's different from the dry, steals-your-drool-while-you-chew western jerky.  It's definitely worth its marketplace presentation to queue.

What do in Singapore
Bak Kut Teh: The best soup ever!

What to do in Singapore
Pepper Lunch: fresh food literally off the stove, still in its pan.  Talk about hot.

What to do in Singapore
A delicious variety of Satay

What to do in Singapore
Satay: the best skewers ever.  Also comes in shrimp form, but is called "shrimp skewers" instead of "satay."  Did I mention it's deliciously cheap?

There's so much more, like the wonderfully crisp and subtly sweet Kaya Toast, the freshly steamed and juicy hot dumplings, the cool-down-from-the-humidity shaved ice ("ice kachang")... Actually, I've got pictures for those down below.

What to do in Singapore
Siomai: Dimsum haven!

What to do in Singapore
For Dessert: Ice Kachang

What to do in Singapore
Local noodles with soft chicken meat and an amazing chicken sauce.

What to do in Singapore
Soy dessert: Something healthy and different.

What to do in Singapore
SPECIAL NOTE: CASH ONLY!!! Surprisingly VISA cards aren't accepted here despite it being in the mall.  Cash is still king even in 2022.

And that's just from a handful of locations that are bustling in this well-organized country.  There were so many more areas we wanted to explore or explore even further such as Bugis, Chinatown, and ...?

Enter The Stylish Protagonist — Shopping!

Look up above!  Is it expensive?  Is it affordable?  It's that tricky multiple-choice answer: all of the above!  And there's a price range wide enough to fit everyone's wallets.  You've come all this way, your wallet should know what to expect on this Singapore trip.

Funny enough, we didn't actually buy much; it was interesting to window-shop both the variety and prices with each outing.  We did see the checkout lane for two places in particular — Daiso (a Japan-style dollar store) and Decathlon (for all your outdoorsy and/or athletic clothing needs)!  In addition, we did two uncommon activities — getting tattoos and bungee jumping!

What to do in Singapore
8 Volt: a friend told us about a special promo at the time.  Getting discounts on tattoos might seem suspicious but they were TOTALLY awesome.  10/10, I would go again.

What to do in Singapore
Sentosa Bungie: Operated by AAAAAAAAAAAJ HACKETT!  Reputable company with, a perfect track record at this location.  If Bungie is on your bucket list, you won't need to write your Living Will before going here.

Of special mention, there didn't seem to be any shortages in infant formulas in Singapore.  Because at the time of writing this, the US is having a major infant formula crisis.

Challenge: Transportation... Or Is It?

With as super-efficient a public travel system as Singapore's, this is far from a challenge - even to the furthest ends of the rails.

Everything runs like clockwork, down to the very minute.  You're more likely to be running late than the trains themselves.  Even if you miss your ride, another one isn't too far behind.  But if you're on a schedule, you can bet the metro will be right on track, so don't miss it.

But that's not the only amazing thing about their public transport.  From my adventures in the US and elsewhere, subways are usually smelly, dirty, and poorly maintained modes of transportation.  There are often unique, shady personalities to be found everywhere along the way randomly talking to you (or themselves).  Unless you thicken your skin, you might not want to take it again.

But not in Singapore!

The seats are sparkling clean, the waiting docks are uniquely decorated at each stop, and (nearly all) the people are well-dressed!  If they served fine wine, it would be something like a 1st-class cabin experience, or even like a limo with all the fashionable passengers.  Albeit, nobody would dare drink (or eat) there because it's against the law - so put those snacks away!  And no talking either.  Seriously.  But with so much to see both outside the windows along the way and at each stop, a tourist would not likely get too bored.

What to do in Singapore
No Uber, no Lyft.  Just Grab. 

Where to Stay in Singapore
Check-in: Capri by Fraser
Address: 3 Changi Business Park Central 1, Singapore 486037

What to do in Singapore
We stayed at Capri and would stay again 10/10.

What to do in Singapore
Did I mention it was for our anniversary?  They gave us a sweet treat!

What to do in Singapore
Inside one normal station.  Seriously.

What to do in Singapore
Ever wondered if little wooden robots ran the world?  Well... just outside another typical station.

Climax & Conclusion: This Way Out!

We stayed a week but, like any great vacation, it just never feels long enough.

With endless food and malls to explore, I definitely wouldn't mind another stopover in this "fine" country.

What's that?  Looking for the exit?  With so much to see, who'd want to leave?

But if you're really ready to go back home and English isn't your strong point, don't worry.  Just follow the signs.

What to do in Singapore
Yeah, that's pretty clear to me.

We used  Skyscanner to compare flight tickets and we always get the best deal there. No matter how long or where in the world you travel, to quote The Great TreLovesToTravel. Thanks for reading!

Have fun and be safe ^__^

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