What to do in Tobermory, Canada

What to do in Tobermory Canada

The Amazing Waters of Tobermory in Ontario

Tobermory has always been on my top list to visit in Ontario, Canada. I've researched it and heard many great stories about its beautiful waters. The first time I was there was with my two friends while the most recent one was a double date with my husband and a close friend of mine along with her boyfriend. I've already made a post about our road trip passing by Tobermory and then to other destinations but Tobermory deserves its own post. Let's go!

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Travel Tips
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  • For accommodations, our family trusts Booking.com for reasonable prices.

August 30 
Grocery shopping for food trip: snacks and drinks, chips, hubby's favorite chocolate, fruits, and water.  Nothing heavy to digest.

Rented a car via Enterprise: 300 CAD for a week, additional cost if you want it delivered at the airport.
If not nearest pick-up: 163 Carlingview Dr., Etobicoke, M9W 5E7

Make sure to book your parking for the Grotto online. No more walk-ins.
Grotto Parking: 12 CAD

Tobermory stops
Optional: Stop by the occasional turtle sign and take pictures, ahahaaa.  Or just watch out for the signs and laugh your heart out. I found it really cute.

On the way: stop by Bay Street for Foodland for any last-minute grocery shopping (closes at 8pm) and LCBO for wine (closes at 9pm). Free parking around the area after 6pm, otherwise it's 3 CAD/hr from 9am-6pm. 

My husband tailored our travel itinerary with dates, ETA and travel hours - that's my man!

Aug 31: Arrive & Travel
@ 1:46 pm, arrive in Toronto
@ 3:00 pm, car to Tobermory
Travel time: 3-4 hrs (our trip took 4 hrs 30 mins)
@ 6:30 pm, Check in Tobermory: Little Cove Cabin 
Address: 7111 Hwy 6, Tobermory

We got ourselves a chocolate-colored Volkswagen.  Small, compact, fuel-efficient and, most of all, it was sooo cute!  I fell in love with this baby the moment I saw it.  I bet my husband would have preferred something more sporty and manly.  But this darling wasn't so hard to love; it just melts your heart.  Anyway, moving on to our trip, this is actually my first cabin stay in the woods - the same goes for hubby.  Good thing, the washroom was near our place because it's pitch-black walking at night.

Sep 1: Hike and Swim
Explore Tobermory - The Grotto
Address:469 Cyprus Lake Rd
Tobermory, ON N0H 2R0

In the morning we picked up our friends at Tobermory Village about 5 minutes away from our cabin. They have a bigger place there for campers but not a fan anymore after experiencing some issues with management.  Drove to the Grotto for our 5-hour parking and hike.  We were a bit late so we hiked a bit faster than usual.  We were all fast walkers, so it wasn't a big deal. 

(Boulder Beach - one side goes to the Overhanging Point while the other to the Grotto)

We made a big loop: starting at the off-beaten track from Marr Lake Trail, we passed by Boulder Beach and checked out Overhanging Point - take advantage of this amazing view!  We then retraced our way back to Boulder Beach and off we went to the famous Grotto and Indian Head Cove.

This first stop shows the amazing waters of Tobermory. We found this right away on my first visit however during my second hike we passed by it. After we went back to our trail a family came out of the bushes and that's how we found our way to this spot.

A few more minutes away is the Real Overhanging Point. Careful as you make your way down, there's a big hole, kinda like a small cave along the trail. The cliff is right around the corner. There are two ways that lead you to two fascinating views.

The first one, is the death-defying cliff overlooking the waters of Tobermory.

The second view on the other side is the carved stones below the cliffside. Both are daunting and terrifying, adrenaline rush for adventurous people like me. 

The next stop is the Grotto. We went back down to Boulder Beach again found some stones stacked on top of each other, ruined it - just kidding, then hiked to the famous Grotto. The Grotto is too crowded and you have to take a series of dangerous steps to get there, so instead, we swam at Indian Head Cove. 

The Indian Head Cove is a few minutes away from the Grotto with wider space to leave your belongings. We passed by this cliff on the other side as we made our way down to our last stop.

Take note the water in Indian Head Cove is icy cold, after hours of hiking under the sun it was a lovely treat for me. Just jump in right away, just do it and laugh the cold away. Be careful as the rocks are very slippery. On my first visit, my friend's floater started to drift away from us so I walked towards it. They thought I was running after it and even shouted for me to chill, little did they know I was actually trying not to slip several times. I've simply glided myself all the way till I reached the floater - that made us laugh. On my second visit, I did the same thing and glided my way to the waters ahahaa.

We headed back to the parking lot on a shorter route.  Both Georgian Bay Trail and Horse Lake Trail lead to the parking area.  This is actually not my first time to be in Tobermory, but having new companions meant a different experience.  I loved Tobermory, even more, the second time around.  The lake and the views are just extraordinary. 

Dine @ Princess Hotel
Fish and Chips Patio promo. 
Jug of beer and 2 lbs chicken wings

Bay Street seemed like the only place to get food in Tobermory, or at least a popular place for tourists. There's a Taco truck named "Tacomory" before reaching Bay Street but too much waiting time.  Fish and chips were everywhere; however, most restaurants were crowded and we were starving.  People usually just pick the closest restaurant they can find and that's it.  We were no exception.  We walked to the end of the street, right after LCBO, and found Princess Hotel.  To our surprise, there were a few seats available and the promo price for the fish and chips was a bit cheaper compared to other restaurants.  Patio feels, fewer people, good food, and great company totally made our night.

If you still have time to explore Tobermory keep Fanthom Five National Marine Park on your list.

Fanthom Five National Marine Park
Address Visitor Centre: 120 Chi Sin Tib Dek Rd, N0H 2R0
Entrance fee: 5 cad
Canoe program: 10 cad (check availability)

Have fun and be safe ^__^

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