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Plantation Bay Resort and Spa

Day Tripper Adventure Package 

Sometimes the impact of missing someone can only be completely realized when you're living in a foreign country. The long-distance calls and tagged pictures on social networks made my heart skip beats. Longing to be there when they're celebrating the good life and wishing you were there having a great laugh too. 

When I had the chance to be home last Christmas my smile was up to my ears. The simple things in life are the ones that mean the most to almost every human being on the planet, and that includes me. Just being at home was good enough for me. Let's go!

How to get there: Plantation Bay Resort and Spa
Location: Marigondon, Mactan Island Cebu, Philippines 6015
Contact number: (032) 505 9800
Entrance fee: Free for hotel guests or Purchase a Resort Day Use
Parking: Free

From Mactan Airport via Taxi: 20-40 minutes

Plantation Bay Cebu Day Use Prices: 

2,000 PHP nett per person / 50 USD
Special price of only P1,500 net per person for groups of 20 or more
50% off for children 4 to 12 years old
Children 3 years and below are free of charge

Resort Day Use Package includes:
Set lunch (served 12NOON – 2PM)
Choice of drink (local beer, soft drink, canned juice, iced tea, or mineral water)
Access to all lagoons and swimming pools
Wall climbing (1PM – 5PM)
30-minute use of bicycles
15-minute use of non-motorized aqua sports facilities (kayaking)
15-minute Archery and mini-golf
Use of shower rooms

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Room prices range from 8,000 PHP - 10,000 PHP / 160 USD - 200 USD

This is not a paid ad.

Before Christmas Eve we already started to prepare the food in the morning so that by night we can feast on food as a family. It was my cousin's birthday, it was already a tradition to come over to their place and be home before 12 midnight. Last year was different we celebrated Christmas Eve at my cousin's place and leave after midnight. Our families have considered each other as part of each one's family. The family visit each year started way back when I was still in my primary years, or even before that. 

The day after we decided to go to Plantation Bay and have some family fun. We took our bikes and roamed around the resort. The resort also has given us access to their wall-climbing facility, archery, and a mini-golf activity, which is part of the day-use package. 

My younger brother was excited to try the archery so we did that first. I'm going to get animated with this paragraph. I remembered when I went to Bintan, an island in Indonesia, that we did archery for a few minutes. I don't want to embarrass myself so I put on my Katniss Everdeen spiritual gear and summon Legolas for my smirking skill. Viola! Yellow dot baby! -ahahaa.I didn't get it my first two arrows, of course, my two tries didn't even get to the board and my brothers were laughing like angry trolls. The guy told me it's better to use my dominant hand, I'm left-handed so I used the bow using my left hand, it didn't feel right, so I told him that I will be using the other side then. And there you go the arrow flew smoothly and went to the red panel. During my last shot, I get rid of the Katniss sexy heavy gear and I tried to focus on Legolas, I hesitated at first to show my smirking smile but just eventually went with it, and boom the arrow made its way to the center, bullseye! I wasn't smirking this time around but jumping like a lunatic teasing my two towers. This is what happens to a girl growing up with four guys in the family ahahaa.

Just beside the archery range is the wall climbing facility. It's always healthy to challenge yourself, so I made sure that even my mom has to do it. I'm more than proud to say that she did it and she's already 51 years old. I know she's not that old, I'm just glad that she's willing to put herself up there. We should never tell ourselves that we're only up to the beginner's level because we're not trained to do it. I did the advanced wall with me and my egoistic self. The challenge of getting up there was damn hurting my jelly muscles and my knees were trembling like a person about to take a leak after holding it for an hour. It wasn't really that bad and the challenge of reaching the top was all that I can think of, so I rang the bell and rappelled down with my feet above my head and laughed while cheering for myself for a job well done. I'm not bothered to act like a fool in front of my family, I missed them so much and just having fun is all that I cared about. 

The last on the list for our land activity was the mini-golf. It wasn't that interesting for me, but at least I was able to try the millionaire's hobby. The buffet lunch was only served from 12 noon till 2 o'clock in the afternoon. The food was fine but I think Bluewater Resort has a wide variety of food choices compared to Plantation Bay. Even when I visited Bluewater Sumilon Resort their lunch buffet was delicious. I guess they're not that generous when it comes to the buffet for day-trippers. This is all according to my opinion only. However, the facilities for the day-trippers were awesome in plantation bay. I know other resorts don't offer this kind of service. This is one of the reasons why I chose to spend my Christmas Vacation in this resort.

We had the kayaking next in our activity but then the blazing sun was shining like a diamond and my mom doesn't want to hurt her skin, so I decided to take a deep in the pool first. The resort has four big swimming pools and my brother devours all four in circles. It was crazy we feel like kids once more. I love the feeling when you can just swim around and don't even bother to ask about the time. Blissfully Joyful. 

They made small islands in the corners of the pool where you can have yourself toast from side to side. This one was taken from the lagoon where we will be having our kayaking later on. 
I enjoyed the kayaking with my mom. She was determined to move us from left to right and always reminded me to watch for swimmers. When you're away from your family for a long time you miss this kind of irritating, loving noise, especially from your parents, in my case, it's my mom. They reminded us to kayak just for 30 minutes but I think we did more than the required time. 

They also have this large swimming pool with 8 built-in whirlpools that act as a jacuzzi. The water wasn't that warm, yet it was enough to attract people to stay on the sides and have a good chat with their companions. While sitting calmly on the side I saw this beach volleyball floating around, automatically my brother and I started to play with the ball. We had a great game for a minute then the owner noticed that we were using their child's ball and that was it. ahahaa

The rest of the day we spent our time relaxing on the beach and by the pool. The day tripper package was all worth it. I hope next time I visit Plantation Bay Resort they have more exciting activities to do, and maybe the second time around I'll book a room too. 

Check out: Plantation Bay Cebu Room RatesI like booking .com as they offer great prices.
Have fun and be safe ^__^

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