The Great American Circus in Cebu, Philippines

The Great American Circus 

I've  never been to a Circus before and I don't know what to expect. It's a once in a lifetime event that my family shouldn't missed and the first time I've heard about I've convinced all of them to say yes right away. They were pretty excited as well and that me watched this event with more anticipation. The Great American Circus was jaw-dropping and people inside the Ballroom Hall can't stop screaming. It was very entertaining and my whole family especially my little brother loved it so much. Let's go!

The Queen of Hula hoops 

The first performer was a gorgeous lady with hoops whirling around her body, in her knees, hips and both arms. In her other performance she was handed down with more colorful hoops that creates this rainbow circles all around her. It was eye candy and it brings back memories of my childhood. 

The King of Balance and Towering Chair Balance 

It started with one chair, two chairs, three chairs and another and another. On top of this chairs he then does incredible strength of balancing his body while showing off some exhibitions.

Michael Jackson Tribute 

Michael Jackson will long live in the heart's of many artists and millions of fans. He will always be the legend who started all the moonwalks, whirling dance moves and that incredible voice. He will always has his marked in the history of the music industry. This tribute will let you remember how great he is as a performer, mixed with beautiful ladies doing graceful ballerina moves up in air even made it more special.

Crossbow Masters 

These couple shows how dangerous it is to get married. These performance has already been recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. They place, if I remember correctly 8 crossbows in specific locations with both of them on both sides of the stage , standing with an apple above their heads. The arrows will then move at incredible speed piercing both the apples and at the same time. Can't imagine what I'm trying to say? then better watch it in person. The intensity is different when you see it live. 

Balancing Rolla Bolla 

A guy uses layers of rolling metal objects and cylinders while standing on a flat board. He then skips on that position and tricks you that his about to fall. 

The Magic Chair 

This stunt was awesome! the timing, the accuracy and the estimations were perfect for him to land safely on top of the chair, acting as if nothing happened. He didn't just transfer on the chair but did two, no! three back flips before he landed. The crowd got wild and it was a very good performance.

Romantic aerial ballet 

Dramatic ballet moves done up in the air was splendid to see. They were graceful and mesmerizing to looked at. The strength they have to hold on and at the same time perform different moves makes me wonder how much time they go to the gym. They were fascinating and I can't get my eyes off them, they were dancing in the air and every move they make was breathtaking.

Wheel of Death 

The Valencia Brothers rides this 30 foot human-powered wheel by maneuvering the wheel through walking, standing and even blindfolded. At first I thought yeah, they will just look like human hamster but they've proved me wrong. These brother have great skills to actually control that wheel with consistency and grace. An act originating around 1930, the Wheel has long been known as one of the most dangerous tests of synchronized acrobatic skill.

My Favorite 

This performance has pumped up the blood in my system all throughout my body. The thrill of her being up there in the air doing those tricks was something unbelievable. I loved the look on her face, she seemed to be having the time of her life. I wanted to just sit beside her and to know how it feels to actually sort of being closer to flying. The Great American Circus still have more upcoming shows around the globe, check it out and see them live: 

Have fun and be safe ^__^

Itinerary Reminders:

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Where am I going next?
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