What To Do In Cebu City, Philippines

What to do in Cebu City Philippines

What else is there in Cebu?

If you've done all the tourist spots in Cebu now what?! You don't stop exploring and you go on full speed to try new more things. Life is an adventure and Cebu has everything to offer. Here a list of more unique places to visit in Cebu. Let's go!

1. Kartzone
Where: Mabolo, Cebu City

I've played games like Need for Speed, Burnout, Wipeout, etc, and it always leaves me this kind of feeling of how it really feels to be riding in that kind of speed. My friend encouraged me to try Go-Karting in Kartzone at Mabolo, Cebu City just beside Sykes Asia Building

I tried go-kart together with a few friends and my cousin tagged along too. The feeling of being vulnerable to an accident at any time pump-up every muscle in my body. The first time I've heard the roar of the engine I knew I had this weird grin on my face. I had a magnificent time I even chose my ride with my favorite number on it. It was dangerously fun and I love the feeling of being in control when to step on the accelerator and the brakes. 

I think anyone can drive that thing, they said it would be better if you had tried bump cars or you know how to drive, but for me, a person who has no background or hasn't had any driving lesson will surely enjoy it. They're more courageous and adventurous when they drive, having no idea of safe driving rules and regulations. I guessed it would also be an advantage for people who knows how to drive, they know how to control the wheel better, and a good way to release your tension especially when you had the whole week trap-in-a-traffic thing going on.

How to get there: 
From Ayala Mall at the terminal area, you will look for a Jeepney: 03Q bound for Sm. You will stop over before Carmelite Monastery, there's no route that goes straight to your destination, you'll have to take two rides. From Carmelite Monastery crossed over to the other side of the road and look for Jeepney: 03. It will certainly drop you a few steps away from the Kartzone. Jeepney fare: 7 PHP and 50 cents. If you want the faster way to get there, you can take the metered taxi, Price starts at 40 PHP with 2 PHP and 50 cents increase every half kilometer. 

Address: F Cabahug, Ayala Access Road, Mabolo, Cebu City
Go-Kart Ride: 300 PHP for 8 Laps
For more information: 422-2782

2. Metro Sports Wall Climbing
Where: Lahug, Cebu

I've always wanted to experience rock climbing, go outdoors and enjoy nature. I think it would be best to try wall climbing first before going to the extreme. I had some time off from school and I met with close friends, we had the same thing in mind all this time last semester, so we gave it a shot. We were planning to join mountaineering back then but due to our course, it was hard for us to join the club schedules. That's why we thought of something to divert our frustrations of not being able to be part of the club by engaging in different kinds of activities instead, and wall climbing was on top of our list.

Metro Sports 
Address: Salinas Drive, Barangay Lahug, Cebu City near Waterfront Cebu City Hotel 
Wall climbing fee: 130-150 PHP for four hours climb
Rates changes without prior notice, better call them for updated rates

3. Papa Kit’s Marina and Fishing Lagoon 
Zip-Line and Wake Boarding 
Where: Liloan, Cebu 

Fly above the Waters!

This adventure is not too far from the main city. Papa Kit’s Marina and Fishing Lagoon is located in Liloan, Cebu. They offer a unique zip-line ride for everyone wherein you slide down above waters. I had a few rides in Papa Kits and free ones too. A friend of mine lives nearby the area so this became our meeting place for fun and chitchats.. I enjoyed my 800 meters zip line crossing Papa Kit's big pond. It's another experience to go zip line and not in the usual mountainous area, it felt like flying above the sea.

We met Papa Kits after our ride, and what a great coincidence that my friend is in line with Papa Kits. I joked around saying,'' In that case, we can ride again for free'' and what a blast! He said yes. We were clapping and jumping around like totally crazy kids. 

Zipline two-way fee: 200 PHP

There are cottages where you can hang around to do your fishing and have some chit-chats while waiting for the fishes. Fishing cottages for 100 PHP per hour. They also have a Mangrove area where you can enjoy yourself crossing their wooden bridge. It was a great day for me, zip-line not just once but for two times, with one ride for free- definitely my day! I love the feeling of being up there, hopefully, someday I can go sky diving- that would totally be awesome.

Nearby the zipline area is a small ranch where you can have your Horseback Riding: 100php for 30 minutes. They also have a Glass Boat ride worth 100php per person, a minimum of 10 pax for a 20 minutes boat ride along Silot Bay. BMX bicycles are also available for rent 50 PHP for an hour. Other activities available: fishing, ATV ride, and wall climbing.

How to get there:
From Highway in Mandaue City, look for the jeepney that's bound for Liloan. Jeepney fare: 14 PHP. Stop near the Liloan Church and beside it, there's a road that goes straight to Papa Kit's, just a few steps away from the main road. You can simply ask locals for directions if you want. Or you can ride the V-hire parked along SM Cebu V-hire terminal bound for Danao, just tell the driver to drop you off near the Liloan church V-hire fare: 50php. Even if you'll only stop at Liloan you will still pay the same amount.

Papa Kit's Marina and Fishing Lagoon 
Address: Silot Bay,Poblacion Liloan, Cebu. 
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun: 6:00 am-6:00 pm 
Entrance Fee: 100 PHP, consumable - you can either use it to eat something in their food corner or use it for fishing.

4. Doce Pares Park Zipline
Where: Busay, Cebu City

If you want to stay around the city then check out the first Zip-line place in Cebu. A motor ride or a habal-habal from JY Square Mall will take you up to the mountain. The first time I heard about the Zipline in Busay I had my next plan right away. This is the first Zipline ride in Cebu City, a must-try that I shouldn't miss. 400 meters ride is also a  great experience for beginners who wants to feel the thrill of being suspended on air.

Experience the feeling of being tied at your back and seeing the world in a different view - I simply call that bird's eye view. Feel free to try any kind of position, face the ground, walking on air, or just sitting pretty. Be cautious with your surroundings especially sitting around the edges, you might lose someone, headcount is a must preferably when you're with wacko friends who can't seem to stay put and do a lot of jump shots - present! The crew will make sure everything is fastened, your harnessed secured, don't hesitate to ask or complain if you see something strange and unusual with your gear.

How to get there: Busay Zipline:
A 20 minutes jeepney ride from Ayala Mall Terminal will get you there, depends on the traffic so better head there around 9am or after lunchtime-Jeepney number: O4L. Make your way to JY Square Mall located at the corner of Gorordo Avenue and Salinas Drive, Lahug Cebu City. Across the street or in front of Mcdonalds outside the mall there are motorcycles known as Habal-Habal waiting for customers.

Motorcycle Fare: 80-100 PHP (two-way trip), use your bidding skills with the drivers. They will take you to your destination and will be back after your zip-line ride.

Doce Pares Entrance Fee: 25-50 PHP, they've been increasing the fee due to improvements. 
Zip-line Fee (two-way ride): 100php

5. Sky Experience Adventure 
Sky Walk and the Edge Coaster at the top floor of Crown Regency.
Where: Osmeña Blvd, Cebu City

Take a deep breath and face your fear. Sky Walk lets you see the whole of Cebu City from a different perspective. You'll be walking around on a see-through glass but don't worry a safety harness is attached to your back to ensure you get through the activity. 

Next is the Edge Coaster. You'll be seated in a roller coaster seat but instead of moving in a very fast-paced ride, this is one more relaxed. The seat will slowly be moved to the side then it slowly bends the chair forward so you face the whole city with your hair blowing in the wind. It will feel like you're falling so hold on to your seat for your dear life.

6. Simala Church
Where: Sibonga, Cebu

The Monastery of the Holy Eucharist at Simala, SibongaI've heard about Simala from words of the tongue, I've never been there and when my friends invited me to join them, I immediately said yes. It was like a Disneyland Monastery, it has a castle-like design and it was colored blue. I had this impression when I first saw the Monastery. Silence and proper attire are strictly observed inside as expected, even my white shirt with a little short sleeve caught their attention. They would provide visitors with a veil/sarong or any cloth that will cover the delicate parts of your body to ensure people's attention away from any distractions. They have a pond and a small bridge over it for you to walked on, as for us we had our pictures taken there. Beside this area, they have a small park with cute huts where you can have your packed lunch and snacks.

The second time I was there someone invited me again, this time we rode in my friend's car. We arrived at the area faster compared to buses which have stopovers and pick-up passengers along the road. I prayed to pass the Board Examination and my whispered prayers were answered. A lot of examinees always keep in mind to visit this place, people who wanted to go abroad, to bear a child and most of all those people who are sick came to ask for help. 

There are lots of testimonies pinned inside whose prayers were answered, they leave their pins, badges, caps, pictures, thank you letters, and even people who were terminally ill and miraculously been healed leave evidence of their sicknesses like a wig, crutches, and more. It was spooky to read those testimonies and amazing how someone's leap of faith can change everything. I was surprised to see the changes they made when I came back to the monastery. It looked immensely big and interesting to have such construction in that kind of place. I bet it would look historical and mysterious when it's done, something I like to look forward to. 

How to get there:
We headed to the Cebu South Bus Terminal and hop into one of the buses going to Simala. Bus Fare: 50 PHP. Travel time: 2 hours. Upon arriving in Sibonga, habal-habal (motorcycle)and tricycle drivers are available to take you to the monastery, Fare:20 PHP, and would take around 15 minutes.

7Danasan Eco Adventure Park

Where: Danao, Cebu

The Adventure land on the north side of Cebu. The park offers Wakeboarding, Horseback riding, Waterfall hike, Rappelling, ATV ride, and more heart-pumping activities. A great place to tick off some of your bucket lists this year. 

8. Sinulog Festival (Awarding Ceremony)

Where: Abellana Sports Complex

An annual festival held on the third Sunday of January in Cebu City, Philippines. Sinulog is an event wherein people gather to celebrate one hymn, one dance, and one faith. I started the celebration with a few drinks with my buddies. I've been missing my pals, we haven't seen each other for some time now. It's a great event because it gathers people with their family, relatives, and friends.

I enjoyed the presentation they had at the Abellana Sports Complex, it was the last day of the event, and everyone on stage was the winners in different categories. We paid 100 PHP for the entrance fee which is quite expensive compared to a few year's 10 PHP fees only. We were already standing beside the gate might as well watch and enjoy the presentation. People came here to see the winners one more time in a more precise vision and be able to understand more the message they´re trying to depict in their dances. People waited for each presentation and dancers from different groups watched closely as their competitors take the stage.

What makes Sinulog more alluring is that during the feast of Sr. Sto. Niño the city of Cebu is on Holiday. It only means no work - no pay for others, the sad part, some takes it as an opportunity to work because it´s double pay for some company, no school which is very important for students and most importantly it is a day of partying all day long.

Where: Southside of Cebu

Dao Waterfalls

How to get there: Cebu City to Dau Falls
Meet-up place: South Bus Terminal,  take the Bus to Samboan
Bus Fare (Cebu-Samboan): 170 PHP
Travel time: 3-4 hours

Drop off point: Samboan Municipality Hall
Take a tricycle or habal-habal for 20php-30php to Dau Falls (per head)
Dau Falls is 10 minutes away from the Municipality Hall.

Aguinid Falls

How to get there: Dau Falls to Aguinid Falls
From Dau Falls find your way back to the Municipality Hall. 
Take a tricycle or habal-habal for 20php-30php (per head)
Samboan Municipality Hall to Aguinid Falls is less than 15 minutes. 

Inambakan Falls

How to get there: Aguinid Falls( Samboan) to Inambakan Falls (Ginatilan) and back to Cebu City
Take habal-habal for 50 php - 100 php per head
Travel time: 30 minutes

Ginatilan to Cebu City (be on the road before 4-6 pm)
Bus Fare: 150 PHP
Travel time: 3-4 hours ( depends on traffic)

10. Swim with the Whale Sharks 

Where: Oslob, Cebu 

Let's go further down the road and drive 3 hours away from the city to Oslob. A place where you see and swim with the famous whale shark also known as the famous "Butanding" in Tagalog or "Tuki" in Cebuano. An adventure that you will never forget. Be there as early as possible to avoid the crowd and be the first to see them during their feeding time. This should be on your bucket list, it's amazing and surely a memorable experience for everyone. 

Check out:
After Whale Watching visit: Tumalog Waterfalls, Oslob

Have fun and be safe ^__^

Do you want more adventure?
If you still have one more day to spare check out other more Tourist spots in Cebu, Philippines.

Where am I going next?
My next adventure is to check out a UNESCO World Heritage, The Chocolate Hills of Bohol, Philippines.

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