Hidden Waterfalls of Cebu, Philippines

Best Waterfalls of Cebu Philippines

Chasing Five Waterfalls - A brother and sister tale

Beautiful Sister said: Waterfalls are one of the amazing creations of nature. It's mysterious, beautiful, and captivating. I'm drawn to its magnificent beauty and the endless amount of water it pours down on earth. When I had the chance to go back to the Philippines I made sure to go on a chasing waterfalls tour. Cebu has numerous waterfalls scattered around the province. For this trip, I was accompanied by my brother and my all-time travel buddy. 

This post is going to be different as it's going to be a conversation blogpost with my younger brother, just to spiced things up and make this post interesting in some way. Let's go!

Ugly Brother said: Encompassing all the adventures in the south is no easy task. Cebuano's, especially from the South, can enumerate different trekking & hiking sites, oceanic destinations, and riverine beauties that you need to experience. 

Down South of Cebu straight towards San Thunder (southernmost Barangay of Cebu), you can get to experience nature at its pristine undefined sanity. If you've heard of the great Kawasan Falls, then you must also love these little beloved treasures.

We visited the great waterfalls. 

Dao Waterfalls

Ugly Brother said: Imagine a woman whose long hair is drenched in water breaking away to beads creating a glistening effect. Imagine the waterfalls as the perfect metaphor.

Beautiful Sister said: I've never expected Dao falls to be this majestic in person. It stood there in front of me like a goddess with its flowing brilliant hair. 

How to get there: Cebu City to Dau Falls
Meet-up place: South Bus Terminal,  take the Bus to Samboan
Bus Fare (Cebu-Samboan): 170 PHP
Travel time: 3-4 hours
Buy some snacks for Breakfast

Drop off point: Samboan Municipality Hall
Take a tricycle or habal-habal for 20php-30php to Dau Falls (per head)
Dau Falls is 10 minutes away from the Municipality Hall.

Aguinid Falls

Ugly Brother said: If you're an aspiring geologist who loves grotto and cavern formation -- you'll love this place. Imagine a place similar to nature's unfinished cathedrals. You can admire small mini cavern and grotto formation remaining in touch with the soul of the waterfalls.

Beautiful Sister said: The waterfall is classified in a different category from level 0 till level 5. As you hike further the waterfall gets bigger and outstanding. Our guide was more adventurous compared to the other ones, he's part of the team who searches for new trails that allow easy access to the waterfalls. We made it to level 7 which made our hike more interesting. 

How to get there: Dau Falls to Aguinid Falls
From Dau Falls find your way back to the Municipality Hall. 
Take a tricycle or habal-habal for 20php-30php (per head)
Samboan Municipality Hall to Aguinid Falls is less than 15 minutes. 

Inambakan Falls

Ugly Brother said: Its torrential waters can be compared to Kawasan Falls, but BETTER. We went there for our last stop and decided to admire its power rather than getting soaked under its prestige. It was a stunning waterfall. You can hear its power as you trek down.

Beautiful Sister said: Our last waterfall is famous for waterfalls jumper, as what the name itself suggests. No one was there so we had all the time to admire its beauty. 

How to get there: Aguinid Falls( Samboan) to Inambakan Falls (Ginatilan) and back to Cebu City
Take habal-habal for 50 PHP - 100 PHP per head
Travel time: 30 minutes

Ginatilan to Cebu City (be on the road before 4-6 pm)
Bus Fare: 150 PHP
Travel time: 3-4 hours ( depends on traffic)

Beautiful Sister said: Heading back to civilization under the heat of the scorching sun is not funny at all. But having a great company made it all worthwhile. Make sure to apply sunscreen and bring a hat for more face protection. 

It's my first co-written post with my younger brother. I'm adding some twist with this blog post by adding some I said and he said part, the difference with how we express ourselves is funny and interesting in some way. He was stubborn and quite hesitant to write a post for me. It took longer than I thought but all is good as I've finally posted the final draft. I'm glad I have a brother with whom I can share my travel adventures, not just in laughter. 

If you still have more days to spare check out:

Tumalog Waterfalls

How to get there: Cebu City to Oslob 
Take a cab or jeepney to South Bus Terminal which is a few meters away from Elizabeth Mall.  The terminal is clean and organized.  Buy your ticket at the counter and make sure to read the board signs placed in front of the windshield mirror before hopping inside the bus.

From the South bus terminal: take the Ceres Bus 
Buses Operate from 1 AM – 9 PM 
Bus Fare: 150 PHP – 180 PHP 
Bus Route: Bato via Liloan to Oslob 
Drop-Off: Brgy. Tan-awan in Oslob 
Travel Time (bus/private car): 3-4 hours

Prices may have changed. For more information read our post about Tumalog Waterfalls, Oslob.

Kawasan Falls

How to get there: Cebu City to Kawasan Falls
From the South bus terminal: take the Ceres Bus
First option by bus 
Bus Fare: 140 - 160 PHP 
Bus Route: Cebu to Bato via Barili 

Second option by V-hire (van for hire) 

Go to One Citilink Terminal, a few meters away from the South Bus Terminal 
V-hire fare: 140 PHP - 160 PHP 

Prices may have changed. For more information read our post about Kawasan Waterfalls, Badian.

A few words from my Guest Blogger:

Jace Trigo, a Psychology graduate from the University of the Philippines Cebu soon to become a le future Neurosurgeon. Adventurer, Blogger, Debater, Events Organizer, Researcher, Writer, Full-time Youngest Sibling of 4, and looking for a decent job. Carpe Diem!

Have fun and be safe ^__^

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