Gondola Ride in Oxnard, California

Gondola Ride in Oxnard, California

Embark on a Romantic Italian-Style Gondola Adventure Near Los Angeles

Experience the Channel Islands Harbor on a gondola for a charming weekend escape that's conveniently close to Los Angeles. Enjoy a picturesque gondola ride that feels like a little piece of Italy right in Oxnard, California.  Let’s go! 

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Gondola Ride in Oxnard, California

Experience a Private Channel Islands Cruise in Oxnard

Ciao! We have a double celebration coming up: an advance celebration for Mother’s Day and the graduation of my sisters-in-law. To make the day extra special, we decided to book a gondola ride in Oxnard. The anticipation was thrilling, and it almost felt like we were stepping into a small Italian town for this unique gondola experience.

Where to Buy the Gondola Ride Package

You can buy the gondola ride at a discount through 
Groupon, but this offer is only valid from Monday to Friday. For weekend rides, purchase them directly on the website. 

Gondola Ride in Oxnard, California

Romantic Boat Rides with an Italian Flair

The private tour of the Channel Islands Harbor is led by a skilled gondolier. It was a nice and smooth journey. Mark, our gondolier, was mostly quiet but managed to entertain us with his occasional remarks. 

We saw beautiful houses in the Channel Island Harbor, observed girls bodyboarding, spotted a few small boats, and watched people kayaking. It was the beginning of summer when we visited in late April, with the temperature being just perfect – not too hot or too cold. The day we went was sunny and delightful, and we all had a great time. 

One more day...

I wish my mom could have experienced this. When my mom passed away, a part of me felt like it died too, which I guess is a common feeling since we were a part of them for nine months, and their care and love shaped us for years. 
I want to see her one more time. I hope to reunite with her one day and travel together like we used to. 

Gondola Ride in Oxnard, California

Perfect Gift: 
Italian-Style Boat Rides!

This private tour is a wonderful experience for friends and family, offering a memorable journey through the canals surrounding Coral Island. A unique gift for Mother's Day and even Father's Day which surely will put a smile on their faces.

This could also be a fantastic date night suggestion for couples or for anyone planning a unique and affordable proposal. Simply invite your close friends and family to witness and capture that special moment, creating a beautiful romantic experience reminiscent of Italy under the California sun. 

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Gondola Ride in Oxnard, California


Every time I'm in the water, memories flood my mind, and I can't help but reminisce about my travel adventures in the water. My journeys have taken me to various places, but my boat ride on Inle Lake stands out, reminiscent of a gondola ride, a truly unforgettable travel moment. Myanmar, in particular, captured my heart when it opened its doors to tourism. My travel buddy and I eagerly embarked on a flight to this undiscovered destination, and despite the lack of sleep due to non-stop exploration, it was a rewarding experience that made it all worthwhile.

Private Gondola Ride in Oxnard 

Gondola Paradiso
  • Address: 1299 S Victoria Ave, Oxnard, CA 93035
  • Contact: (805) 612-4475
  • Email: gondolier@gondolaparadiso.com

Boat Details: 
  • Duration: 50 minutes 
  • Gondola Capacity: Can hold up to 6 passengers 
  • Ages: All Ages Welcome 

  • Life jackets are available for children, but we decided to bring our own for our toddler. Toddler Life Jacket - this is what we normally bring for water activities for our little one's safety.

Ticket Prices:
  • 1-2 passengers - 135 USD
  • 3 passengers - 155 USD
  • 4 passengers - 175 USD
  • 5 passengers - 195 USD
  • 6 passengers - 215 USD 

  • Additional 30 USD fee for pets
  • Additional 35 USD to scatter rose petals on the gondola 

On the gondola, you can bring your own beverages and snacks; cups and a wine opener are provided. It's recommended to bring finger foods since there's no table on board. Additionally, blankets are provided during the cruise but feel free to bring your own, especially for evening cruises, to add a romantic touch and cuddle up in a cozy blanket.

Gondola Ride in Oxnard, California

Where to Stay in Oxnard

If you're staying overnight, consider Mandalay Bay for a pleasant resort experience that will enhance your Oxnard getaway, it's just 5 minutes away from the harbor. Read more: Embassy Suites Weekend Getaway

This brief journey also reminded me of my adventures in Italy; what a stunning country it is. The charming people, exquisite wine, picturesque landscapes, and coastal villages resemble scenes from a storybook I cherished in my youth. Taking this quick gondola ride is an experience not to be missed, offering a delightful escape from city life.

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