Things Do In Long Beach For A Day, California

things do in long beach for a day

Loving the Laid-back Vibe of Long Beach, California

Long Beach, California is a city that perfectly encapsulates the laid-back and carefree Southern California lifestyle. I love how everyone seems to be more relaxed here compared to Santa Monica. This is definitely a less crowded tourist destination and a wonderful place to bring your toddler. Let’s go!

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things do in long beach for a day

Exploring Long Beach, California: A One-Day Itinerary

This is a relaxing itinerary with a toddler when exploring Long Beach. My little one here can't wait to explore the village as he waves his arm for us to get moving. We think it's important to take your time and really soak up the experience when visiting a new city. That's why we suggest visiting two places at most: a nature-inspired destination like a park, as well as a dining and shopping hub. This way, you won't have to worry about finding parking multiple times and you can fully immerse yourself in your surroundings. Here's how we spent our day in Long Beach!

When in Long Beach One Day Must See and Do:

-Take a dip or relax at 
Colorado Lagoon
-Take a leisurely walk around Shoreline Village.
-Add a touch of romance by hanging a love lock, pretending to be in Paris.
-Satisfy your appetite with the best pizza and calamari at 
Gilan Pizza
-Don’t forget to try the delectable cappuccino crunch 
Twisters and Coffee Co.

things do in long beach for a day

Colorado Lagoon

Address: 5059 E Colorado St, Long Beach, CA 90814

Take advantage of this free activity in Long Beach, where you can immerse yourself in a refreshing swim or unwind while enjoying the stunning views of the water. This was an impromptu visit so I wasn't able to pack our swimming clothes. The lagoon is not just for swimming, around the area there's also a nature trail you can go around.

things do in long beach for a day


Free street parking near the lagoon, it's very limited so try to get there early, especially on weekends. 

things do in long beach for a day
A unique thing to do in Long Beach!

things do in long beach for a day
The lagoon felt really serene and it wasn't crowded that day.

things do in long beach for a day
Nature trails up ahead

things do in long beach for a day
There's also a playground for the little ones. Afterwards, off to our second destination which is not that far from the lagoon. 12-minute drive to Shoreline Village for food and entertainment.

things do in long beach for a day

Shoreline Village

Address: 429 Shoreline Village Drive, Long Beach, CA 90802

Another great spot is Shoreline Village, which offers a leisurely walk through a collection of shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues.

  • Self-parking: 2 USD every 20 minutes
  • Self-parking with validation: up to 2 hours at 2 USD
  • Maximum daily rate: 16 USD

things do in long beach for a day

Explore Your Curiosity with These One-of-a-Kind Shops

There's a shop selling beautifully crafted lamps, a bit pricey but it's a unique find. Outside this shop is where you'll find the parking payment machine.  

things do in long beach for a day

Walk around the Boardwalk

There's just something about boats and marinas that has a calming effect. It's comparable to coming home after a long journey and docking to enjoy a few drinks with loved ones.

Bike Rentals

Another way to explore this area is to rent a Bike and enjoy the coastal bike path with family and friends. This is one thing we want to do the next time we visit Long Beach.

things do in long beach for a day

Discover Hidden Gems at Local Shops

A few selections of unique local boutiques and cute shops for shopaholics.

things do in long beach for a day

For Lunch: The Best Calamari 

When it comes to satisfying your appetite, Gilan Pizza is the place to be. Their delicious pizzas and calamari are sure to hit the spot. 

My husband said he just found the best pizza in Long Beach! I fell in love with the calamari and normally I wouldn't order that for myself, except this time.

things do in long beach for a day

Arcade for Kids

Ride the carousel or play arcade games. My little one just wanted to hold everything here. I feel like his too young for arcades.

things do in long beach for a day

Unwind at the Marina

Here's my husband enjoying the scenic view and taking a break from our energetic toddler who wants to touch and try everything. 

things do in long beach for a day

Love Locks

For those who want to add a touch of romance to their trip, hanging a love lock is a must! Head over to the bridge and pretend you're in Paris. This is something cute for couples, a symbol 

things do in long beach for a day

Live Entertainment

Free live entertainment that will make you want to dance to the beat.

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things do in long beach for a day

Dessert for Everyone

Lastly, for coffee lovers, Twisters and Coffee Co. is a must-visit place. Their cappuccino crunch is a delectable treat that you won't want to miss.

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