The Easiest Hike to the Hollywood Sign, California

The Easiest Hike to the Hollywood Sign California

Day Hike in Los Angeles 

I remember as a kid seeing the iconic Hollywood sign in movies. I've always wondered how it would be to see it in person.  No more just wondering as this time around we are hiking to the oh-so-famous Hollywood Sign of Los Angeles, California.  Let's go!

How to get there:

Location: 2840 W Observatory Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90027
Parking: Griffith Observatory 3 USD for every hour

There are two routes: Charlie Turner Trail or Brush Canyon Trailhead

Easy Route: Charlie Turner Trail or aka Mount Hollywood Trail to see the Hollywood Sign 
Starting and Endpoint: Griffith Observatory
Distance: 3 miles (4.83 km, back and forth)
Elevation: 800 feet
Duration: 2-3 hours (back and forth) 

On a fine, sunny morning we started our hike at Griffith Observatory starting from the Charlie Turner Trail.  Well-paved and easy to follow, it begins nearby the parking area with a sign so you won't get lost.  Try to get there early as it gets crowded parking availability can become an issue (since there are also museum- / observatory-goers). 

The trail is clean and clear — a great place for beginner hikers. There are not many trees to provide shade along the way; it's very open and the heat of the sun can be excruciating on summer days.  Make sure to bring a bottle of water, apply sunblock and bring some snacks.

From Charlie Turner Trail we saw the Hollywood sign on top of Mount Lee.  It wasn't clear on my camera but it's right there in all its glory.

Afterward, walking further ahead we stopped by Captain's Roost which overlooks Glendale and the San Gabriel Mountains.  We had our water break here as we admired the beauty of Los Angeles.

The next stop is Dante's view.  There are a few benches here to relax; however, if you're looking for something more private, hike a few minutes away to get to a much more concealed spot. 

This pit stop right after Dante's view hides behind some trees and bushes.  It's a nice, concealed spot to have a snack and enjoy the view.  We ate our sandwiches, eggs, and fruits before heading back down to the Griffith Observatory.

This was one easy hike.  I saw a few couples who brought along their kids.  Just make sure to bring some water and hike early to avoid the crowd. 

My partner and I have been enjoying California outdoors for months now.  There's so much to see out here in Los Angeles and the weather is just right.  We've been thinking of moving to another state, but maybe we'll stay in California as it's nearby the beach. 

If you want to get more closer to the Hollywood Sign take the Brush Canyon Trailhead.

Need some nom noms? 

Have fun and be safe ^__^

Do you want more adventure?
If you still have one more day to spare why not go to Eaton Canyon Falls and hike with Mother Nature, California.

Where am I going next?

My next adventure is Camping at Chilao Campgrounds, Los Angeles, California.


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