Hike the Hollywood Sign via Brush Canyon Trailhead, California

Hike the Hollywood Sign via Brush Canyon Trailhead California

Hollywood Sign Day Hike 

Our second hike to the Hollywood Sign.  Last time we did the Charlie Turner Trailhead, but we're doing the Brush Canyon Trailhead this time.  This trail gave us a closer look at the Hollywood Sign from in front and behind.  We started this hike early in the morning together with my husband's coworkers.  The parking area had less than 10 cars parked so all our vehicles had ample space.  Let's go!

How to get there:
Location: Canyon Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90068
Entrance fee: Free
Parking: Free

Route: Brush Canyon Trailhead to the back of Hollywood Sign and see the front view of the sign.
Distance: From Brush Canyon Trailhead, 1.9 miles to the back of the Hollywood sign and  2.3 miles for the front
Elevation: 725 feet
Duration: 4 hours (back and forth, depending on pace)

This has more elevation compared to Charlie Turner Trail where it's flat. 

Hike early for parking space and to enjoy the cooler air in the morning.

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Hiking tip: Invest in reliable hiking boots for comfort and safety. 

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The trail is wide and well-maintained with signs that show how far you are from your destination.

Our first stop is the back of the Hollywood Sign.  This intersection will lead to two different viewpoints.  The right leads to the back view of the sign while turning left goes to the front.

We headed to the back view of the Hollywood sign first.  The view is excellent but the sign is fenced.  Someone tried to sit on the signs maybe and that's why it's all boxed out from intruders.  After a few minutes here and a quick water break, we went back down all the way to the intersection and walked straight to the other trail.

The front view of the Hollywood sign has a more satisfying view if you want the sign as clear as it can be in your pictures.  Our group didn't leave without taking a few jump shot pictures. 

The trails and the viewpoints got crowded as the sun showed up on the horizon.  As we headed back down to the parking area, all the parking spaces were filled as were the street parking.

Our friends decided to take us to Souplantation — a healthy way of replenishing our calories spent from the hike.  We devoured our salads and healthy desserts in just a few minutes.  It was a great way to end the journey. Afterwards, hubby and I went to Costco for our groceries.  A very productive day on a sunny day indeed.

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Have fun and be safe ^__^
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