How to get to Cave of Munits, California

Spelunking in Los Angeles

We have done so many hikes to the mountains or along the beach trail but never towards a cave. This hike is our very first spelunking here in Los Angeles. Cave of Munits is a hidden gem of West Hills and famous among rock climbers. Let's go!

How to get there: Cave of Munits

Location: 24501 Vanowen St, West Hills, CA 91307
Entrance fee: Free
Parking: Free

Route: Cave of Munits via El Escorpion trailhead
Distance: 1.8 miles loop (back and forth)
Duration: 1 hour (back and forth, depending on pace)
Elevation : 308 feet
Highlights: Cave of Munits

There's only street parking so try to get there as early as you can. We started around nine-thirty and lucky enough to get a spot close to the entryway. 

It starts flat which is great as you can slowly warm up your muscles. 

Always bring your mask with you and keep your distance. There are new norms now for the next few months or maybe for a year.

Make sure to bring a bottle of water as there's not much shade along the trail.

Make your turn from here.

We didn't expect the trail to be this challenging, we knew beforehand it's an uphill climb but not this hard.

It's doesn't seem tough but the trail goes uphill all the way to the cave. 

A closer look at the Cave of Munits.

I would say that this is definitely not a beginner's hike but guess what we brought my husband's sister and take note this is her first hike for years now and she made it. It's all about support and determination. 

Don't forget to look back and enjoy the view.

Make sure to bring a backpack to place all your things as you will need those two hands for support and balance. 

Right in front of us is the Cave of Munits. I can't hide the happiness inside me.

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Hiking tip: Invest in a great pair of hiking boots. We love our Columbia boots and no regrets.

Then I saw this! Unfortunately, people are still leaving their trash. If you're one of them please just stay home and keep your filthy trash with you.

The cave was something new for us. We were excited like preschoolers getting in line for a star from the teacher. 

It's a tricky climb going inside the cave, no marks for your hands or feet so be mindful about your steps. 

One step at a time until we made it to the top. 

There is a streak of lights that passes through the cave which makes a beautiful light source for the darkness.

The sad thing about this picture is the vandalism. It's not art anymore when you try to overlap a natural art itself. 

Based on our research if you keep going to the other side of the cave, it leads to Castle Peak Trail. However, we didn't plan to get that far.

We went down the cave carefully. My legs were shaking as it looks intimidating and scary getting down. Good thing my hubby was there to guide me down and acted as my moral support, whew! The adrenaline rush takes over as you're halfway down the cave. Don't even think about skipping a step or jumping from a stone. Keep it steady and make sure your footing is strong. 

I've also noticed that ever since I lifted weights as part of my workout routine. I've been feeling strong with my upper body strength and that powered up my cave climbing skills. 

They said heading to Castle Peak Trail after making it inside the cave was safer. However, we didn't do that and went back to the same trail to the street parking area.

Here's the gang smiling cheerfully before making our way back down.

This is a trail on the other side of the cave that leads to Nowhere. So now you know! Don't even bother turning here.

So we went back down to the main trail in front of the cave. We just thought of checking out the other side of the cave to see if there's another path going down.

Be careful as you go down, try to balance yourself, and make sure to wear the right footwear. I used my butt to glide down, ahahaa. I'm glad we have our Columbia shoes as it really saved me a few times.

Have fun and be safe ^__^

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