How to get to Corriganville Park, California

How to get to Corriganville Park, California

Corriganville Park in Simi Valley

The quarantine lockdown in Los Angeles started around March 2020 and since then we have not hiked. It's been challenging staying home on the weekends, though we've been working all this time during the lockdown. I feel like the weekend is my bonding time with my husband and with nature, especially since we only get to spend our time together every other weekend due to his work schedule. However, this stay-at-home order has made me realize how much I love staying home too. I get to enjoy cooking, and taking care of my plants - this is something new and I'm obsessed about it! , and do more of my paintings. 

When the lockdown order was lifted and some hiking trails reopened I was overwhelmed with joy. A little bit worried but happy about it. We didn't want to expose ourselves that much so we only did a short hike in Simi Valley. Let's go!

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How to get there: Corriganville Park, California

Location: 7001 Smith Rd, Simi Valley, CA 93063
Entrance fee: Free
Parking: Free

Route: Corriganville Park Loop Trail
Distance: 1.7 miles loop (back and forth)
Elevation: 259 feet
Duration: 1 hour (back and forth, depending on pace)
Highlights: Rock Formations

It was just a 30-minute drive from our place to Simi Valley with no traffic. Corriganville Park is a small park that is perfect for beginners. The parking lot is big and there were less than 5 cars parked but on regular days it's always advisable to start early for the hike. We were there at 10:30 am in the morning, that's how lazy we were and undecided about this hike. Good thing it wasn't that hot that day.

I like these giant trees lined up in the parking area.

This is where we started the hike, perfectly situated right beside the parking lot. 

A rock that looked like a dog sitting on its stomach. Do you see it?!

If you have kids they might find this park educational as they have fun facts about the trees along the trail.

The first part of the trail looks great, with lots of greens and shade too.

I didn't expect the trail to have such lively and green trees. We thought the summer sun had burnt all the grass and our scenery would be brown and crisp like the usual California trails in Summertime.

Remember your turns

We turned right here as we wanted to see more of the trail and maybe get on that dog-like rock formation we saw earlier. There's a picnic area after we turn right, a good spot to have a break or you can keep going. We thought it was the end of the trail but there was more as we got farther away from the trees. 

For me, the real beauty of Corriganville Park starts here.

We continued hiking the dirt road, and surprisingly most of the plants were alive and green here too.

My favorite part of the trail was the slight uphill which then slowly led to a downhill trail. It's not a gruesome ordeal and it's fun and easy.

I have a feeling we're on top of the dog-like rock formation we found on the first part of the hike. I could be wrong or not, ahahaa.

From this point turning left will lead you back to the parking area.  But we wanted to see what's on the other side of the trail so we went right to explore more.

Turning right leads here! It goes straight to the residential areas, ahahaa. So we went back to the same path with happy grins marked on our faces.

As we head back to the trail with our boisterous laughter, we find another path that leads to somewhere unknown. The intersection that leads to the parking lot is just a few walks away from here but our toes are itching to know where this path goes. If you want to go back to your car take the left turn from this point.

And here it is, another dead end. 

One last look of Corriganville Park and we're heading back to civilization.

The intersection loop where we're supposed to turn but made a side trip to feed our adventurous souls.

Another great hiking adventure with my one and only champion of the world.

We took a bite of our packed sandwich and boiled egg under this tree before heading back. From there, we walked in the direction where my husband was facing as we wanted a different trail going back to our car. 

The hike ends here which is basically just another side of the parking area.

Wear your mask when you're near other hikers, it's a sign of respect. And of course, keep practicing social distancing when hiking.

Have fun and be safe ^__^

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Where am I going next?

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