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What else to do in Singapore: Unique Activities

It's been five years now and I've grown as a person and explored a lot of places. Singapore will always be a part of me wherever I go. I have here a list of places in Singapore where you can roam around for free or at an affordable rate. Even if they said it's expensive to be a tourist in Singapore there are still a lot of ways you can enjoy the country on a budget. Let's go!

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1. Chinatown

Admission: Free
How to get there: 
Alight at Chinatown MRT (Purple Line)

Exit A Pagoda Street to Chinatown Food Centre
Exit C Crante Money Changer. I've trusted this money changer with all my travel currencies. 

My favourite area as it's the liveliest and most colorful place to go in Singapore. Cheap souvenirs and goodies are available in all corners. Food is a bit pricey for a delicious meal. I guess that's expected as it's one of the most visited places in Singapore so prices surely go all the way to the top. However, some meals have reasonable prices if you go to the mall or in Marina Bay Sands it's way more expensive. The view is great here, people laughing, the red lanterns bring out the Chinese vibes and the smell of good food just makes you want to try it all. A lot of people take selfies here so might as well smile when walking around to make you look like a great photobomber. Singapore frames for 4 pieces for 10 SGD only, 5 for 10 SGD scarfs,10 for 10 SGD keychains, 2 for 5 SGD fridge magnets, 5 SGD I love SG shirts, and a lot more. 

2. Gardens by the Bay

Admission: Free
How to get there: 
Alight at Bayfront MRT (Blue Line)
Exit B or take the long escalator inside the Marina Bay Sands Shoppes near Chanel to get a better view of the garden which bypasses the hotel. 

Check out the Garden Rhapsody Timings: 07:45 pm, 08:45 pm (Daily) Supertree Grove
Admission: Free

Another favourite tourist spot for me other than it's free, the light show in Gardens by the Bay is amazing. Every time the light starts to show up it brings out a different kind of world full of happy sounds with bright colors of dancing lights. It actually reminds me of the movie Avatar especially the scene where the people worshiped the Tree of life. The tree grove in the garden absolutely transports me to that dimension. Get here late in the afternoon, lay on the grass have some ice cream, and wait until it gets dark. Check out the sky as it changes along with the dancing lights. 

Try the OCBC Walkway to get to the top of the Tree grooves. Tickets are available on the spot inside the garden, get there early on a weekend.
OCBC Walkway Ticket: 5 SGD

3. Marina Bay Area

Admission: Free
How to get there: 
Alight at Bayfront MRT (Blue Line) or Esplanade Mrt (Yellow Line) 

Marina Bay Sands Shoppes has interesting sightseeing to offer tourists. There's a small river-like inside the mall where a gondola takes you to an upside-down fountain and around the mall. On the top level outside the mall, the fountain looks like a big whirlpool or a giant washing machine. I remembered the last time I was here I threw a coin and made a wish. 

Check this out accordingly starting from Marina Bay Sands Shoppes, stroll outside the mall, take a look at the Flower Museum, walk on the Helix Bridge, buy the 1 SGD ice cream at the end of the bridge, see the Singapore flyer, pass by the River Ang Bao, have your dinner in Makansutra and further ahead take a picture of the merlion statue. Explore the Marina Bay area late in the afternoon, and notice how the sky changes as the city comes to life at night. 

4. Merlion Statue

Admission: Free
How to get there: 
Alight at Bayfront MRT (Blue Line) follow the route in number 3 or alight at Esplanade MRT (Yellow Line) Exit D

Here's a detailed route: Alight at Esplanade MRT, take Exit D, Pass through the Mall, and take the Escalator Down after the Sushi Restaurant just right after it takes another Escalator Down to the Theatres by the Bay, walk straight no worries it may look like a dead-end but those Doors will automatically open for you, then continue walking straight pass by the big hall where a bunch of teenagers gathers around to sing and dance. Enjoy the Artwork Hallway. A Carpark meets you at the end of the hallway take the entrance door and the Escalator Up to the theatre. Going straight leads to the toilet and the Escalators Up to the hall shows or exit to Makansutra and the Merlion Statue. There's a shortcut to Makansutra, another way would be to take the stairs after the escalator, pass through the mall, turn left and take the escalator down. The exit will be on the right side of the escalator to Makansutra. 

The merlion is the iconic symbol of Singapore next to the Marina Bay Sands. The country started out as a fishing village which explains the fishtail while the lion head came from its original name Singapura which means lion city. More than 51 years ago it gained its independence from Malaysia and is now considered one of the most expensive countries in the world. Try out different iconic poses with the Merlion statue: drinking pose, washing hair pose, or simply standing beside it your call. 

5. Marina Bay Sands (MBS) Wonder Full Water Show

Admission: Free
How to get there: 
Alight at Bayfront MRT (Blue Line)
The water show is situated outside the Mall, beside the Louis Vuitton shop. 

Check out the Showtimes:
Sunday - Thursday: 08:00 pm, 09:30 pm 
Friday and Saturday: 08:00 pm, 09:30 pm, 11:00 pm
Admission: Free

After getting around the marina bay area watch the water show for free outside MBS. Just sit back and relax. Let Singapore entertain you with its spectacular lights, singing, special effects, and dancing waters. I used to watch this show after work especially when I was missing home, the moment it started singing "What a Wonderful World" it put a smile on my face. 

6. Sentosa

Admission: 4 SGD for two way train to Sentosa
Or take the boardwalk outside Vivocity Mall to the island for Free. 

How to get there:
Alight at Harbourfront MRT (Yellow Line/Purple Line) 
Take the Tram Train in Vivocity Mall Level 3 to Sentosa Island or take the boardwalk outside the mall to get to the island. 

A man-made island resort situated near the Vivocity Mall. Great for sightseeing and picture taking. There are plenty of attractions to choose from on the island. If you want to try out the rides and shows check tickets and timings online, price ranges from 30 SGD-80 SGD. Check out: Universal Studios, Adventure Cove, Sea Aquarium, Megazip, Tiger Tower, Luge, Skyride, Wings of Time Water Show, and a lot more. 

There's an application you can download through your phone named "Carousell" where you can find 3 rides in one package for a cheap price. Some even have a lunch buffet and complimentary free shows. Another place you can get cheap packages is in Lucky Plaza Mall, just walking distance from Orchard MRT (Red Line). 

7. Haji Lane and Bali Lane

Admission: Free
How to get there:
Alight at Bugis Mrt (Green Line)

Where art and good food collide. My favourite street of all time in Singapore. I love how street art, culture, cute cafes, classy restaurants, and different cuisines blend into the environment. Next time I visit Singapore this is top on my list. If you're craving something authentic, Asian, western, coffee, dessert, drinks, and all kinds of food fusion then this is your spot. 

8. Orchard Road

Admission: Free
How to get there:
Alight at Orchard MRT (Red Line)

The shopping capital of Singapore. Big Malls are everywhere. Designer brands in every corner. A shopping haven for a fashionista. I love walking around here on weekdays. There's street art where you can have your pictures taken and a one-dollar ice cream stall stationed outside Takashimaya Shopping Mall when you feel like having a cheap snack. You won't miss this Uncle just look for a bunch of people in a queue near the traffic light. For small stalls, you can address locals as Auntie or Uncle with a smile when buying goodies it simply adds a friendly tone to it. 

9. Boat Quay

Admission: Free
How to get there:
Alight at Raffles MRT (Red Line) 

Check out this place late in the afternoon, and watch it come to life at night. It's entertaining to see the lights turned on, restaurants flip their menu boards, chairs and tables are set up and music fills the air. If you're looking for a dining experience with a view, choose those restaurants with a riverside wing. It has this romantic feel as you take a sip of your wine while a boat with colorful lights passes by. Food ranges from 30 SGD - 50 SGD

10. Fountain of Wealth

Admission: Free
How to get there: 
Alight at Promenade MRT (Yellow/Blue Line)
Exit C to Suntec City 

It Opens Daily from 9 am to 10 pm
Laser Shows: 8 pm, 8:30 pm, and 9 pm.

Guinness's Biggest Fountain in the World is found in Singapore. The laser show features dancing waters with colorful lights. You can see the fountain show on top of the mall just along the street or go inside the mall to get a closer view of the moving waters. 


From 1-10 are the popular places to go in the country, and from 11 onwards are more unique activities you can do in Singapore. Here I am walking down memory lane, as I narrate my experiences and list down all the memorable activities I've done in the country.

11. National Museum of Singapore

Opening Hours:
Singapore History Gallery 10am to 6pm, Daily  
Last admission at 5:30pm
Singapore Living Galleries 10am to 8pm, Daily 
Free admission from 6pm to 8pm
Last admission at 7:30pm

How to get there:Address: 93 Stamford Road S(178897)
By MRT: Bras Basah MRT Station (5-minute walk), Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station (5-minute walk), City Hall MRT Station (10-minute walk)

For History fans better check out the Museum in Dhoby Ghaut. The living galleries have free admission which starts at 6 pm till closing time. What more could we ask for? We headed straight to the galleries and met the old Singapura when fishing was still the main livelihood of the country. The first gallery was a showcase of some old pictures of families and royalties.

Second, the food gallery they featured a recorded voice explaining Singapore's street food stalls and food junctions during the old days. They were selling hanging rice or 'puso' which we prefer to call in the Philippines. The rice is wrapped in a palm leaf that takes up the shape of a diamond. The narrator's voice was recorded in a compact player which is hung below the glass-enclosed items to understand the history of the food industry in Singapore.

The next gallery was about the film industries and what's surprising about it is that they embrace all three cultures in Singapore. There are Singaporean movies alongside the Indian and Malay films. It clearly shows how diversified the country is with all the different kinds of films that were produced and released back then. My friend and I danced along with the huge video camera they had on display. We even watched with amazement as different rolls of films played on the widescreen of the gallery.

Our last stop was the Fashion gallery where we had a great time listening to old music. When we reached the corner of the gallery this bizarre white wedding gown caught our attention. The dress was bizarre and it seemed like it was floating on air which I commonly see in horror films. We didn't stay long in that part of the gallery to avoid any more horror stories coming out of our mouths. 

Think of Happy Thoughts!

12. iFly Singapore Indoor Skydiving

The world's largest skydiving-themed wind tunnel for indoor skydiving. This is suitable for all ages! We bought ahead of time for the iFLY activity; I had it earlier of course than my friend considering I'm the type of person who gets so excited all the time. I've bought my ticket the moment I saw it at Groupon. I wasn't even thinking that I was going to do it alone. I was exasperatingly excited to try it; I was supposed to do it on my last birthday. However, insufficient funds and bad timing were along my way. Now that I have it in my grasp I'm not going to let it go. Good thing, a friend of mine was up to the challenge of doing the activity with me. The deal we purchased highlights two rounds of iFLY and oh a glass of Mojito at Sky Loft which is just located on top of the IFLY building. 

We had some basic orientation on proper posture and safety tips before flying. The amenities were built to take your imagination to a flying level, pictures of flying were posted, you can even hear a helicopter lurking around the area, and of course, a suited pilot to make the atmosphere more realistic. And Oh my our instructor was a hottie! Attention everyone, please take your seat. Mr. Tall and Handsome Hunk on board? Check! 

It made the experience more enticing and we were happily nervous to jump aboard. During the orientation, we were taught how to read hand signals because once you're inside the tube audibility is nowhere to be found. A peace sign is meant to keep your legs straight, while a bend peace sign means slowly bend your knees and an approved sign that tells you're doing a great job. The majority of the group were beginners except for the Australian couples. For beginners, it was the simple up-and-down motion of the body, bumps here and there, and the unavoidable drooling sensation.

Once you're at the entrance of the tube, a strong gush of wind surprises you which automatically alters your balance. Then Mr. Hot Hunkie Dude pulls you like a runaway bride and off you go. The powerful air takes you in full throttle as it brings your body up like a Pinocchio string doll. Now I know why Pinocchio moves like a drunken boy. Then Superman holds your body steady to a horizontal position and makes the peace signal. Mr. Hot Hunkie Dude automatically transforms to Superman mode when the wind lifts him up, unfortunately without removing his suit. At least he doesn't have to worry about lost laundry. It is advisable for beginners to maintain a straight leg position and once in a while, Superman asks you to bend a little bit to lift your body higher off the ground. I've always been fascinated with flying and being suspended in the air in that vacuum-like tube was amazing. I was actually flying! It felt like flying. It boosts up my dream of being reincarnated as an eagle. Well, I've always loved to be a butterfly but life is too beautiful for just a week or a month to live. The first time you're inside the tube is like the trial mode and the second time you're pulled in is the real phase. This is where Superman allows you to float on your own, or simply hold on to your calf to keep you steady. It was like fulfilling my ultimate dream of flying, a kind of preparation for my skydive plan in the near future.

We then proceed to the rooftop bar and restaurant called Sky Loft which is located in the same building. The Loft had a beautiful view of the ocean with all the ships standing by waiting for the next order they received from the captain.

Our friendly bartender made a thirst-quenching Mojito for us and we enjoyed the rest of the day chatting about life's complexities. The day ended well with a blast of Mojito, a small chitchat with the bartender, and another round of free drinks. 

How to get there:

Exit Harbourfront MRT and go straight to Vivo City. Take the elevator up to the 4th floor and get your ticket for the Sentosa tram ride. Or if you want to take a leisure walk take the covered pathway to Sentosa outside the mall. 

Location: iFly Singapore 43 Siloso Beach Walk #01-01, Singapore 099010. 
Contact number: +65 6571 0000

13. SAFRA Wall Climbing, Singapore

They have five locations in Singapore, SAFRA: Jurong Point, Mount Faber, Toa Payoh, Tampines, and lastly Yishun where we had our activity.

For more details: 6852 8200 

When I was young I climbed trees for fun, I've always been allured with reaching the top and seeing what's up there. I remembered that I've climbed this one tree over and over again but every time I'm in my favorite spot the things I see are always different. The sky has a different color, the cloud never stayed the same in shape and I believe anything can happen. Perhaps a bird passes by, a snap of a broken branch from one of your heavy friends who is trying to reach you, or maybe raindrops that come from nowhere. 

I'm older now and it's inappropriate for me to be climbing trees in the neighborhood. Besides the trees I grew up with are out of my sight. We have changed our address to a place where only a few palm trees are present and flowering shrubs are in the corner. A bit opposite my jungle playground outside my cousin's house which was at the same time a few steps away from the beach. Climbing trees were for free then however now the trees are cut down and nowhere to be found. We commonly found them in one corner of a community or on the center aisle of the highway. I don’t think making your way to the top of that tree would do you any good. In no time people will be screaming for you to get down, sirens coming your way and a fire truck lifting its metal staircase pops out, and you're left wondering. 

In connection to my old memories flashing back to my state of mind. It's due to a good friend of mine thoughtfully inviting me to join her in a wall climbing activity. We are now paying to do this? It's not actually a surprise for me I've done this before. It makes me think back to how free we were then and all the things around me were so accessible. Anyway, this activity was bought at a very affordable price. I'm becoming an avid fan of Groupon. Click on my link on the sidebar or footer to check out deals in Singapore. 

I was excited like a new child who was about to go to Disneyland. However, I'm not a child anymore and I've never been to Disneyland. As a normal, young adult I have responsibilities and it only means I have to balance my work with my happiness. People said you can only choose one and you can't have everything you want. I proved them wrong and I'm proud of myself for that. I've chosen both that day, yes there was some minor consequence but it was worth it. It's a risky task and you have to be calm and confident about it. I just remembered when we were in the beginner's wall a child was stranded on top. Nobody notices it the people waiting down there thought he was just resting. I passed by him and noticed that he was clinging to the wall like a lizard and he had this "I'm not moving face no matter what you say." I had to stop on my way up and talk him out of letting go. He said he might fall and I was like you made it this far and you didn't fall? It's the hardest part of the climb when you feel like giving up and you ask yourself what am I doing here? I guess it's the same thing in life where you make an irrational decision and you ask yourself this question. You made it this far and just continue moving forward. You must be doing something right because you're heading on top. What's really nice about kids is that when they see you're that confident they mimic your attitude and believe in it. I made a deal with him that we do it together, he followed what I was doing and we made it safely on the ground.

It was a great day to be going wall climbing, and what a lucky coincidence they had an activity. We had a free treat of cotton candy and a bar of ice cream. Now it makes me want to talk about my cotton candy childhood stories, maybe some other time. 

We geared up and started at the beginner’s wall. It was quite easy it was sort of a warm-up for your arms and legs to stretch and get used to the wall. Then we proceed to a more challenging wall where we sweat a bucket of salty liquid. It was a test of endurance and determination with a twist of adrenaline fun. Professionals were actually competing in the other wall arena, trying to reach the top fast and even faster going down the wall. It was fascinating to see a lot of spiders in human form. If I had more time maybe  I would even try that wall despite my limited experience in wall climbing. They don't know me and besides, I don't know them either, life is short let’s make more embarrassing moments. I've read that an embarrassing moment would only be embarrassing if you remembered it that way, so I guess it’s a matter of perspective. 

Anyway, my muscles were happily sore and my mood meter was way up high. Add it up with a big twirl of cotton candy and ice cream which just made my sugar level skyrocket to the maximum level.  I would definitely do this again! Next time I would absolutely have to make sure it’s on a more appropriate day. 

14. Ice Skating in Singapore

Address: 2 Jurong East Central 1, Level 3 JCube
How to get there:
Exit at Jurong MRT station, make your way to the escalators and cross the pedestrian lane which is a few metres away from the bus interchange. 
Visit for the latest schedule information.

I was surfing the Internet on a fine sunny day when I passed by this icy Groupon activity. A two-hour ice skating activity for only S$10. I know this promo only comes in a while unless you're always checking out the website. I invited my friends, they agreed and I bought the ice skating voucher on that very fine sunny day. 

I've never tried ice skating but I've always wanted to. Now was my chance to tick one of my bucket lists. I was really excited and the thought of the moment made me shiver. I literally shivered in the ice skating rink. It was my fault thou I wore a sleeveless top not knowing that my thick scarf will not be enough heat insulation. However, I learned that a simple technique of moving continuously around the skating ring will keep you warm. The cold feeling of having frostbite only lasted for a short time, once I've adjusted to skating around I've felt warm and comfortable. 

The Groupon voucher I've purchased included the skate rental, excluding gloves and socks. Good thing we came prepared with our pair of socks or else we have to purchase one there. Lockers are available to keep your belongings safe.  We went for the Saturday Disco Night from 9.45pm till 11.45pm. After our ice skating activity, a group of ice hockey players was warming up for a game.

15. I Light Marina Bay, Singapore

deLIGHTful Night

Admission: Free
Timings: 7:30PM - 11:30PM
Venue: Marina Bay Waterfront

My friend invited me to check out the light craze happening at Marina Bay Sands. It was a deLIGHTful place to be at night. The colors were eye candy and the people's eyes were beaming with wonder. 

They have this blue-lighted wish tree then you can ask for a long piece of paper with colored blue lights to write your wishes or anything under the moon. The tree shows that there are a lot of people still dreaming of their dreams coming true. I'll try hard to reach my heart's desire. A few steps away is the construction theme, it gives you an idea that without these guys working their sweat out Singapore will never look this productive. These are the people who made all the buildings and infrastructure you see around you in Singapore possible. A tribute to the hard-working men out there. 

A fire dance will spice up your night as you walk along. Courageous and Dangerous fire dance moves will entertain you all throughout the show. A few numbers of heart-shaped air vest was pasted on a wide board where you can press a button in the middle of it to light it up. It makes you want to turn off all the lights and with the speed of light turn on everything back altogether. I tried that and it was as funny as it can be. We also passed by water sprinklers floating in the air. It was a funny site knowing that a lot of people especially the kids don't know anything about it. It made me feel smarter than a school grader.

The amazing part of the I Light Marina Bay event was this part. My favorite! I sweated and jumped like I'd never jumped before. An nth number of colorful circle pathways automatically pulled out the child in me. Every time you stepped on the circle a variety of colors appeared and it made you want to jump more and more to turn everything around in the same shade. I moved from one circle to another like a frog with itchy toes. It was so much fun and to avoid being labeled as a silly adult bring along a friend of yours who's as flexible as the colors. 

An LED-lighted piano man brought a longing smile to my face. It reminded me of the first and last time I played a piano piece in front of a crowd. Cherished memories. The Makansutra is just a few minutes away so we had our dinner there. I ordered my all-time favorite prawn mee to end the night with a happy stomach. I thought I'd seen all the creative lights but just behind the food stalls was a surprise, a decorated high cotton-like bulb was planted by a light genius. As we looked closer it was all plastic water bottles shredded in a creative way and placed in a bun to create a massive ball of light. It was like in the movie "Lorax" if I remembered the title correctly. This is an annual event in Singapore so better check it out.

16. Volunteering in Singapore

There are many organizations looking for volunteers. I joined a vertical marathon for a Fundraising campaign with Climb For Rainbows. This is a unique way of helping people and getting fit at the same time.

Volunteer at Willing Hearts, Singapore

Another group is they provides meals for the less privileged. I volunteer here by cleaning and slicing vegetables for the kitchen and packing the food for delivery.

17. Wave House: Ride the Flow

Normal Rates: 35 SGD - 45 SGD per hour
Location:  36 Siloso Beach Walk, Sentosa, Singapore 099007
Wave Desk Hotline:  +65 6238 1196

How to get there:
MRT: Take the Purple Line train going to Harbourfront, head to Vivo City Mall then take the nearest escalators going to the 4th floor. Near the Sentosa, counter take the monorail going to Sentosa Island, alight at the beach station then take the tram to Siloso Beach. 

My friend bought us two VIP tickets for the Wave House chill-out party in Sentosa. I was hesitant to say yes when she first asked me I've been going through a lot of money problems for the past few months and I don't spend much. Then while I was typing all these characters on the keyboard and seeing all the work I've done, and all the things I haven't finished yet I came to a realization. It came to me that I've been working so hard like a mafia member planning out his kill and even howling like a wild dog with all the busy work I'm facing, and I said no for fun? I've read recently that when someone considers working a priority it only means he should start panicking because stress is eating him whole. I don't want to be that kind of person and never will be. I immediately texted my friend and she excitedly booked the ticket for us. Thank you Vermz, Mwah! I'm blessed. I was able to find a few friends who have the same feathers as mine.  

We were actually planning to go dragon boating that day, funny me! I totally forgot about that. It's crystal clear to me now, that I will never be that person whose life revolves around work. So I guess it doesn't make me less of a person because I hesitated for the Wave House event because my hands were already full on that day. The real plan for that was to wake up early to move my things to my new house and do the dragon boating activity in the afternoon. However, due to bad weather with heavy rain showers, and thunderstorms, the dragon boat event we've been waiting for since last month was canceled. It clearly shows that everything happens for a reason. Good thing I said yes to Wave House or else my weekend would have ended dull. So I changed my plans and moved my things out in the afternoon instead. It turned out pretty well because I was able to pack all my things with a one-shot taxi fare to my new place. The call to cancel the dragon boat activity by the organizer was tough, most of the people who RSVP were already excited and even made sure to mark their calendars for that day including me. It's a fact that when Mother Nature says no everyone bows down and says thanks. The weather was totally uncooperative that day, the rainfall was beyond count and the taxi driver's viewpoint almost came to zero visibility. I was worried that our Wave House VIP tickets would be a waste due to bad weather. The taxi driver even noticed our smiles fade to a thin line and he sweetly assured us that the weather would be fine after a few hours. The weather did turn out good after a few hours with less rainfall. I was beaming with excitement and the black-eyed peas song started singing in my ecstatic mind "I gotta feeling that tonight's gonna be a good night." 

The place wasn't jam-packed with party people. The rain has caged in a lot of them in their houses, it only means they don't have this strong party spirit with them, peace man! Or they're smart enough to stay safe at home. The free flow of bourbon drink was over when we got there, I've never tried it and I was really curious what it tastes like. Too bad. The good news is that the free flow of Mexican snacks was still up for grabs: nachos, burritos, quesadillas, etc. Nothing beats great Mexican food on a rainy day. I've been dreaming of heading to Mexico or any South American country that serves authentic burritos and quesadillas, with me wearing a red off-shoulder top alongside my hubby. A little taste of my bucket list. 

Going back. What made two weary ladies brave enough to party on an evening rain shower was all due to this activity. An hour of flow rider! "I'm living in the moment, I'm living my Life" here goes Jason Mraz singing inside my heart. I've been eyeing this blue, gigantic, air-filled bed for such a long time. The time has come for me to test my endurance and determination. We had a little snack of everything that was prepared in the Mexican-inspired buffet and immediately headed out for our turn in the rider. 

The instructors were friendly enough to tolerate all our funny grumbling about our frequent fall-offs and hitting the water like a rolling ball. For a first-timer, I did justice to the name and fell a few times, but I always have this smile plastered on my face. As they say, it's an endless journey so laugh hard every time you pick yourself up from a fall. I was literally enjoying hitting the water butt first, sideways, and even front row. I'm amazed I wasn't that frustrated after a series of fallbacks but then I've studied all my mistakes and learned from them. I was using the wrong leg for support, the dominant leg should be on the backside while your other leg does the control of direction. If I remember correctly in order to move sideways point your toes or heels on either left or right while keeping your back straight. To move forward lean a little bit forward with slightly bent knees. On the other hand, a straight back with firm leg support at the edge of the board allows you to maintain balance at a steady perimeter.

I wasn't expecting much for my performance in the flow rider, having pure fun was my top priority. However, the continuous flush of water in my face flares this happy energy of burning desire to stand on that board. The feeling was overwhelming and it totally rocked my night away. The day ended pretty well with a few bruises and a muscle sore which is going to get worse after a day. It's definitely worth it. No pain means no gain! 

When I first came to Singapore I only had this idea of a bustling city with diverse people working their hats off. I didn't know it had a different side as I expected only to see Skyscrapers, Malls, Themed Parks, Bars, and all things made of concrete. Then I discovered their nature parks and that's when things started to change especially with my perception of this small country. Now I see that this little red dot of Asia is not that bad, a little balance of nature preservation was done for people to enjoy.

Before I discovered these parks I dreaded the feeling of not being able to go to the beach whenever I wanted to. The beach here is beyond comparison to where I'm from. The nature parks around the city really put a big smile on my face, it was closer to nature and it was good enough. Thou the country still reminds of this song by Counting Crows "Big Yellow Taxi", it goes like this "Took out all the trees and put them in a tree museum and charged the people a dollar and half a dollar to see them, don't we all seem to go that know you don't know what you got till its gone, the big paradise put on a parking lot." 

Hiking Trails in Singapore:

If I want to get away from the busy life of Singapore, I go to these parks to rejuvenate and get my senses back together. 

What to bring checklist:
- running/hiking shoes
- water and some energy bars 
- shades
- hats
- camera
- poncho (in case it rains)
- handy first aid kit 

Optional: insect repellent
Reminders: Avoid bringing things wrapped in plastic wrappers. There are monkeys all over the place and they're extremely attracted to the plastic's noise. Do not feed them too for safety purposes. 

18. Hike at Bukit Timah

How to get there:
From Beauty World MRT:
Exit the train station and walk 10 minutes along Hindhede Drive to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve Visitor Center, if you pass by those high-class condominiums you're on the right track.

A home is a place where you can find your old self, old stuff, and old memories. Old means historical and significant, and these are precious to me.

When I decided to leave home and try to find work in another country was the worst decision I made for my heart, but the best thing ever for my future or let's say financially helpful. This might seem to be a mistake for now but I've gone this far to take a step back. They say everything happens for a reason, I might as well consider myself lucky to pass the Immigration, or it was meant for me to pass that counter. I'm already here in Singapore so I'm still on a travel, right? however, traveling in a constant place for a year, I'm going crazy I'm so off-topic.

I've always wanted to have a different kind of birthday celebration, so this time I decided to go hiking with my friends. I'm far away from my family and friends, good thing that being with nature makes me feel happy. Actually, it's just an excuse because I haven't received my salary yet. It's hard to be broke when it's your day and you've got nothing to spend even just for 1 gallon of ice cream, especially when your relatives are expecting a party-whew!

I've always been a big fan of Mother Nature, and seeing everything green around me makes me feel at peace. A friend told me that if you feel tired and looking at something green will make you feel better, trees are the best example.

Bukit Timah Nature Preserve is the highest land point in Singapore. I came along with my two buddies. We hadn't planned ahead of time and I'd even forgotten to google the place, so we ended up spending more hours getting lost than actually hiking itself. It was really fun getting lost and my friends were not geared up for the hike, so it made it more difficult plus the heat of the sun was roasting us like BBQ chicken.

When we got to the place a few monkeys greeted us with a smile. We were not able to pack some food for our picnic session. We dropped at the nearest McDonald's and took away some snacks. We didn't know these fellas were there running around freely. Plastic and Papers attract these animals. We were like doing the walk-run style, like what some athletes do in the marathon. We placed the snacks in our bags and we were running like children and unfortunately, the coke spilled over inside our bags. Unfortunately, I've brought some important papers with me-what a day!

We were not able to go that far, it's not safe to get lost when it's already getting dark. Before the sun said goodbye we were getting back on our tracks. The day ended just fine and we can't wait to go back home and take a shower. I'm definitely going back and the second time around getting lost is not an option. 

19. MacRitchie Reservoir

How to get there: 
From Bishan MRT, nearby 7'11 take bus 156, alight after Mount Alvernia Hospital. Take the sky bridge to Macritchie Park. Two Options:

a. Petai Trail, MacRitchie  Nature Trail, TreeTop Walk, Ranger Station, Exit: Venus Drive to nearest Bus Stop.

b. The other side of Macritchie; Lornie trail, MacRitchie Reservoir Park, Singapore Island Country Club, Golf Link, Jelutong Tower, Ranger Station, Exit: Venus Drive to nearest Bus Stop.

My friend and I have been planning for our hiking day for such a long time. Finally, the day came and we laughed like little kids while walking around MacRitchie Reservoir. We started a bit late I think that was after lunchtime. It rained in the morning so we decided to postpone the activity for the afternoon. We were determined to do the activity no matter what the circumstances were, so we packed our bags and met up at Bishan Bus Interchange. We took bus number 166 from Bishan Interchange with a travel time of 30 minutes.  

We started the MacRitchie's trail around 3 plus in the afternoon. The rain made the trail muddy and messy but for me, everything looked great, fresh, and vibrant. Rain droplets sprinkled us like seeds starving for water. Tiny particles floated in the air creating rainbows in our palms. Water pebbles danced with the trees as the wind softly whistled in the air. The smell of earth was all over the place which brings warmth to one's frigid soul. 

It was an easy trail, everything was laid on a platter. Well of course it should be that way because we were in Singapore. Signs were everywhere and even the road seemed paved for one shoe to find its way. I believe when you outdoors even just do a small hike somewhere where trees and animals call home is a wonderful experience. It's like feeding your soul with good stuff through nature, with what you see, feel and think. My friend and I talked about the influence of seeing green things, and the positive openness one feels when around a natural environment. It's an overwhelming feeling to know you can share personal matters with a friend.

MacRitchie has so much to offer and I've noticed a lot of people there walking alongside us. Some were running, sightseeing and I spotted some photographers too.

I've always thought that I'd grow up with a continuous free-spirited life. However, working abroad has changed me or I allowed the changes to change me. Maybe I am advisable to change or it's better to say to mature as an individual. The complexities of living will seek you like your own shadow. It's actually a good thing in some way because I've learned to stand on my own and fight for what I want.                                                        

Hiking is a good way to release stress and challenge yourself to go further. If you're confused and you need some answers, my advice to you is to go on a hike and if it's a bigger problem go on a trek alone or with a friend.

This hiking trail is my favorite on the list, I've been here several times and I'm coming back for more. Its friendly atmosphere offers a pleasing wandering feeling for anyone who visits the place. Macritchie Route also connects to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve Park. Another great place to exercise all those tired muscles. 

20. Pulau Ubin

How to get there:
Take the MRT to Tanah Merah MRT Station (EW4), then board Bus No. 2 to Changi Village bus interchange. Head to Changi Point jetty a metres away from the bus interchange. From the jetty, take a bumboat ride (S$2 per adult one way) to Ubin.

Rent a bicycle from S$8-S$15 for a whole day's activity or simply wander the island with your hiking shoes. Both ways are pleasurable for nature lovers and hike enthusiasts. 

21. Southern Ridges Hike

How to get there: The starting point is at Harbourfront MRT

The Southern Ridges consists of the lush hilly parks of Mount Faber, Telok Blangah Hill, and beautiful gardens in HortPark and Kent Ridge Park. It even connects to the Labrador Nature Reserve Park. Passed by Henderson Waves, a cool bridge structure that connects from Mount Faber Park to Telok Blangah Hill Park. Southern Ridges also includes the Forest Walk and Canopy Walk which gives you a top view of the trail.

22. Lower Peirce Reservoir

How to get there:
Located in Upper Thomson, 30 minutes away from Yio Chu Kang MRT.

One of the oldest reservoirs in Singapore. A great place to see the sunset and watch the day pass by. I saw some photographers who waited to capture the perfect moment for the sun to go down. I and my friend watched in splendid awe as we had our snacks seated on one of those rocks in the water. 

23. East Coast

How to get there: 2 options        
Location: Along East Coast Parkway and East Coast Park Service Road

A perfect place to run, jog, bike, and skate. There are plenty to choose from, and the park is jam-packed with exhilarating choices of fun activities.

24. Coney Island

How to get there: From Punggol interchange, take bus 84 to Punggol Point Park/Punggol Settlement. Walk around 500 metres east along the Punggol Promenade Nature Walk to get to Coney Island West Entrance.

Park opening hours: 7am to 7pm (gate will be closed at 7pm)
Nearby Parks/Park Connectors: Punggol Promenade Nature Walk, Punggol Point Park, Punggol Waterways.

Cycling is allowed along the main path. 

What to Eat in Singapore

For a trekking trail away from Singapore check out Gunung Lambak Trek, Johor Bahru Malaysia.

After all these activities you will be hungry, and lucky you Singapore has a wide variety of foods to offer. Check out my post on What to Eat in Singapore

Have fun and be safe ^__^

Do you want more adventure?
If you still have one more day to spare why not go for a Foodventure in Singapore.

Where am I going next?

My next adventure is to check out the Majestic Niagara Falls in Canada and see the spectacular river that separates the borders of the USA and Canada.

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