What to Eat in Singapore

What to Eat in Singapore

Exploring Must-Try Foods in Singapore

It's been two years since I left Singapore and there's one thing I really miss about this country and that's Food! - and of course my friends too. I decided to venture on a food tour while visiting my friends. The agenda is to hit two birds with one stone, see my friends and go on a food trip. Food ventures in Singapore have started now. Let's go!

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Arrival in Singapore: Buy a Sim Card
Sept 7 Arrival: Toronto to Singapore

My oh-so-nice friend picked me up at the airport. It's a great feeling when someone is there when you arrive from the arrival area. I felt like a tourist while waiting for her. The first thing to do is to Buy a sim card. They usually have promo prices in the airport, I stayed for a week so 100 GB of data for 7 days was all I needed. Yes, 100 GB data with call and text for 30 SGD. 

Secondly, buy a train card commonly known as Ez link this gives you access to trains and buses all over Singapore. My friend had an extra Ez link and all I needed was to deposit or "top-up" my card. It really depends on your itinerary, my goal is to go on a food trip and to stay in one place each day so less than a 50 SGD top-up for my Ez link is good enough for a week. Lastly, if you need to go to the bathroom/ washroom/ CR (Comfort Room) or powder room, look for the sign that says "Toilet" and you'll find your way.

1. Hokkien Mee

My Ultimate Favourite Fried Hokkien Mee @ Chinatown Cheng Kee Hokkien Mee. It's a Singaporean, Malaysian Hokkien Mee, a noodle dish sauté with egg, rice noodles, a few pieces of squid, shrimp, and pork slices. Top it off with fried pork skin, slices of lime juice, and sambal or their own special spicy sauce. I always had this once a week last time, but due to health purposes, I now have it at least once or twice a month. All hawker centres, Kopitiam, Food Republic, and other food outlets sell this dish. 

Chinatown is one of my chill-out places in Singapore, not only for food and souvenirs. I go here back then after work to unwind and see happy faces. The vibrant colors fill up my mood with warmth and childlike happiness.

How to get here: 
Exit Chinatown MRT where the lanterns are located. 

Shopping for souvenirs: The best place is in Chinatown, in my opinion, there is just so much selection on every corner.

Shopping for sports stuff: Check out Decathlon, I went here with my friends Kath and Kamille, this is my favorite sports store in Singapore. I'm still in awe with Decathlon, all sporting goods are affordable without compromising their quality.

Sept 10 Explore the National Museum of Singapore and drop by Plaza Singapura for lunch

2. Signature Fishball Noodles @ 85 Redhill Teochew Fishball Noodles

How to get here: 
Alight at Dhoby Gaut MRT. Go to the Plaza Singapura basement food area.

Shopping for clothes: Roam around the Bugis area for cute dresses and afterwards, dinner with old friends.

3. Steamboat @ Xian De Lai Restaurant

Address: 18 Liang Seah St, Singapore 189039

How to get here: 
Alight at Bugis MRT. Across Bugis Mall walk to the famous Liang Seah Street and you will find a few numbers of steamboat restaurants.

Sept 11 Get my favourite Boba Milk Tea and Dinner Meet-up Old Friends

4. Koi Express: Hazelnut Milk Tea

First impressions last they say but this drink proved me wrong. I'm definitely a hardcore milk tea or bubble tea lover. This drink has been a great part of my survival in Singapore. It lifted me up when I was down and celebrated with all my everyday simple pleasures. My favourites: are Koi's Hazelnut Milk Tea, Gongcha's Milk Tea, and Ajantea's QQ Milk Tea. Always these three or nothing else. 

We all have our own favorite drink and this one is my addiction. I usually order Hazelnut Milk Tea, Medium Size, Less Pearl, and 100 percent sugar, with a total amount of less than 5 SGD. Yes! 100 percent please, I'm a sugar addict. I guess that's where I get my energy with all the crazy things that I do. I try hard to pay with coins so it won't hurt my daily budget ahahaa. I'm that thrifty because how am I supposed to pay for my travels?! Now you know why every cent counts and is crucial for future travel plans. This is also one of the things I'm working on for my future business outlet in the Philippines. I need to save up for that so in the meantime let's just drink to it. Check out their outlets and be addicted to their milk tea goodness. Price ranges from 3 SGD - 5 SGD.

How to get here: 
They are all over Singapore. My favorite one is near Bugis MRT.

5. Bak Kuh Teh @ New Manlee Bak Kut Teh 

Address: 201 Victoria St, #01-12 Bugis+, Singapore 188067

How to get here: 
Alight at Bugis MRT. Then follow the sign to Bugis Plus.

The name somehow sounds like a Japanese character but it's actually a famous soup in Singapore. A pork or beef dish with peppery soup. I like to have this on a rainy day. A match made in heaven. 

Sept 12 Meet up with close friend Tyn for a Singaporean snack and Dinner with the Team from my previous job

6. Toast Box

Address: Bugis Junction, 200 Victoria St #01-67, 188021 

How to get here: 
They are all over Singapore. I went to the one nearby Bugis MRT.

7. Captain K Seafood Tower

Address: 112 Middle Road #01-00, Midland House, Singapore 188970

Sept 13 Visit Old House and Dinner with a previous roommate, Ateh Katu.

8. Dumplings @ Din Tai Fung

The dumplings are shaped like the famous "Gardens by the Bay" in Singapore. Do drop by at this attraction, it's for free, and get yourself ready to be captivated by its man-made beauty. The Merlion is actually nearby that area too, don't forget to see the iconic statue of the Lion City.

Sept 14 Meet up with highschool buddy, Gaskie for some tasty snacks at Bugis.

9. Passionfruit Juice @ Bugis Street

Address: 3 New Bugis Street, Singapore 188867

Bugis Street is a great place for dining and shopping. Just try to avoid the weekend as it gets pretty crazy and too crowded to shop.

10. Singapore Zam Zam: Deer Murtabak and Chicken Murtabak

Address: 697-699 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 198675

Someone from my yoga class introduced me to this delectable Indian food. It looks like a prata made into a wrap with chicken or beef stuffing inside plus a tomato sauce and cucumber on the sides. The most delicious one I tried was at Zam Zam Restaurant, a green-coloured restaurant in front of Masjid Sultan Mosque, a few minutes away from Bugis MRT. 

I usually have chicken murtabak but this time around I'm trying something new and that's deer murtabak. 

Sept 15 Meet up old friends, Tyn and Mai for Lunch at a famous Hawker Centre.

11. Newton's Hawker Centre: Satay, Fried Hokkien Mee and Kway Teow

How to get here: 
Alight at Newton MRT and walk to the Hawker Centre.

This is actually the place where the movie "Crazy Rich Asians" filmed their dining experience in the first part of the movie. Do check it out for some good-tasting satays and so much more.

12. Swensens for Dessert

I remember having my free firefly ice cream in Swensen's Changi Airport after we got back from a short trip to Cambodia, it was also my birthday. Swensen's offers free ice cream for birthday celebrants, so don't forget to bring along your friend next time around. Check out their Earthquake Ice Cream where you get to select 8 different kinds of flavour with hot fudge and a selected choice of toppings.

13. Jia Xiang Sarawak Kuching Kolo Mee for Dinner

Address: 1 Harbourfront Walk, #B2-38 VivoCity, Singapore 098585

Sept 16 Checking out the Healthy craze foods in Singapore.

14 Indian Prata (Plain, Cheese, and Mushroom) for Brunch

My drink "Justea" reminded me of the first runs in Singapore. I remember after doing my workout or long runs I would go to a nearby vending machine and get this drink.

Chill @ Starbucks with a Patio for some great-tasting coffee and order the Malawi Coffee. This is not your ordinary kind of Starbucks inside the mall, a quiet two-story house only a few people know about in Singapore.
Address: 37 Rochester Dr Rochester Park Singapore 138640 Singapore 

15. Superfudo

Address: 15 Lor Liput, Singapore 277730

On my last day in Singapore Kath and Kamille decided to go on a cleansing diet. I figured it was a great choice because, after all the food I ate for a week, I felt too full and very satisfied. Ordering some greens and organic food totally made my last day more eventful.

16. Project Açaí

Address: 27 Lorong Liput, Holland Village, Singapore 277738

More Must-Try Foods in Singapore
The food diversity in Singapore is amazing. There are a lot of foods to choose from Singaporean, Malaysian, Indian, and even Western food. For the food, enthusiast check out their food fusion and be ready for the distinct burst of flavors that will surely make you crave more. Food is definitely not cheap in Singapore, you'll be spending more than you know. Most especially if you're a big eater like me who thinks life is short so might as well eat whatever pleases my appetite. Besides I always convinced myself that I'm on a SEEfood diet, and I need to religiously follow my doctor's order. Here's a list of more delectable dishes that I find mouth-watering and irresistible in Singapore, adding some memories behind it.  

Fun Food Memories in Singapore

17. Strictly Pancakes

The best pancakes I've ever tried in Singapore. This place is called Strictly Pancakes, I'm not trying to be funny, that's strictly the real name of the restaurant. It's hard to forget good food mixed with great friends. My friends at work made life easy, work didn't feel like work at all. This is one night out I won't forget. Have some Pancakes with shrimp?! Be adventurous and order the weird pancakes on the menu, you'll be surprised how good it is. 

The Druggie - A must-try for chocolate lovers. I advise pairing it up with vanilla ice cream to balance out the sweetness. And yes you can choose to have chocolate or vanilla ice cream for your sides. Sometimes diet should be set aside just for one night. They called it "cheat day", as for us it was a cheat night after a tiring day at work. My colleagues have been planning a night out together and we were already eyeing this pancake house for days. The date was set and we all met up at the place. The place is quite small so if you're planning to go there on weekends better book a reservation two days ahead of time. We ordered: Garlic Buttered Prawns, What A Spread and The Druggie. Price ranges from 7 SGD - 20 SGD.

What A Spread - A creamy peanut butter treat that reminds you of your childhood days. 

Garlic Buttered Prawns - My favourite! Who would have thought that a creamy white sauce with prawns is a perfect pair for pancakes?! I would never have thought about that. It was the most delightful pancake I've ever tasted. A match made in heaven. I don't blog much about food even though it's always been on the number one list in all my travels but this pancake house is just so irresistible. 

Address: 44A Prinsep Street Singapore 188674 

How to get here: 
A 10-minute walk from Dhouby Gaut MRT or from Bras Basah MRT. Strictly Pancakes (Another branch is at 81 Upper East Coast Road Singapore 455220)

18. Ice Cream Street Stalls in Singapore

One dollar Ice Cream! The cheapest dessert in Singapore! My favorite dessert of all time. When I first came to Singapore I would purposely go to Orchard to get this treat. The push trolleys are all over Singapore, I've found one at the end of Helix Bridge in Marina Bay Sands, somewhere in Clark Quay and Tampines MRT. 

I've always been in love with ice cream and Singapore street ice cream is definitely on my list of favorite treats. There's something about ice cream that cheers me up when it starts to melt in my mouth. Glucose does serve its purpose to energize human beings, to power up their system, and most especially during a mood swing. I've read somewhere that eating desserts will release happy hormones called serotonin. A kind of hormone that lowers stress in our body and enables us to feel better. Does it mean I'm a stress absorbent or I'm just feeding my sweet tooth by heart? Either way, I'm the number one fan of ice cream. 

Ice cream also reminds me of my favorite movie which a lot of my friends considered boring. They can't even finish half of the movie but we all have preferences and some people love it as much as I do. Anyway, it's entitled "Under the Tuscan Sun." In the movie, a lady named Katherine says "Never lose your childish enthusiasm it's the most important thing." Now that I ponder about the movie this prominent character loves ice cream.  I'm not saying having an ice cream instills the child in us right away but somehow it can help bring out the happy sensation we had when we were young. So grab a 1 USD dollar ice cream when you pass these stalls in the streets and I hope it can put a smile on your face as it always does to me. Share the love and treat a friend it will make the experience sweeter. 

It was surprisingly inexpensive and very delicious too! Look around for a dollar, ask a friend or dig into your coin purse because this ice cream is worth craving for. For 1 SGD you can already enjoy a mouth-watering ice cream, it comes in different flavors and is served in a soap-bar-like shape and is handed down either with wafer, bread or simply the ice cream. The wafer and bread are optional and do not cost a penny. What a splendid treat! After an exhausting city tour, a busy day at work, or just craving a snack, drop by and say hello to Uncle and have yourself a treat. I preferred the stand at Orchard Road near Takashimaya Mall.

Favourite 1 SGD Ice Cream Stalls in Singapore:
1. Orchard Road - Walls (in front of Takashimaya Mall)
2. Orchard Road - King's (near Lucky Plaza and the road to Mt. Elizabeth Hospital)
3. Clark Quay - Near Riverpoint Bridge and 7'11

19. Waffle Time in Singapore

You can have it crispy with peanut butter or simply soft and gooey with blueberry! It's one of my favorite treats in Singapore. Waffles are a popular snack by locals and foreigners and loved by all ages. People line up in the malls just to get their hands on that warm, soft, and gooey piece of pastry. 

In the Philippines, the waffle is circular, tunnel-like, and has a piece of meat inside. In contrast to Singapore, the waffles are in circular shape and you can choose any kind of filling you want then it is folded in half. It would look like a sandwich excluding the tomato, lettuce, meat, and dressing.

Now that I'm talking about waffles I remembered my first waffle in Singapore. It was in Changi General Hospital and I ordered it with peanut butter or blueberry. Right then I knew I was in love, deeply affectionate with Singapore's waffle. It tastes really good and at an affordable price, with less than S$2 you can already enjoy its heart-warming taste. A pandan-colored waffle with blueberry filling. A Waffle stall with a wide range of fillings to choose from.

Waiting time: less than two minutes depending on the queue and the expertise of the waffle maker. A great snack while waiting for the bus you should at least finish before the bus arrives. In Singapore, food and beverages are among the things that are not allowed inside the vehicle. It tastes better when eaten warm. A delightful treat that will surely fill up the void in the stomach, especially when skipping a meal or on a long journey home. 

Always remember to keep those pennies you're dreading about. It might fill up space in your purse bag but it can save your day from gastric acidity, and hunger and avoid expensive restaurants.  A cheap delicious treat to yourself and your friend.

Favourite Waffle Stations in Singapore:
1. Jurong Point Mall - Basement level 
2. Marsiling MRT - Cake History (near Fairprice)
3. Tampines Bus Interchange/MRT- Q Bread (beside Bee Cheng)
4. Braddell MRT ExitA-3C Daily Fresh  (01-348, a few metres away from McDonald’s)
5. Searching for more outlets.

20. Wanton Mee Noodles

I'm in love with wanton mee noodles with dumpling soup. I like mine mixed with all the sauces on the list and just a little bit of spicy sauce for the kick. Most hawker centres and Kopitiam offer this delectable dish. I personally love Food Republic wanton mee noodles. 

21. Prima Deli's Waffles and Egg Tart

I love the pandan waffle with blueberry jam. Even the egg tart tastes good. There are other pastry shops that sell waffles near the MRT station and it's equally tasty. The smell reminds me of my childhood days, happy memories that are worth every bite. 

What to do in Singapore

22. Chicken Rice

A local friend told me to never leave SG or Singapore without trying the most affordable meal in the country, the sought-after chicken rice. This meal fed me for months when I started my first job. It's cheap and delicious but it's not healthy to have it every day. 

23. Old Chang Kee Snacks

My top 3 choices are Sotong(octopus) Head, Cheezy sausage, and chicken meatballs. These three fried unhealthy snacks always leave me smiling, top it off with their chilly sauce and my world spins with glorious glory.

24. Cheese Prata

This is the first Indian food I've tried in Singapore. And I was hooked to it. I would tag along with a friend of mine to Aljunied MRT to have a bite of this tasty treat. You can have it with mushrooms and a banana. It's usually available outdoors like in hawker centres, look for the Indian outlet or around Little India MRT. 

25. Malay's beef rendang 

A Muslim colleague of mine brought along his mum's cooking during a Christmas party. Everyone tried it, and all were pleased. It was so good. The only Malay food that captured my taste buds. It's a popular dish for the Malay community, find it in halal restaurants and hawker centres. 

26. Satay dipped in peanut sauce, rice, and coconut juice in East Coast

I find this unappetizing at first. I'm used to the taste of pork barbecue with tomato ketchup. While Satay's in Singapore has meat varieties from chicken, beef, and mutton. All are served with peanut sauce. Now I crave it every single time I pass by Lau Pa Sat and Makansutra, tourist food spots in the country. I strongly believe one stick is not enough, the more the merrier. A great energy booster after a Duathlon race on the East Coast.

I had this combo meal at East Coast Park Hawker Centre after my Duathlon race.

27. Glace Banana Log Cake

Glace is a Japanese Pastry Shop with only three branches in the country. This cake made me believe that heaven has a place on earth. If I can have this as my wedding cake my mouth will cry for joy. I love it from the moon and the back. This is what true love feels like. 

28. Chicken Quesadillas in Piedra Negra

I've always loved Mexican food. The Chicken Quesadillas in Piedra Negra is a bomb. They serve great food and upbeat Mexican music, and it's a place that reminds me of good times with a good friend of mine. We go to yoga class together, and every now and then we have some quesadillas after the session. The restaurant is in Arab Street, a walking distance from Bugis MRT. 

29. Spring Rolls & Vietnamese Noodles in Little Vietnam

My favourite Vietnamese restaurant in Singapore is this place called Little Vietnam. Walking distance from Paya Lebar MRT. I love discreet restaurants. My friend knew this place through word of mouth which makes it a reliable place to go to. People who are satisfied and impressed with a meal will always share this kind of wonderful discovery. 

30. Chinatown Beef Noodles 

My colleague invited me one day to try this dish in Chinatown. It's located inside the hawker centre near Chinatown MRT, the queue, especially at lunchtime, is crazy so be there as early as you can. The beef is tender and the soup is savory. Mix it up with some spicy sauce to add a little kick.

31. Ayam Penyet

An Indonesian fried chicken cooked with crispy perfection. The chili sauce is overwhelmingly good. I like to have this sometimes thou I'm staying away from fried foods. I also like Ayam Bakar instead of having the chicken fried it's grilled in the fire and then brushed with sweet sauce.

32. Secret Dimsum Place

There's this one particular dimsum restaurant I always go to. Just walking distance from Aljunied MRT. In between Bamboo Lounge and Thye Seng Hardware Enterprise. I've never figured out the name of this underdog dimsum place. Food is great here and the price is cheap from siomai to dumplings and even have chilly crab on the menu. 

33. Pig Internal Organs Soup

Some people will find this unappealing. I like the soup mixed with rubber-like organs, liver, and garlic. It's not a healthy meal too but I like it. I'll be missing this dish. Some Kopitiam and Hawkers have this available in the Pig's Organ Soup food stall.

34. Drinks at 1 Altitude Rooftop Bar

Wednesday is ladies' night. I remember celebrating my birthday here with my colleagues. They surprise me along with another celebrant with a flaming blue drink. My first fired-up drink and having it for a few seconds made us go crazy for a short while. Make sure to try the famous  Singapore Sling here too.

35. Euno's ABC Pork Soup

I've tried different kinds of ABC soup in Singapore and this so far is the best. I'm not trying to be biased thou it's located perfectly near my place. The lady who attends to the customers has a very pleasing face, she always smiles as she prepares the soup, no wonder it tastes good too. And for gold members like me, I get to have 2 small packs of chilly soy sauce and most importantly extra rice to my order. The name of the food stall is Herbal Soup, right at the back of Eunos MRT Station. The pork soup also reminds me of my mum's cooking, so every time I miss home I come here and that actually happens almost every day ahahaa. 

I'm adding FIVE more favourites...

36. Pappa Rich Char Kway Teow

This dish is famous in Singapore, all hawker centres, Kopitiam, and Singaporean restaurants have this on the menu. I like how they cook the kway teow in this restaurant, it's not too oily and sweet. I had my farewell dinner with friends at work in Pappa Rich. The best way to say goodbye is with great food and great company. 

37. Just Acia (Affordable Buffet)

I tend to get homesick after my travels, or when I get burned out from work, and most especially when I miss home back in the Philippines. My travel buddy brings me to Just Acia where we get to enjoy unlimited ice cream all night long. My comfort place with all my comfort food available on a plate.

What to do in Singapore

38. Pepper Lunch

Fresh food literally off the stove, still in its pan.  Talk about hot.

What to do in Singapore

39. Ice Kachang

Shaved ice topped with red beans, jelly, condensed milk and more. Perfect treat on a hot day in Singapore.

What do in Singapore

40. Bakwa

Singapore's special beef jerky.  It's different from the dry, steals-your-drool-while-you-chew western jerky.  

Let me end my Singapore food adventure with a funny quote:

"Dear future husband, "When you propose to me, please don't put a ring on my food because guarantee l will eat it!" Cheers! Burp!

Flight 9:20 pm
My trip to Singapore was over. I'm glad I stopped by for a week to see some familiar faces and dining in with them made it more special. Memories of red lanterns and dumplings will always remind me of Singapore. A cherished place and forever will be looking back to the fond experiences this little island has brought to my existence. 

Have fun and be safe ^__^

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