Why Join the Spartan Race

Why Join the Spartan Race

Why not Join the Spartan Race?!

I'm not an athlete, not a regular marathon participant and not even a cross fit fanatic. Despite my inexperienced with being healthy I joined the Spartan Race in Singapore. My friends told me I was crazy yet I managed to pull out three of them to join me, now who's talking?! It was simply one of my bucket list but who would have known that I'll be able to do two spartan's race this year. I have here a list of things I learned out from the race and a means of encouraging you guys to join the race next time. Let's go!

1. Learn to love your body
Training comes in the picture for any kind of race. Discipline and Hard work plays a vital role for a good workout. You will need to go for Training because without it you'll die. Just kidding! But seriously you will die. It's a rational thing to do, spartan race is a competitive run mixed with challenging obstacle course. Day after day of running, monkey bars, burpees , sit-ups, leg workout and proper diet will get you through a long way. I've never been a big fan of exercising but once you tried it with your mind, body and soul then you'll be hook to it. It doesn't mean you need to have those abs but that will do too, it's about pushing yourself to strengthen your mind power and body strength. Now I've learned to love the temple of my soul even more like I've never done before. 

2. Appreciate the Art of Friendship 
This solely depends with each individual, some join as a single player, couple run, a competitive group or the friendship just wanna try group. I fall on the last category. It was my first spartan race, we trained individually and run together during the race.   In this race you will honestly appreciate the words: trust, teamwork, high fives , more high fives and camaraderie. Together we can the same pace, support each others butts up the wall and laughed like mad girls who just won the lottery with every completed roadblocks. 

3. Strong Will to Survive
It's a matter of choice. You'll need to get through the obstacle course no matter what. The will to be stronger levels up especially when you see your friends do better than you. It's not about being competitive, it's an interpersonal will of being with a pack and doing great for yourself. You will find this force within you with every successful task you get through along the way. 

4. Develop Confidence
This eventually develops as you go through training. Being prepared energizes your brain to be confident for the race. You will have this strong vibe where you feel like you can do anything at the start of the race, that's adrenaline baby and it builds up even more along the run. It is the preface of confidence. Even thou some runners will be faster, stronger and wiser than you. Be a sport, accept that fact, move on. Run for yourself and not to show others what you can do, or maybe that can come at the end of the run. Consider your own goals and objectives because you will be the one in-charge of pulling yourself up with every successful and failed attempts. 

5. Help Others
There will be someone who will need your help along the race. It maybe a guy having trouble climbing a high board post or a female runner losing her grip in the rope challenge. You might be next to that person or ahead of that person. Even thou its not advised to help someone during the race, break the law and just lend a helping hand. If you're the competitive kind of runner you might just pass by that person, but let me tell you helping out that person gives you more glory than beating the timer. My face was almost squashed by this enormous butt whom I tried to push up the wall, good thing he made it and both of us laughed like lunatics. As a matter of fact you will never know when will you need the help next time around. It happened to me. The miserable feeling of not being able to grab the bar broke me down, knowing someone tried to pull me up was all the motivation I need to push myself harder. I will never forget that face. Thank you beautiful stranger!  

6. Perseverance
Never Give up. Push Yourself to the limit. There will be a few obstacles that will be very hard to get through despite the intense training. The only thing you can do is to pull yourself up and just get it over with. 

7. Modesty
Every completed obstacle doesn't mean you've done great unless you've finish the race. Never underestimate every challenges, it might seem easy but once you tell yourself its a piece of cake well my friends that's how you fail. Instead convinced yourself you will do even better with every roadblock ahead of you. Don't let your ego eat you up during the race. 

8. Face your Fear 
I've never been physically strong, my arm strength is beyond the lowest bar of measure while my calf muscles is like a piece of thread if it snaps the pain just shoots right to my eyes. I knew my weaknesses so well. Nights of hanging in the monkey bars made my arms a bit stronger, running session somehow strengthen my stride but I realize that's not enough. You will need to overcome your fear, you have to decide that you will surpass it no matter what it takes to get you there. 

9. Pain and Gain
As what they say No Pain No Gain. Training was painfully lovely for me, masochistic as it may sound. During the race pain was nothing. After the race pain was written all over my face. But pain is good sometimes, it teaches you how to be mentally and physically strong. It enhances your ability to perceive your body and your surroundings. The race will teach to how to strategize on ways to complete an obstacle, even body techniques to maneuver your way out of it. 

10. Achievement
It's not like everyone has done it. People who join the race are willing to sacrifice time and junk food. It's not easy to wake up early in the morning to run a few miles or just simply pulling yourself on a rest day or after work to run a mile, that my friend is an Achievement. It may be that simple but I tell you you're ahead of the pack. Raise that head up, hold your glass higher and drink up! You've done a great deal of work. Cheers! 

Have fun and be safe ^__^

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