Bali, Indonesia Itinerary

Bali indonesia solo trip itinerary 5 days

Solo Trip: Feed your Mind and Soul. Travel More.

My first solo travel and I'm excited about it. I researched activities in Bali right after purchasing my ticket. This will be the first time I'm traveling alone to a country where I don't know anyone at all. It's not exactly my first one I came to Singapore on my own too but then I knew someone there. Now I'm literally going alone to a place where I'll be a stranger and crazily excited about it. Let’s go!

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Travel Tips
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  • For accommodations, our family trusts for reasonable prices.

First Solo Trip!

While I was sneaking at work reading blogs and travel sites I noticed that a lot of travelers have been talking about Mt. Batur Sunrise Trek. By tracking down their local guide in the reviews that led me to Pineh Travel Tours. I immediately sent a personal message through the website's email address. I met Mr. Pineh through my inquiries and he was patient and kind. He answered all my questions promptly and honestly. I decided to book my trek and dolphin tour with him, and with that said he offered me to stay in his humble guesthouse free of charge. I couldn't believe it at first so I asked again clarifying if my accommodation would be free and yes the offer was confirmed. I was all smiles because everything was going perfectly. My Bali trip is going to be Legen wait for it... Dary! Legendary! (How I missed my favourite TV show, 'How I Met Your Mother'). 

Discover the Best Spots in Bali

Each town in Bali has its own environment, which means a variety of choices is laid out for backpackers and tourists. If you like shopping stay in Seminyak, Ubud for art enthusiasts, Tulamben for Divers and stay in Despensar or Sanur if you want to be near the airport and cheap souvenir outlets. While Kuta is the most famous tourist destination in Bali from riding the waves to catching the sunset, also the best place for party people and nightlife goers. As for me I love the mountains and seeing the simplicity of village life warms my heart, that's why I was attracted to Kintamani. I also believed in breathing in life and breathing out love, the Serenity Eco Yoga Guesthouse in Canggu (pronounced as Tsanggu) Beach was the place for me. The place truly offers serenity the 2-minute walk to the beach to see the sunset was priceless and I've even met the most calming yoga teacher.

Bali, Indonesia 5 days First Solo Trip Itinerary

  • Budget Plan: 4,600,000.00 IDR /400 USD / 500 SGD 
  • (If you're in Singapore, I had my money changed at Crante Money Changer
  • Address: #01-28 People's Park Complex, Singapore 059108)

First Day
  • Flight 09:20-11:55 from Singapore to Bali
  • Pick up from the Airport: 300 000 IDR/ 25 USD /32 SGD

Second Day
  • 2 Am Sunrise Mt. Batur Trekking: 40 USD /50 SGD /400,000 IDR
  • Booked with Pineh Travel tours 

  • Afternoon: Kintamani Countryside Tour 
  • Balinese Massage in The Ayu Kintamani Villa (worth 100,000 IDR/ 8 USD / 10 SGD/)

  • Bali Cycling Tour

Plans have gone wrong:
  • I planned to go Surfing worth 50 USD but I arrived late due to the traffic.
  • I wasn't able to find the AJ Hewett Bungee Jumping worth 100 USD.
  • I didn't go with the Dolphin activity worth 50 USD because I thought I was swimming with them, instead, I will only be in the boat and just see them fly.

  • Yoga, Relax and Read a  Book at a guesthouse
  • Catch the Sunset and have a Swim at Canggu Beach 

Fourth Day
  • 8am Padang Bai Diving with On Blue: 1,400,000.00 IDR / / 125 USD / 150 SGD
  • Yoga at night - 75 000 IDR / 7 USD / 10 SGD

  • Relax, Sunset and Massage

  • Planned to head to Kuta Beach to join the Bali Sea Turtle Program.
  • Located at the Kuta Beach Security (Satgas Pantai) office near the lifeguard tower. Close to Hard Rock Cafe, 100 meters south, and towards Discovery Shopping Centre.
  • Gathering time is 4:30 Pm and Turtle Releasing at 5 Pm

Fifth Day
  • Yoga, Relax, Read books, and Swim at Serenity Eco Guesthouse
  • Flight:12:55-3:20 Bali - Singapore

Prices may have changed.

  • Power outlets: are commonly type C/F, Round Two-Pin Plug, with standard voltage 230 V and frequency 50 Hz. 

Survival Terms
  • Toilet is the term for the bathroom/washroom
  • Terima Kasih means "thank you"

First Destination: Kintamani

First Day: Kintamani

The day I'd waited for so long had arrived with a two-hour delay. It was exhausting knowing that I should be on the island by that time and even making my way to the guesthouse. Good thing my pick-up transfer from the airport waited patiently. I knew Mr. Pineh wouldn't let me down. 

  • Pick up transfer fee from Airport to Kintamani worth 300 000 IDR/ 26 USD/ 32 SGD with approximately three hours of travel time. ( According to the website it should be just around 1.5 hours away from the airport but then the traffic jam made its way with our journey.) 

My Friendly Pick-up

I was greeted with a very smiling face from my driver Mr. Maan. I'm not quite sure about everyone's name and spelling so I will try to remember correctly and type in the names according to how they say it. We talked nonstop and I was at ease around him.  He's a kind, knowledgeable man with a good vocabulary of English words. We arrived in Kintamani after a series of traffic from the nearby towns from the airport. I actually didn't know that the place I was staying at was in Kintamani, all this time even in my research and itinerary I believed I would be around the Ubud area. I was surprised. 

The roads were packed with private vans and motorcycles, slight traffic is then expected for such a small island. We passed by lots of temples, lush rice fields, and houses that looked like temples. Bali is considered the Island of Gods, which explains all the temples I've seen along the way. 

My Lucky Ordeal

Some mistakes were meant to be blessings after all. One lost backpacker was fortunate to be in good hands and that person was me! I expected the unexpected and I got what I wanted, which I never knew was what I wanted. Fate has a tricky mind that works in mysterious ways. 

Where to Stay in Kintamani

The Green Bali Guesthouse is located in the Sekardadi Village district of Kintamani Bali. All this time I thought the whole island of Bali had the same weather conditions. I was wrong. Kintamani is considered to have the coldest temperature in Bali. My bag was packed with thin and barely-there clothing so I knew sleepless nights were coming my way. Good thing I was well equipped for my sunrise trek so that got me through the nights in The Green Bali. I knew the weather changes abruptly when you're on top of a mountain so I readily set aside a bonnet and a jacket.

Why I Stayed Here

The Green Bali Guesthouse late in the afternoon reminded me of the book entitled "The Secret Garden" a novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett. A passageway crafted with leaves and flowers opens to a small garden full of fruit-bearing plants and root crops. The smell of the forest was all over the place and that immediately put a bigger smile on my ecstatic face. Mr. Maan was so kind that he picked one passion fruit from the tree using a big, tall bamboo to feed him. At the corner of the garden next to the guarded coffee plants was my beautiful guesthouse. It was like a fancy cottage in the middle of the woods. 

My home for three days in Kintamani.. alone and one of the best three days of my life.

Warm Welcome

I settled my things inside the guesthouse and after a few minutes, I heard a knock on the door, where I was greeted with warm Ginger Tea and Banana Fritters made especially by Mr. Pineh's wife, Mrs. Ang. A sweet gesture of welcoming their guest marks a great sign for my first day in Bali. While I was enjoying my special treat Mr. Pineh knocked on my door and humbly welcomed me to his place. He reminded me of my sunrise trek and even joked to wake me up in the morning with an ice bucket. They have warmly provided all my meals during my stay. 

Second Day: Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking Tour

I've booked my trek ahead of time with Pineh Travel Tours. Mount Batur is Bali's active volcano with a height of approximately 1717 meters above sea level.

  • Mount Batur Sunrise Trek: 40 USD /400,000 IDR. 

Mount Batur Sunrise Trek Itinerary:

  • 02.00 Hotel pick-up, drive directly to the starting point
  • 03.00 Breakfast banana pancake with chocolate + tea or Bali Coffee.
  • 04.00 From the starting point about 2 hours to reach the peak of Mount Batur accompanied by a licensed organization trekking guide.
  • 05.00 Stop will be made for a short break and drinking water.
  • 06.15 Arrive at the peak of Mount Batur, While waiting for the sunrise a packed breakfast will be served with special volcanic steamed eggs.
  • 07.00 Descend the path down to other craters, craters 2 & 3, and the last crater erupted in the year 2000.
  • 09.00 Arrive back on the shore of Lake Batur, drive further where a stop is made and get banana fritter, drink, pick fruits on the trees, and enjoy fresh organic fruits at Pineh Colada Bali.
  • 10.00 Drive back to the hotel/guesthouse.

Early Start

My first alarm woke me up around two o'clock in the morning but as usual, I was fully awake after 30 minutes. I already took my bath before I went to bed so getting ready was totally quick for me. Mind you even if there's a water heater it's not a good idea to take a bath, aside from the fact that laziness kicks in that early to do anything, you might risk yourself getting sick too. The temperature is down during those peak hours and having yourself wet is definitely not a good idea, you need all the warmth in your body for the cold morning trek. Good thing, the meeting point for all the climbers was in The Green Bali. Mr. Pineh's travel tour offers free coffee and banana pancakes in his Pineh Colada Hut. As early as two in the morning people were coming from all over Bali to Kintamani. Lucky me I stayed in Mr. Pineh's guesthouse so waking up as early as everyone was not really on my list. 

What to bring checklist:

  • Jacket (windbreaker)
  • Camera
  • Long pants or Leggings
  • Sports Shirt 
  • Energy Bars
  • First Aid Kit
  • Raincoat
  • Bottled Water
  • Headlamps 

The starting point was less than 15 minutes away from Pineh Colada. I didn't expect that a few tourists were doing the climb, we were all distributed to different local guides and each was given a flashlight. 

Be Flexible

A brief exchange of hi's and hellos was done and I learned something about Balinese people during that introduction. I was transferred two times to different groups, maybe considering I was the lone traveler among the pack and they wanted to balance the numbers. What surprises me is that it actually didn't bother me, I was perfectly fine with it. I had this kind of attitude with all of the days I stayed in Bali. My amazement with my flexibility was an eye-opener. A person can adjust to different environments if they want to and I proved that to myself. 

Two Hours Climb

We were behind schedule when we started the trek, maybe an hour or so. I was worried that we wouldn't have enough time to make it to the summit to see the sunrise. It was dark and cold. The stars and each individual flashlight provided by our guides were the only sources of light as we climbed for two hours. The first-hour climb was a piece of cake, the track was flat and easy. However, as we got further up to the volcano the trail was difficult and we needed a few breaks as it got steeper along the way. I had to stretch my lazy muscles to pull my whole body from one rock to another. Less than 30 minutes away from the summit the trail was not tolerable for some tourists so we left half of the group to give them some time to rest and slowly make their way.

Proud Lone Filipina Traveler!

As the other half of us made our way up the volcano as fast as we could. The dawn of light was breaking which fueled me to climb higher and faster. The tour guides were not that familiar with our names so we were called according to our countries. I was the only Asian traveler and Filipino among the group. I believed I stood out more because I came there alone and was always lurking with the guides. 

Rest Stop

We reached the first point of the trek, where a small hut to rest was built overlooking the mountains. A few snaps here and there and we descend down and up the other part of the volcano to have a clearer view of the sunrise. Passed by craters with the steam of smoke rising from the ground. The guides stayed near a small crater to prepare everyone's breakfastI've met a group of interesting, friendly monkeys, they roam around the volcano as if it's their playground.

Sea of Clouds

Further up is where the marvelous sight of Mount Abang and Mount Agung on the view. It was breathtaking and I wouldn't change a thing about it. There was a sea of clouds which made one think it was possible to cross the other mountain from the other side... It was indeed a sight worth sharing with your friend and most especially your special one. A special moment in my life when I only heard the sound of the wind and the silent mountain, a bond that I will always cherish with nature. I can't profoundly explain it in the text but it happens when you go on a solo trip and you're on top of a mountain. "Deep, Sweet Bliss." 

The Amazing Sunrise

Wooden benches and stones as stools were provided for everyone to admire the amazing sunrise. We stayed at the summit until the sunrise was in total view. Nature's spectacular show unfolds in my eyes with flames of orange and yellow, bursting with radiant warmth that puts a curved line in each facial disposition. While everyone was busy enjoying the picturesque view our guides were at the same time cooking our breakfast. We had a freshly sliced banana sandwich with one hard-boiled egg. 

Wayan, our local guide asked if anyone was coming to the second and third crater. It will take around 30 mins farther, lead to the other side of the volcano. It's a once-in-a-lifetime experience and I'm not going to say no to such an adventure.

Hike to the Volcano Craters

We went on with the trail less traveled by tourists. Going uphill was a new challenge, this time volcanic rocks and sands were the obstacles for the climb. The scenery reminds me of my OsmeƱa Peak Trek back in the Philippines. I was thinking that maybe at night Hagrid from the "Harry Potter" movie would be lurking around the volcano hunting for food. 

Steam Therapy & Boiled Eggs

The estimated time going to the second and third craters is around 30-45 minutes. A group of tourists was already there having their steam therapy massage, it's advisable to stay just for 10 minutes or you'll feel uneasy due to the smoke. There were boiled eggs in the ground which clearly shows the volcano is active.

The Tradition Lives On

Wayan narrated that the last eruption happened 10 years ago. He also mentioned that a few days ago they celebrated Bali's National Day wherein they offered animals to the volcano. It's astonishing to know that people still do offerings. I belonged to a very diverse country that observed this kind of tradition, but to hear and see the exact spot where they do it gave a good blow in my knowledge box. As all offerings were meant for the greater good, a gift of gratitude to Mt. Batur for staying calm all these years. According to my research, the second crater erupted in 1926, the third in 1963, and the youngest crater followed in 1974 and 1994. 

Worth the Climb!

The crater was beautiful and majestic. A small lake can be seen from afar where people built fish ponds for livelihood. However, the sulfur from the volcano has not yet subsided for the past few months so fishing has been postponed for a while. Wayan also owned a business down by the lake and it was badly affected which saddened him as he verbalized the news. There were trees, black stones, black sands, and add in smoke which made the crater look dreamy and mysterious. I didn't mind staying there till the afternoon but then we had to go to the other crater, After the guys finished one stick of cigarette we proceeded with our trek to the last crater. 

Laughing Gas

One more thing, when they were smoking Wayan showed some simple science trick he knows, he blew a puff of smoke from a holed exhaust and big puffs of smoke materialized as nicotine and sulfur collided and produced a cloud of smoke. We were like "ahhh" and laughed like little kids as if the smoke transformed into a laughing gas that made everyone happy.  I'm not so sure about the science part but these kinds of silly things make up my unforgettable sunrise trek in Bali. 

The Best Part

This part of the trek is my favorite part, We walked to a small rainforest and then it opened to a very wide plain, green land. It was like seeing my childhood movie "The Land Before Time" for the very first time. A cliff overlooking the beautiful lake and the widest crater I've ever seen. This time the trail was more fun because we had to go downhill. The black sand was soft and smooth, Wayan encouraged everyone to just slide down. It was scary because if you lose control then you're heading to doom which is down and deep below the ground. 

Let it go

I slid down a bit then slowly made my way down. The boys were crazy and so they ran like crazy, ahahaa, I wish I'd joined their craziness. This is also what I've learned from my trek to just let it go, traveling alone was a big step for me. However, to go wild on my own with no one to back me up was my weakness. I've realized that being alone means taking care of yourself alone, guiding yourself alone in different directions, and learning to ask yourself which color you prefer more. It's a great experience to know yourself more. I've also found out that my social skills are underdeveloped, but I'm quite good with acquaintances and blending in with the group. Maybe I was so engrossed with the trek and talking to our guide that I didn't mind talking to the other tourists. 

Why They All Have The Same Nicknames?

It was a challenging and memorable climb. I got to learn more about Balinese people and why they seem to have the same nicknames. I never thought traveling alone could be this fulfilling, no wonder a lot of people liked the idea. 

The trek was almost over as we continued our descent further down the volcano. We passed by different kinds of the farm from fresh tomato to corn farms and even some livestock.  I took a shot of Mt. Batur from afar and I couldn't believe that just a few hours ago I was among the crowd on top of the volcano. Mt. Batur showed it's a lovely heart-shaped goodbye the moment I looked back.

Best Coffee in Kintamani

We drove back to our respective hotels and guesthouses, but before that, we stopped at Pineh Colada Bali for a coffee break. They offer the best organic coffee and tea in town and taste way better than any products in the market. Best accommodation and coffee in Kintamani:  The Green Bali, Kintamani also known as D'Umah Coffee now.

Next: Kintamani Tour

What to bring checklist:
  • Camera
  • A Local Guide
  • Jacket and Umbrella
  • Snacks
  • Rupiah Currency
  • A few bottles of curiosity

After my sunrise trek, I was sent back to the guesthouse. Mr. and Mrs. Pineh welcomed me back home and asked about my activity. They asked me to wash up and have my coffee break with banana fritters. I didn't have anything planned for that afternoon so I decided to go around Kintamani. 

My driver picked me up to have my short tour. We visited the Temple? , which is located at ??. I can't remember the name of the temple and can't find it on Google, so feel free to enlighten me on the name of this temple. The road wasn't paved and no lights were established for safe driving at night. I thought what I found in the area were abandoned houses, but it turned out to be their place of worship for temple occasions. 

Kintamani Temple

For now, let me call it Kintamani Temple. A monk was singing praises to the Gods when we visited the place, then suddenly it started to drizzle which made everything so surreal. I was traveling alone and the feeling of being in a quiet place overwhelmed me with peace. A certain kind of feeling we don't have in our daily lives living in the city.

It was a very solemn temple. The bamboo bridge made the experience exotic as I made my way inside the temple. Bali is considered as the Island of the Gods, no wonder there are a lot of temples in every community and household. The fact that they have a strong faith in their religion proves how they value their family and community.

The Best Massage In My Life!

We passed by a hot spring resort in Kintamani named The Ayu and I went for my Balinese Massage worth 100,000 IDR, and it was one of the best massages I've ever had. The trek twisted all my dormant muscles and my body ached on different sides. The expertise of a caring hand was all it needed to heal the muscle strain. The air was fresh, the monks were singing at a nearby temple, the hot stone was rejuvenating and the massage was like heaven. I felt good and energized after the massage and I can't help to tip almost the amount of my massage to the one who cared for me.

Foggy Drive

The fog already started to accumulate in the late afternoon. It reminds me of my grandmother's province back in the Philippines. It was dark when I finished my massage so I decided to have my dinner before I went back to the guesthouse. Kintamani is a very laid-back part of the island and it doesn't cater that much to a tourist when it comes to restaurants. 

  • Meal for two worth 250,000 IDR consist of 150,000 IDR for the special mee goreng and 100,000 IDR for fried fish with garlic, rice, and ginger tea. 

The first time I arrived in Bali I had ginger tea and I planned to drink tea more often for the following days. I intentionally wanted to have fish for dinner because I'd heard that the fish there was delicious. Indeed it was! The fish was naturally juicy and sweet. After a nice meal, we headed straight back to the guesthouse. The streets were dark and the fog was dense. It was ridiculously a dangerous ride and I'm glad we arrived safely. The people of Kintamani considered the fog and the empty street lights normal but I felt sad or even more worried for them to be driving in that condition every night. 

I was ready for my long, deep sleep that night, the massage made it all happen in a quick snap. I felt like I was still in that very spot where I had my massage when I went to bed that evening. 

Third-Day: Coffee Tasting and Cycling Tour

The next day I woke up with the sound of chirping birds and the smell of coffee. Mrs. Pineh prepared a coffee and tea tasting for me. I was excited to try each one of them, each was poured into small glassware and paired with freshly cooked banana fritters. 

The next activity I wanted to do after my trek was see to the rice paddies and local life around the countryside of Kintamani. 

  • I've booked again with Pineh Travels for the Cycling Tour worth 300,000 IDR. 

Bali Cycling Tour Itinerary: 

  • Pick up and return to the hotel by A/C car.
  • Mountain Bike and safety helmet provided.
  • Breakfast (overlooking an active volcano) 
  • Water bottles were provided too
  • Lunch, cold face towels after the ride.
  • An in-depth explanation of Balinese culture from experienced guides.

My kind host Mr. Pineh dropped me off at our meeting point for the cycling tour. He personally took out his motorbike and made sure I was facilitated right away by the guide. I had my breakfast overlooking Mount Batur with the other mountains in the view. The Balinese fried rice tasted grand as I watched the clouds slowly move by in the sky. Breakfast and Lunch are included in the package. 

Explore the Rice Paddies

We had a short briefing about hand signals before the cycling tour started. Our guide's name was Mr. Ace, he was knowledgeable about the Balinese culture and kept us entertained all throughout the day. 

Before the briefing, I saw four European guys during breakfast and kept on thinking if I was part of their group I wouldn't be able to keep up with them. I wanted to savor what I saw and learn from this trip. In the end, I was the only woman in the group. However, it turns out that they're pretty much interested in the culture too. I grew up with guys: my two brothers and two cousins, and for years I played with them so I know a bit of their game. The guys in my bike group were fast but of course, I kept up the competitive environment growing up has finally paid off.   

Everything went green as we paddled through hectares of rice paddies. It was fresh, beautiful, and therapeutic in some way. They said the green color brings calmness in people's perception, the next time you feel like butter look for something green and stare at it. It might work for anger management too.

Witness the Local Life

Passed by old ruins and small temples in the small village that made me nostalgic for their past. Our guide explained to us that every town has their own temple and a holy tree. Even the town boundaries have a temple lamp-like post that shows you've reached another community. We also managed to visit one Balinese household that opened its doors to tourists.

The Traditional House 

The family had a traditional house and a small temple inside their gate. We were told that every house in Bali has its own temple, especially the privileged one. The vicinity consisted of the main house where the grandparents or the parents lived, and then little huts were built beside it for the children or grandchildren when they got married. The temple was located in front of the houses, this is where they say their prayers and offer small gifts to the Gods. A small open hut was built near the temple just in the corner of the main house. This small hut had an empty bed and a picture of the grandmother. 

Rice is Sacred

While going around the house I can't help but notice this birdhouse-like post in front of the garden, it even had a padlock attached to the side. Our guide Mr Ace explained that it was a rice compartment, they considered rice to be important so they made sure it had a good storage place and kept it secured with a lock. After a brief tour around the place, the host catered free drinks for everyone in their small kitchen outside the house, where they still use firewood to cook their meals. The guys were amazingly friendly to the little children and pretty respectful to drinking the beverage served to them. 

Balinese Culture & Tradition

We went back to our bikes contemplating the simple lifestyle of the local people in this village. It was an insightful experience, I love the idea that the Balinese have kept their culture and tradition intact despite the modernization. Prayers are still sung in temples and even firstborn children are still called Wayan. I've discovered that they have specific nicknames for children according to age.  "Wayan" or "Gede" or "Putu" for the eldest, the second child is "Made" or "Kadek", the third is "Nyoman" or "Komang" (Man or Mang for short), and the fourth is "Ketut" or "Tut" and if there's a fifth child he will be called "Wayang Balik". 


The day ended with a small buffet of satays, vegetables, and fruits. The guys devoured the food like there was no tomorrow, ahahaa. The food was delicious and refreshing, afterwards, we just sat around and got to know each other with a cold bottle of water in hand.  

Sweetest Goodbye!

The Kintamani Experience will not be complete without trying out Bali's Specialty Coffee. Make sure to drop by Pineh Colada Bali for a coffee break. They offer the best coffee and tea in town, organic, and even taste way better than any products in the market. Try the Luwak Coffee/Bali's Specialty, Bali Coffee, Vanilla Coffee, Lemon Tea, Ginger Tea, Ginseng Coffee, and Coconut Coffee. I've never been a fan of posting my face along with my blog post, well except for this Bali trip. I can't help it. Some people took good care of me and I want to see their faces as I make my draft narrating my wonderful experience. I want to thank Mr. and Mrs. Pineh's hospitality, they were kind and thoughtful to me. They didn't hesitate to open their arms to a stranger like me. Now I'm starting to miss their ginger tea Pair it up with crunchy banana fritters.

Next Destination: Kintamani to Canggu

Where to stay in Canggu

After my successful cycling tour with flying French kisses, it was time to head to Canggu Beach. My pick-up transfer was late so I already knew I won't be able to do my surfing lesson. It was a three-hour drive to my guesthouse, with all the traffic and one stopover for a bladder break. I stayed 30 minutes away from Kuta Beach. The place is called Canggu, the surfer's paradise in Bali either for beginners or expert level. I searched on Google for a place safe and away from bustling sounds. I fell in love with Serenity Eco Guesthouse from its TripAdvisor reviews and another plus point because they offer yoga.  

Amazing Solo Retreat 

A quiet place to unwind and reminisce about good times. They offer free breakfast for everyone, a small pool, and yoga sessions. I've finally met the most calming teacher of all time. She was tall, beautiful, and humble. I arrived in Canggu late in the afternoon and the smell of silence roams around town. It also meant I was late for my surfing lesson. I wasn't able to find the AJ Hewett Bungee Jumping either. I decided to catch my activities the next day and immediately booked my fun diving session. The reception staff in Serenity was very accommodating and helped me with my inquiries. They managed to book my dive and were very patient with me. 

The Surfer's Paradise

I immediately went to the beach to catch the Sunset, good thing it was just 2 minutes away from the guesthouse. The sunset on Canggu beach is beautiful especially with all surfers riding the waves, a picture-perfect for sunset lovers like me. I wanted to have a quick swim but instead, I was forced to just sprinkle some water in my hair. Let's just say I changed my mind when I saw the big waves on the beach. I just walked around and had my feet brush the waters. 

Funny Embarrassing Solo Moment

The current created massive waves so I stayed near the shoreline and while I was admiring my view, with only a few seconds to react this huge wave came running towards me. I was confident for a second it won't catch me so I stayed comfortable sitting on the sand. Then out of nowhere, it carried me with it causing me to roll over and drenched myself with cold water. I bet the people who saw me laughed like crazy, I looked like a child rolling over with my feet on top of my head. It was such a funny experience that I kept on laughing even in my sleep. The sand in my face, my hair sticking out everywhere and my childish laughter made me realize that I can actually enjoy myself together with myself. 

For Solo Female Travelers: Get Back Before Dark
The waves got stronger as the sky turned from orange to jet black. Panicked came over me when I saw that everyone was gone out of the beach. My beach strolling took me more than 45 minutes away from my guesthouse. The only way I knew to get back was to follow the beach line.  It was a careless move for me to be walking on the beach alone with only a few post lamps guiding my way. Unfavorable man-made Incidents can be prevented if travelers keep out of the danger zone at night. Breathing rapidly and consciously walking and running allowed me to survive that long journey back. Let's say I acted paranoid that night but with all the bad news now anything bad can happen. I arrived at my guesthouse safe and sound. If you're staying around Canggu beach it's better to be back early in the evening. The place does not have enough stores or lamp posts to light up the night unless you're staying in Kuta. 

  • Great thing there's a small kitchen inside the guesthouse vicinity where you can order your meal. Price ranges from 25,000 IDR - 55,000 IDR. 

My Pretty Haven for the Night

I returned to my room to change and I untied the mosquito net dangling from the ceiling it gave me the vision of those Arabian princesses living in their castles. Mine is just offbeat from the real thing yet I was satisfied. I read a few pages in my book before I went to sleep. I planned to be fast asleep before midnight, preparing for my early pickup transfer the next day going to the dive site in Padang Bai. 

Fourth Day: Scuba Diving in Padang Bai Dive

The friendly receptionist at Serenity Eco Guesthouse was so kind enough to help me book my diving activity for my fifth day in Bali. She was able to contact Eco Dive for 1,400,000 IDR / 150 SGD / 125 USD for two dives in Padang Bai. It was a bit expensive however it's hard to look around for a dive shop, especially with Bali's transportation service. Maybe If I stayed around Kuta there's a big chance of finding something cheaper.

What to bring checklist:
  • Rashguard
  • Sunglasses
  • Waterproof bag
  • Energy bars
  • Extra dry clothing
  • Bottled water
  • Underwater Camera if it's your second time, for first-time divers this is the least of your priorities down there.
  • Listen with your eyes 
  • Tons of fearless factor

Padang Bai Dive Itinerary:

  • Pickup in Guesthouse at 07:30 
  • Meet and sign a waiver at Onblue Dive, Sanur
  • Change to a diving outfit with a brief orientation.
  • Head to shore, hop in the Boat – approx 10-20 minutes to the dive site. 
  • First Dive with brief training of equipment
  • Rest, Relax, and Quick Lunch, then do the second dive. 
  • 2 pm Back to shore, shower and head straight to the guesthouse.

Three hour's drive to Padang Bai

My pick-up transfer arrived early in the morning so I didn't manage to have my breakfast. They allowed me to pack my breakfast instead of having it in the dining hall. I ate inside the van as we drove to the dive office which was three hours away from my guesthouse in Canggu. 

Arrived in Sanuk for a brief orientation, signed the waiver, and had a small talk about diving. The beach was approximately less than 15 minutes away from the office, so we took the van again to the dive site. The boat was ready to rock and roll when I got there and two other persons joined me for the dive. There's a shower and changing room right across the street, it wasn't well-lit and looked abandoned. However, it was fine for a quick change of the diving suit and a short shower after the dive. 

The Boat Ride

Skipper warmed up the engine as we took our places to each side of the boat. The boat trip to Guilly Island was also located where we took off, plenty of tourists queued for the ride I guess the island is a promising place to visit next time. However I've already had my eyes on a trip to Myanmar, Nepal, Taiwan, and Japan for next year, so let's see if I'll be back soon in Bali. The boat swiftly glides through the clear waters of Padang Bai. We took off at around 9:30AM from the shore and reached the dive spot in roughly around 10-15 minutes. 

Lots of First!

I've never tried diving before and I have this constant fear of total silence. I've never told my diver about that, I want him to focus on keeping us safe down there. I went down the boat and then my partner attached the equipment to me. It was freaking heavy and I wondered how am I going to carry this thing with me, but of course, it was purposely made that way. There's an inflatable life jacket that allows you to float with the dive gear, and a remote control is attached to it so you can deflate it when you want to sink in. It was really cool knowing just the basics of the gear. I was taught how to breathe in using my mouthpiece and we snorkel for a while until I get used to the feeling of mouth breathing. We slowly descended underwater, the pressure was painful so my guide taught me how to blow through my ears to release the tension. I had to do it more often than normal because, in the land of the nose breathers, I tend to clean my ears frequently. 

Like A Dream

Down below seemed like a dream. The water was crystal clear, and the corals were bright as melted crayons. The fishes seemed calmer and more vibrant in luminous shades you can find in the color wheel. An overwhelming feeling of ecstatic wonder and excitement flowed in me that altered my ability to blink. I didn't want to miss a second of it, every detail I see I feel and touch. I couldn't believe I settled for snorkeling all these years. Every single person on earth should experience diving once in their life to truly and deeply appreciate life underwater. 

Second Dive was the Best!

My partner took charge of my remote control for the inflatable vest as we surfaced and went back to the boat. They gave us a chicken sandwich for lunch, a small orange, and a bottled drink. Our guides brought their packed lunch with them and devoured their rice meal in seconds. During that time I didn't have much appetite for food the feeling of being underwater felt like I had a fever, I needed to release all the heat of amazement inside of me to touch the ground. After a 30-45-minute break, we were back in the water again. I was more relaxed and even managed not to crush my guide's fingers this time around. My partner told me before we went for the second dive that we were not going that deep because my ears couldn't stand the pressure. I immediately showed him my disappointed face and I told him I'll do better for the next dive. I was definitely way better with the second dive and my partner was really pleased about it. 

Mermaid Moment

The corals dance with the fishes as little particles floating in the water with glistening colors. A whole new world beholds in front of me. My favorite childhood Disney movie, "The Little Mermaid" is brought to life in daylight, even the song she sang, "Part of Your World" hummed sweetly in my mind. It's a magical experience that I'll never forget. I think I'm getting too dramatic. He told me we wouldn't go deeper due to my ear complaints but then we saw that I was calmer so we decided to go way down below. The deeper you get the corals look more alive and the fishes are way bigger too. Among the things I remembered was finding "Nemo" (clownfish) along with his cousins, a few schools of fish, and a small colorful string ray. I've always thought stingrays were born with shades of black/brown and white colors, or maybe it was just the light reflecting on their skin. A pufferfish also passed by, and if you managed to scare this fish he would make himself bloat like a balloon which is a great way to scare off his predators. 

Dreams Do Come True!

Bali is truly a mecca for divers, now I know why people come here to experience the thrill and the exotic feeling of the ocean. We finished before 3 in the afternoon, had a quick shower where we had changed into our diving suit earlier, and went back to the headquarters. Driving back to the guesthouse rocked me like a baby swinging on a hammock, being underwater was exhausting. Even my partner who joined the ride was snoring like a bear, We dropped him off after an hour's drive and I was sent back to my place with a smiling face - thought to myself "Dreams do come true!"

Time to Stretch

I immediately booked a yoga night session when I reached my guesthouse. The long nap I had after the dive was enough to power up my system for the rest of the day. I've learned in my lesson that Yoga means understanding your body and breathing through your soul, it is an ultimate connection between both that enables your body to remain in a state of equilibrium. 

First Headstand, like what?!

My yoga time in Serenity was amusing. I've never felt so relaxed and flexible in all my yoga sessions, except that time. The instructor was beautiful, calm, graceful, and hypnotic. The best part is I managed to do a headstand! I almost lost my balance when I realized that I could finally tick it off my bucket list. 

Movie Night & Conversations

After my yoga, I went straight to the small kitchen just inside the guesthouse to have my dinner. A comfortable lounge is also provided for guests where you can have your meal while watching a movie. Old movies piled in the corner cabinet for everyone to check out. A father and son were busy going through the file when I was there. The open room with gypsy-style soft cushions and small tables was conducive to total relaxation. We exchanged a few words with the father while he was looking through a pile of movies. He was very surprised with all the activities I've done so far. The thought of waking up before 3 am in the morning startled him. I really like the look on people's faces when they can't imagine themselves doing it. The father ordered a cake for the three of us and he even asked me to choose which flavor I wanted. We watched the movie entitled " Man on Fire" starred by Denzel Washington and Dakota Fanning. 

A great night movie to remember. Halfway in the movie while the mosquitoes were having a feast on my poor tan skin one of the staff approached my side and reminded me of my spa time. It never dawned on me that I'd booked a massage session too, but of course, I did. My night ended well and I've never been so happy traveling alone, I'm even thinking of doing it again. Next solo trip: South Korea

Shopping for Cheap Souvenirs in Bali

It's a tourist-infested island so expect the goodies there to be expensive. Good thing the locals told me where to shop.

  • Oleh-Oleh Khas Bali 
  • Address: Jalan Gunung Salak Denpasar, Bali 80119, Indonesia

  • Krisna 
  • Address: Nusa Indah Jl. Nusa Indah No. 77 Denpasar Bali, Indonesia

At Least Once In Your Life

My last morning in Bali was spent on a very relaxing time by the pool. I had a delicious breakfast of Balinese fried rice with banana pancakes and my all-time favourite watermelon shake. I had to do a high jump in the pool to celebrate my first-ever solo trip. The feeling was overwhelmingly sweet and satisfying. The happiness I acquired made me formulate a few Travel tips for Solo Backpackers out there. 

I've got really attached to the people who took care of me during my first solo trip. They've even personally handed me down their calling cards and I'm happy to share their wonderful services.

Experience solo travel at least once in your life. It will be an unforgettable and remarkable day in the chapters of your adventures.

Surprise Gift

A few things I've bought on my trip from Bali. The flower painting was given to me by my hired driver who sent me off to the airport. He was so kind as to drop by a souvenir shop so I could have a quick buy before we headed straight to the airport. I'm fortunate to have met such kind people in Bali. 

Have fun and be safe. ^__^

Do you want more adventure?

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