Boracay Island Itinerary, Philippines

boracay island itinerary philippines

Boracay: The Island That Never Sleeps

Boracay is located at the northwest tip of Panay Island in the Western Visayas region of the Philippines. A paradise of pure pleasure and relaxation. A place where you can wear less as you can, just sit back and relax. It's one of the favorite destinations for locals and tourists here in the Philippines. Let's go!

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Boracay Island Itinerary Philippines

How to get to the island: 

Booked a plane ticket bound for Caticlan, Philippines

From Caticlan Airport: 
Take a "Tricycle" to Caticlan Jetty Port
Tricycle fare: 40 PHP - 60 PHP
Travel time: 15 - 20 minutes 

From Caticlan Jetty Port:
Boat fare: 25 PHP
Terminal fee: 50 PHP 
Environmental fee: 75 PHP
Total of 150 php 

Prices may have changed.

Tricycle to Resort: 20 PHP - 100 PHP

Or book a pick-up transfer from your hotel/resort

What to do in Boracay: Welcome to Paradise! Now what?!

It was a bumpy ride the waves were strong but we made it through with only a few water spills on my shirt and bag. A lovely Christmas carol welcomed us when we arrived at the port area, it surely fired up my Christmas spirit. When we stepped onto the island we took a tricycle to our hotel, 100 PHP for "pakyaw" (if you wanted to pay for all the seats) or if you preferred to wait for the tricycle to fill up with passengers then that would only be 20 PHP per person.

Boracay Island Itinerary Philippines

1. Where to stay

Address: Station 2, Balabag, Boracay Island, Boracay, Philippines

We stayed at La Carmela de Boracay, my cousin knew someone from there and so we had an incredible discount. It's not just accessible from the port area, it is also located at the centre of the island or in Station 2. This is where the fun and party collide with a great fusion of good food and cheap shopping stalls. What I love most about the hotel is that it's just a few steps away from the refreshing, shining, glittering white sand beach of Boracay. 

Breakfast is considered an important meal and at La Carmela de Boracay they surely agreed to that. They have a breakfast buffet for all their guest. Bacon, Eggs, Ocean Breeze, I Can't Ask For More!  I enjoyed my food while having a great time looking at the kids in the pool and having so much fun. 

Boracay Island Itinerary Philippines
Fly above the waters of Boracay

2. Go Parasailing in Boracay

It's also nice to bring a local with you, you never know who they know on the island. My sister met up with her friends in Boracay, and one of them happens to be really friendly and knows a lot of people on the island. We met a package dealer, who coincidentally was a brother of my sister's friend and was so generous enough to give us a huge discount for our Parasailing activity. 

We stayed up in the air for 15 minutes. You can talk to each other up there, have coffee if you dare, read a magazine if you want -it wasn't really the excitement I was expecting. It would have been much more fun if the wind was stronger- but wait I was wrong the fun doesn't end up there. Earlier we told the crew that we wanted them to take us down the water if they had the chance to do it - of course! our wish was their command. I had so much fun when my feet touched the water, I can't seem to find the right words to express it. We were howling and laughing because that was crazy and exciting.

If you want to see the nearby islands of Boracay, you can rent a boat and sail away.
Island hopping rates: 1,000 PHP - 2,000 PHP

There are plenty of water sports activities, they're everywhere on the island: scuba diving, cliff diving, kite surfing, banana boat, fly fish and so much more. 

Boracay Island Itinerary Philippines

3. Enjoy the Beach 

After mind-blowing parasailing, a mellow walk on the beach was all I needed. In this way, you can really appreciate the beauty of the paradise of the Philippines. I´m certainly entertained by the people I see along the beach. How they sat with a fruit shake in hand and a book to their chest while dozing off to dreamland. Children and child-minded adults played with the sand and seeing the small grin on their faces were totally contagious. 

Boracay Island Itinerary Philippines

Be Creative: Make a Sand Art

The sand is so captivating that you just want to grab a stick and write something. People all around the beach are amazed at how fine and white the sand is, it's very tempting to just sit around and make some sand art all day. 

Boracay Island Itinerary Philippines

4. Try something Exotic

When you´re in Boracay you will learn the art of walking and it was great because I´m a big fan of walking long distances. I enjoyed every step I took, the sand didn't tickle my feet as it was so fine like milk powder. While walking around the island you will see different kinds of interesting things. We found this guy bringing something along with him, something familiar to me. They have their own version of Tamilok in Boracay which can be dug out from holes found in the sand, which is quite different from the mollusk that can be found in mangroves in Palawan. They looked the same to me, really the same.

If you're not into those you can sea urchins or seaweeds. Or maybe go for something a little normal like grilled foods: barbecue intestine, pig's blood, and my favorite chicken liver.

Boracay Island Itinerary Philippines

5. Get a Massage or Simply Relax by the beach

The day started with a bright clear blue sky and the ocean was as calm as an infant asleep. Everyone was relaxed under the sun, with rays of sunshine cancer-causing or what I mean is sunshine goodness polishing their skin with a tint of tan. It's such a wonderful place to free your mind and an invigorating place to ease your nerves. I always loved a simple walk along the beach, a very simple way to chat around and smell the ocean. 

A few resorts have provided sunbeds for their guests or you can buy a drink from them and sit for free. Another way to relax is to read a book or get a massage. 

Body Massage ranges from 500 PHP - 1,000 PHP

Boracay Island Itinerary Philippines

Check out Beach Weddings

I find this really sweet. We bumped into a lot of beach wedding ceremonies and the bride and groom holding each other like bubble gum, everyone looked so happy and it made me wonder how my wedding would be.

6. Henna Tattoo or a Permanent Tattoo

There are tattoo studios in Talipapa Market and other places around the island. We had a dry martini drink while we were having our henna tattoos painted on our bodies. We did a lot of "hangyo" (a Bisaya word for bargaining) and we got a price of 70 PHP for my tribal butterfly henna tattoo on my lower back, which usually costs around 150 PHP for others. The henna tattoo artist is scattered all around the island you don't need to look for them. While mixing the paint my sister and her two friends found a friend who was a henna artist in the corner. He was the younger brother of a highschool friend they had back in the years. He recognized them instantly and painted them small-sized henna tattoos for free and gave us a discount as well. Another discount what more can I say.

Boracay Island Itinerary Philippines

7. Go Shopping in Boracay: D' Talipapa and D' Mall

It was time to search for some souvenirs and I knew the perfect spot to shop for cheaper items and that would be at D' Talipapa Market located at station 2. They're open from 8AM till 10PM. You can ask for discounts for a variety of products. Just try to be more fun and friendly when talking to the vendors and surely you'll have a great deal with your items. 

There's also another place for you to shop that would be at D' Mall, they're more fancy and expensive and you'll find it at station 2.

Boracay Island Itinerary Philippines

D'TALIPAPA is where I found these cute lamps, it's simply a structured wood box wrapped in floral cloth. I bought two for my mum and I'm sure it will be a great reminder of my trip.

Boracay Island Itinerary Philippines

8. Watch the Boracay Sunset

Boracay's Sunset is one of the few things that you shouldn't miss when you're in the summer paradise of the Philippines. Our desired place to see the sunset was in Station 1, where the statue of Mother Mary sits on top of a rock. I have it on my vacation checklist to see the sunset in every place I travel to. 

I patiently sat on the sand as I gently scrubbed my feet against the white sand. The moment the sky paints its exquisite masterpiece I gaze in awe. And I said to myself "What a Wonderful World" cliche as it may sound yet it always gets me, all the time. While I was sitting down along with my cousin and a freshly made fruit shake the sunset looked more beautiful. The idea that a religious figure stands on that rock created a breathtaking image of the sky. A symbol that creates a safety cushion in everyone's heart who travels to the island of Boracay. This kind of moment where everything seems so calm and right, I'm not that religious but these are the days when I truly believe that there's an omniscient almighty watching all over us, who made the unthinkable thing happen and all things splendid. I've always been bewitched by sunsets. 

I've always wondered where the island ends, so we decided to walk as much as we could from station 1 until we reached a dead end. We spotted a big boulder and an opening inside was visible where only a  person could go through it. On the other side of the boulder, we found an isolated hotel, glittering in the night. It was surely a private property where the guests wanted exclusive access to the beach all to themselves. I don't even want to know how much they pay for the room per night. Some people are just paying way too much money without knowing that the real fun is actually on the other side of the beach. It was already a dead end so we got back to our feet and off to our seafood dinner buffet.

Sunset always reminds me of a beautiful day. It's a great way to end the day and welcome the night feeling great and contented. This a simple reminder to enjoy the rest of the night with whatever plans you have in mind and our next one was my favorite time on the island.

Boracay Island Itinerary Philippines

9. Go for a Food trip: Chow Time! 

After a long walk, we headed to Jonah's Fruit Shake and Snack Bar located at Station 1. We ordered a fruit salad fruit shake: Banana Chocolate Vanilla, Banana Chocolate Peanut, Melon Mango, Mocha, and Vanilla at very affordable prices. Fruit Shakes are priced at an average of 90 PHP per serving. What makes this an interesting place is that they use water bottles for their shakes, they just create a hole on top of the cover for your straw to put in. I like the thought that they support recycling these bottles which can help lessen the plastics in Boracay.

Boracay Island Itinerary Philippines

Dinner Buffet and don't forget to wash your hands. This is such an interesting sink to wash your hands and it really caught me by surprise.  

Boracay Island Itinerary Philippines

Dinner Buffet by the Beach

The dinner buffet was neatly placed along the beachfront and the waves can be heard as you feed yourself. We tried their Mongolian Barbecue, I was expecting to have a grilled chicken on my plate, but I was wrong and not even closer. We lined up puzzled and along the table, different kinds of noodles, fruits, vegetables, and seasonings were there. There are many choices, you can experiment as much as you like, and the more the merrier it looks on your plate. It was fun having to make our own recipe and have it cooked just the way you wanted it. Mine was a bit different, I added some corn, beans, carrots, and a few pineapples to it and it tasted alright, the chef was kind enough to guide me in the seasoning portion. A little bit of garlic and pepper to taste, their speciality sweet sauce, and a teaspoon of spicy sauce, bwala! my very own Noodle Recipe. My fellow companions were a little bit disappointed with their masterpiece: one was too spicy and the other tasted dull, it was a nice experience and I want to do it again.

Boracay Island Itinerary Philippines

Seafood Dining

Expect seafood all over the place, I was drooling to see those fresh lobsters and giant prawns smiling at me, casting a smell saying eat me! Eat me! The time I've been waiting for was over and we decided to give it a try, something that you really need to try when you're in Boracay. The weather was great, the ocean was calm and the smell of the place was grilled seafood, it was a perfect time to eat.

A seafood dinner always makes my day special despite the fact I'm allergic to seafood, since birth, but I don't really worry too much as I have my medicine with me. We ate lobsters, tiger prawns, and red stripes. Big-sized seafood sure did fuel up my big appetite for food. On top of that, we had grilled fish and more lobsters and prawns cooked with garlic and butter. I had a great big smile after a fully loaded stomach that night. For our meal, it cost around 4,500 PHP - 6,000 PHP wow Nosebleed! but it was worth it. For foreigners, it's your lucky day as this price can never get better than that in your country. I was so intensely serious with my appetite that I forgot to take some pictures of our food, good thing my cousin took some shots using my camera. After a great meal, we spotted a relaxing place where we had the chance to chill out in a very cozy hammock-like chair. 

Boracay Island Itinerary Philippines

For Dessert

The night was young and we were still on a hunt for great food on the island. TRIBAZ French Crepes is located at Station 2. Our local friend said this is the place where you can grab the best crepes on the island. It was a great treat for my sugar craving which has been halted due to my cough. We ordered the best seller they have on the menu and it was a lovely midnight snack. They looked bigger and yummier placed on a plate rather than being wrapped in a paper. It was worth it and I've even wanted to have it again the next day. That night I was baptized with crepes goodness and it will mark my love for crepes for a long time.

Boracay Island Itinerary Philippines

10. Experience the Nightlife

When the sun goes down fruit shakes in Boracay are added with a little twist. I enjoyed the night at Juice Bar located at Station 2, especially when we were given a free shot of vodka when we arrived and that would be because my friend knew someone from the bar, again. Nothing beats a free drink at the coolest place on the island of the Philippines. We also got to taste their Shisha, a smoking jar wherein you inhale air from a long tube and taste a flavored powder inside, it seemed like you smoking but in a classy, Arabian kind of way.

These are some more cool places in Boracay that you should try checking out: Cocomangas Shooter Bar located at Station 1 which transforms into a party haven at night. They're popular with their drinks which they creatively gave unusual names. Along the way stop by and drink some beers at Guilly's Island which is also located at Station 1 near D'Mall.

Boracay Island Itinerary Philippines

Summer Place Bar and Restaurant

A cool place to be when the sun sets in Boracay is located right along the beach at station 2, a place called Summer Place Bar and Restaurant. Groove all night at the exhilarating sound of music, where people come to dance their hearts out and get wild with the beat of the music.

There are different kinds of entertainment showcases on the island, but you should never let your guard down when you're having fun at night. Party with your buddies cautiously, choose a place that is along the main road and drink moderately. It will be more fun partying safely than getting in trouble and spoiling your night. Nothing beats a good night's sleep, I would never let myself get drunk and wake up feeling miserable. It feels easier when you know what you did last night or early in the morning. Party right and Party left. But things just can go haywire when you're out there with crazy people, so party on and may the odds be ever in your favor. 

Boracay is simply a great place to visit and I strongly believe that this should be on people's number one list to visit in the Philippines. I hope the cleanliness of the island will be maintained, so let's continue to treasure such a marvelous creation of God and this should be in the law of humanity. 

Have fun and be safe. ^__^