Essentials for Travelling Abroad with a Toddler

Essentials for Travelling Abroad with a Toddler

Must-Have Travel Essentials For Toddlers

Traveling with kids is often considered challenging, but staying home has its difficulties too. So, which challenge will you choose? We enjoy exploring new destinations with our little one as it creates lasting memories and allows us to experience the world together. Witnessing a child's wonder at new sights can truly brighten up your travels. Also, when traveling with toddlers, it's always better to be safe than sorry. Kids can be unpredictable, so it's important to be prepared for any situation. Let’s go! 

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Travel Tips
  • For flights, Skyscanner is excellent for comparing the best airline deals.
  • For accommodations, our family trusts for reasonable prices.

Ticket Fare

Children between the ages of 2 and 11 are typically required to have their ticket and seat for safety reasons and to comply with aviation regulations.

Advantages of Flying with a Kid

Most airlines offer special services or assistance for families traveling with children, such as priority boarding, child-friendly meals, and entertainment options to make the journey more comfortable and enjoyable for young passengers.

Less is More

When traveling abroad with a toddler, remember that less is more. Since they are more active and mobile now, prioritize holding their hand over carrying their toy or blanket. Keep things simple with your toddler, we also make sure to inform him about our destination and the plane journey to prepare him in advance.

Essential Toddler Must-Haves for Traveling

Traveling with a toddler can be a daunting task, but being prepared with the right essentials can make the journey much smoother. Here are some must-have items for traveling with a toddler:

1. Travel Documents

Don't forget to bring your child's identification, passport (if traveling internationally), medical insurance card, and any necessary travel documents like a birth certificate.

For US travelers: How to apply for your Baby’s First Passport

Kawaguchiko Station to Tokyo by Train
Guess what? Our trusty Mompush stroller has been part of our family for some time now, and boy, has it shown its strength! And, my little one is all bundled up in his adorable Winter Jacket - the only one he lets us wrap him up in!

2. Travel Stroller

A lightweight and compact stroller that can easily fold up for transport is essential for navigating airports, train stations, and crowded attractions. I love our Mompush stroller as it's travel-friendly, durable and most importantly affordable.

2. Snacks and Drinks

To prevent bringing an extra water bottle, my toddler and I share my Nalgene Water Bottle which is equipped with a Reusable Silicone Straw and a Splash Guard for those turbulent flights. I also try to encourage my little one to drink some water during and after take-off to relieve the ear pressure.

Pack a variety of healthy snacks and drinks to keep your toddler satisfied and hydrated during travel. My little one loves Goldfish Cheddar Crackers and Blueberry Bars for snacks.

3. Comfort Items

Don't forget your child's favorite blanket, stuffed animal, or pacifier to help them feel secure in unfamiliar surroundings. 

During long flights, certain airlines offer a travel kit containing a blanket, slippers, earplugs, and an eye mask; I just use the blanket to keep him warm. It's more convenient to bring fewer items along.

4. Travel Toys and Books

Bring along a few small toys, books, or puzzles to keep your toddler entertained during long journeys. To keep it simple, I only packed his Colorful Fidget Toy for the flight, along with three sheets of scratch paper and a handful of crayons. I also brought some of his small dinosaurs that fit perfectly in my pocket and a few Colorful Cups to place his dinosaurs inside. Just remember not to place them in your back pocket, as those little dinosaurs might poke you, ahahaa.

Another fun way to keep them entertained during a flight is to wrap a new toy or an old one they haven't played with in a while. This can significantly enhance their focus and engagement.

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First Aid KitRemember, it's better to be safe than sorry!

5. First Aid Kit

Be prepared for any minor emergencies with a travel-friendly First Aid Kit that includes essentials like band-aids, antiseptic wipes, and children's pain relievers. I have Tylenol and Motrin for fever, as well as antihistamine syrup for allergies, all in containers less than 100 ml. It's always good to have these on hand when needed.

Essentials for Travelling Abroad with a Toddler

What's inside my Toddler Emergency Kit:

It's been a challenge looking for over-the-counter toddler medicine in less than 100 ml. I stored the medicine in a leak-proof Reusable Ziplock Bag for added peace of mind.


Essentials for Travelling Abroad with a Toddler
 Thermometer: Toddlers are very unpredictable!

6. Diaper Bag Essentials

Make sure to stock your diaper bag with diapers, wipes, Waterproof Changing PadDiaper rash cream, and disposable bags for easy diaper changes on the go.

7. For Potty Trained Toddlers

My little one mastered potty training early, but I always carry three 
Pull-up diapers and some wipes just in case he has an accident while waiting in line for the restroom – you never know what might happen.

8. Hygiene is Essential

For long flights, I make sure my child changes his underwear, swaps a stained shirt for a clean one if needed, and puts on fresh socks. Additionally, I see to it that he brushes his teeth before going to bed. While this may be my personal choice, prioritizing their comfort and sticking to a bedtime routine can help signal to their brain that it's time to sleep.

For an eco-friendly approach, I use a Bamboo Toothbrush for my child.

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For flights,  zipper Fleece Jackets are ideal, especially for kids, as they are easy to put on.

9. Travel-Friendly Clothing

Pack comfortable and weather-appropriate clothing for your toddler, including extras in case of spills or accidents. Dress your kids in comfortable layers, ideally without buttons, zippers, or any hindrances that may delay them from reaching the bathroom on time. Choose slip-on shoes over laces for convenience and security.

Essentials for Travelling Abroad with a Toddler
Becoming a parent is like stepping into a whirlwind! Thank goodness for my trusty Travel Planner to keep me on the sanity train!

10. Use a Travel Planner

Travelling with a toddler can be overwhelming, especially when you're worried about overpacking or forgetting essential items. That's why I recommend using a Travel Planner to help you stay organized. This planner includes a packing list, a list of things to do before your flight, and plenty of space for taking notes. You can even use it to plan your flight, accommodation, and itinerary for your trip.

This planner also features a self-care or habit tracker to help you stay hydrated during your travels, and it's even more fun to add your husband and baby to the tracker. At the end of your trip, there’s a journal section that provides space for you to record memorable moments and highlights from your family's vacation.

Explore our Amazon Storefront for additional suggestions on essential travel items for toddlers. Create unforgettable family vacations without breaking the bank.

Have fun and be safe ^__^

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