Anime Pasadena Cosplay Convention in California

Anime Pasadena Cosplay Convention in California

My First Experience at the Anime Pasadena Cosplay Convention in California

The Anime Pasadena has been welcoming Anime fans, cosplayers, vendors and artists from all walks of life for years now. It’s a fun gathering of talented photographers, Anime treasure collectors, resourceful cosplayers and people who are just curious about this crazy world of Anime. Let’s go! 

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Event Details

Event name: Anime Pasadena: Cosplay and Nerd Convention

Venue: Pasadena Convention Center, 300 East Green Street, Pasadena, CA 91101

Two Days Event ( Saturday-Sunday)

Ticket Pricing Options for Convention Access:
  • Single weekend entry: 45 USD
  • Two-day convention pass: 98 USD

Anime Pasadena Cosplay Convention in California

Dressing Up To Join The Fun

This is my first Anime convention and what makes this moment special is that this is one of the first few activities we’re doing as a family of three. Now that our baby is 6 months old enough to appreciate colors, sounds and anything interactive we make sure to feed his curiosity.

I was excited and dressed up when we drove to Pasadena. My husband and I are Ninjas inspired by the anime series “Naruto.” Initially, we wanted our baby to dress up as Naruto and we’ll be his ninja however we found a “Dragon Ball Z” baby costume and we fell in love with it. 

Anime Pasadena Cosplay Convention in California

Our baby was “Goku” and we were his ninjas, think of it as a Multiverse, a series of worlds intertwined by a catastrophic chain of events, which was made popular by the “Avengers” movies.

Getting In Takes Time

Anyway, what I hated about the event was the line getting into the convention. It was ridiculously long! We waited for 3 hours to get inside the convention. 
It was also Covid times so maybe that made it worse?  That was an unpleasant experience for me especially with a baby however after we went in, I was like “It’s actually worth it.”

Anime Pasadena Cosplay Convention in California

Anime Shops

There was so much human traffic inside the halls. Plenty of Anime Vendors and artists. My husband friend’s was also one of the vendors. Check out his Pokemon store "Pika Dude", he’s mostly around the Anime Convention in Los Angeles.

Anime Pasadena Cosplay Convention in California
Dancing Pikachu's

Event Shows

It’s a two-day event and they have special guests on different dates. 
There’s a variety of things happening at the Anime convention like cosplay contests, meeting special guests and voice actors of anime shows. We also saw a Fashion show and Gaming Tournaments. 

 Free Photoshoots

My favorite part of the event was the free photoshoots! This was definitely the highlight of my day. Our baby had a blast showing off his costume, even the photographer was ecstatic to see him smile.

Pikachu's Everywhere

Outside the convention, there were two gigantic “Pikachu” and a “Baby Yoda.” What more can I ask for?! What would have made this event even better is having food stalls or food trucks? We were starving during the 

Anime Pasadena Cosplay Convention in California

Thanks For The Featured Post

There’s another exciting thing that happened after the convention. The photographer who took our picture loved our family photo and featured us on the official Anime Pasadena website. Our first Anime convention and we had an amazing time, can’t wait to try Comic Convention next time.

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Have fun and be safe ^__^

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