Campground in Ventura County, California

camping near ventura

Escape the City Life at Kenney Grove Park in Fillmore, CA

Kenney Grove Park, situated just outside of Fillmore, CA, is the perfect destination for a tranquil retreat. Nestled in Ventura County, this secluded campground is surrounded by beautiful trees, making it a hidden gem worth exploring. Let's go!

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We recently visited this park and we liked it! It's perfect if you're trying to avoid the crowds and want a short getaway not far away from home. The park offers a variety of campsites ranging from 27 USD to 48 USD, depending on the site features and location.

How to get there: Kenney Grove Park Campground

Location: 823 Oak Ave, Fillmore, CA 93015
Fees: Campsite fees range from 27 USD to 48 USD

Campsite Options: (prices may change)

RV and Tent Site Features: Fire Ring/Grill, Pet Friendly, Water, Electric and Sewer (depending on price and location)
  • 48 USD Site Features: Fire Ring/Grill, Pet Friendly, Water, Electric of 20/30/50 Amp and Sewer
  • 39 USD Site Features: Fire Ring/Grill, Pet Friendly, Water and Electric of 30 Amp
  • 27 USD Site Features: Fire Ring/Grill, Pet Friendly

camping near ventura
Our little one just got his hiking shoes during his birthday, Timberland Toddler hiking shoesAnd of course, we've worn the ever-durable Columbia Men's and Columbia Women's Hiking Boots since 2019.


Kenney Grove Park provides all the things you need, like restrooms, safety, and water. It's also a pet-friendly campground, which is great for those who want to bring their furry friends along.

camping near ventura
Clean and functional toilets.

camping near ventura
There's even a playground for the kids.

camping near ventura

We booked the 48 USD campsite as it had partial shade, water and we wanted to be closer to the parking area. However, we didn't know that we could park near our tent, just like at Chilao Campgrounds in Palmdale. We made the mistake of camping at the RV site and should have stayed away from the hookups even though we loved the space. Our total expenses came out to 58 USD, including tax, during our trip in the summer month of June.

camping near ventura

The camping site after the bridge was beautiful, so if ever we're going back, that will be the perfect spot for a tent ground next time. Also, bring some insect repellent as you're going to need it. We applied some after sunset and we didn't get a single bite, even our little one. Also, if you ever need more supplies, Von's is the closest and cheapest place to go.

Things we bring for an overnight camping: 

Top 10 Decathlon Products We Love
Cooler Lunch Bag: US I CA

Lunch Bag

We loved this cooler bag as it's lightweight and perfect for short hiking and camping trips, even going to the beach as it keeps our drinks and food cool for up to 4 hours. It's also easy to store this bag as it folds and takes up less space in our cabinet.

The challenge of camping with our toddler is his meals. He has become so picky that I have to make sure to have different kinds of fruits for him to snack on while camping in that way he gets all the calories needed. We also went to Vons which was a short driving distance from the campground to get more baby food supplies.

affordable reef safe sunscreen

Never head out to the trails without putting on sunscreen, the heat nowadays is not a joke. Also, make sure to use eco-friendly sunscreen to protect yourself and the environment.

camping near ventura
A Guided Gratitude Journal with Prompts to Increase Mindfulness for Adults and Kids.

Gratitude Journals

Camping is a great way to connect with nature, it has a unique pull that surpasses a simple day hike. Being under the stars, feeling the cold air, and sleeping close to the ground draws us closer to nature. It fosters a deeper connection with the earth, making it a truly special experience which is why I brought our gratitude journals to cultivate gratitude in our everyday lives - just try to write on them before sundown to make things easy, ahahaa.

fun card games for adults
Fun card games to play while camping: The Hygge Game

Fun Card Game for Camping

We love this game as you get to know people in a very fun way. Even just my husband and I would play this game and discover more things about each other. Our friends introduced this game during our Malibu Creek State Park camping trip and we're hooked!

camping near ventura
Kids Hiking Bag: US I CA

Kids Hiking Backpack

Our little boy loves his bag as it's lightweight and it carries his favorite toys and snacks during hiking. He brings this bag everywhere going to the mall, daycare, and even visits with the grandparents. The straps help keep them in place as he runs around too. Comfortable and practical with its large central opening and front zipped pocket. 

camping near ventura

First Aid Kit

We always make sure to pack a First Aid Kit,  Flashlight, Headlamp, Swiss Knife, Lighter/Matches and a Whistle every time we go camping/hiking. It's always better to be safe than sorry when going camping or hiking.

camping near ventura
Proudly smiling as he just memorized his emergency camping essentials. Core Tent 6 Dome


I believe in investing in quality, as long as it's within my budget. Take, for example, our 6-dome tent. It has proven its worth by keeping us dry and withstanding strong winds. Even as a party of three, we had ample space to move around. Although it's advertised to fit six people, we haven't had the opportunity to test that yet. When the temperature dropped significantly at night, we managed to fit two hiking chairs inside our tent. This allowed us to stay warm while we played with our little one indoors.

camping near ventura

Camping Chair 

It's funny how this little human finally fit in our camping chair compared to his first camping trip. Time flies when you have a kid and that's why we try to ensure to make lots of happy memories with him.

camping near ventura

Sleeping Bag

Someone's ready for bed? Our little one has received his first sleeping bag from his uncle, and it's amazing! Not only does it glow in the dark at night, but it's also suitable for all four seasons, so no need to worry about chilly winter camping trips.

camping near ventura

A Rare Discovery at Our Campsite

What are the chances of finding a blue starfish at our campsite? It's almost too good to be true! Speaking of which, check out for journals, notebooks, and planners that are designed to declutter your mind and support your mental health.

It feels amazing to be camping again, even though we didn't venture too far or end up in a National Park. Our aim was to avoid the crowds and enjoy a brief escape without going too far from home. Fortunately, we discovered the perfect spot just outside Filmore – Kenney Grove Park – which is just an hour's drive from Los Angeles. If you want a fantastic camping experience close to Los Angeles, Kenney Grove Park is an excellent option to consider.

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