Minimalist Travel Makeup Essentials

Minimalist Travel Makeup Essentials

My Minimalist Approach to Makeup and Travel

I'm not one to wear a lot of makeup – my friends often remark that I look the same with or without it. But I do have my favorites, namely my trusty eyeliner and tinted lip balm, which I never leave the house without. As for traveling, I like to keep it simple and avoid bringing any liquid items that may spill and ruin important documents. Let’s go!

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Travel Tips
  • For flights, Skyscanner is excellent for comparing the best airline deals.
  • For accommodations, our family trusts for reasonable prices.

Just Keep It Simple

When I’m traveling solo or with family, it's natural to want to blend in and avoid attracting any unwanted attention. After all, strangers might assume we're wealthy if we're able to afford travel without knowing the truth – we simply know how to find the best deals for flights and hotels. However, even while trying to stay lowkey, we still want to look presentable, especially if we're taking pictures. After all, these photographs could be hanging on our walls someday, so why not add a touch of radiance to them? 

Simplicity is key when it comes to make-up. If you're looking to travel light, it's important to pack just the essentials when it comes to makeup. Here are some of the minimalist travel makeup essentials that every traveler should consider:

Minimalist Travel Makeup Essentials

My Go-To Travel Beauty Routine

When I'm traveling alone, I usually just wear 
Eyeliner and Tinted Lip Balm with SPF. However, after long flights, particularly when passing through customs, I'll lightly powder my face to appear more approachable and avoid any unwanted questioning. It usually works like a charm, ahahaa.

1. Look Vibrant and Awake

My Favorite Makeup Hack: Eyeliner

Eyeliner is my go-to makeup hack to make my eyes pop and look more alert. It's important to choose a smudge-proof eyeliner, especially when you're on the go and sweating in warmer climates, to avoid looking like a raccoon or panda. While they may be cute, it's not exactly a desirable look for us humans. I also prefer mechanical eyeliners – they eliminate the need to carry a sharpener and simplify my beauty routine. After all, less is more.

Enhance Your Look in Photos by Filling in Your Eyebrows

Here's a simple trick to look your best in photographs: if you have sparse eyebrows, fill them in even if you're not wearing any other makeup. It might sound funny, but it really works! This can help frame your face and make you look more put together. Simply select an Eyeliner shade that matches your natural eyebrow color and you're good to go!

Why I'm Not a Mascara Fan

I'm not a huge fan of mascara. The liquid formula makes it more susceptible to breaking and spilling inside my bag, which is a hassle I'd rather avoid. However, if you really need one opt for a waterproof formula if you'll be in humid or rainy weather.

2. Set up the Mood with your Lips

When it comes to setting the tone for the day, I rely on a trusty Tinted Lip Balm with SPF or a Lip Shimmer. With its fresh and natural look, I feel ready to tackle the city or hit the trails. Unlike lipstick, I prefer the lightweight feel and moisturizing benefits of a tinted balm for that low-key goddess vibe. Plus, it offers SPF protection which is essential for travelers who are constantly on the go. A multi-purpose stick can also come in handy serve. It can serve as both a blush and lipstick, saving you space in your makeup bag. A coral or pink shade is versatile and can be worn for both day and night looks. I didn’t find one that suited my taste and preferred them separately.

Lipstick: A Versatile Beauty Tool

I am not a fan of lipstick, particularly when I am traveling. It has a tendency to melt and create an unflattering appearance. However, I do carry one with me on winter trips with my husband, as it pairs well with a dress and accentuates my features. In instances where I forget my blush, I use the lipstick as a substitute. A friend gifted me a Sephora red lipstick while I was dating my now-husband, encouraging me to "spice up my life." Looking back, I suppose she was right! Also, I apply some Lip Shimmer to add more moisture.

Minimalist Travel Makeup Essentials

3. Say Goodbye to Oily Face

This Matte and Poreless Face Powder has become my favorite product for reducing the oiliness of my face. The best part is that it blends so well with my skin that it looks like I haven't used any powder at all. Suitable for normal to oily skin, this long-lasting powder provides a natural, poreless finish while effectively controlling shine throughout the day. It's a lightweight, non-staining powder that is easy to apply. I usually dab some under my eyes after a long flight or bus trip to look fresh and awake.

4. Blush: Achieve that Youthful Glow

Adding just a touch of Blush can work wonders for a youthful, radiant complexion that's perfect for summer. This is especially true for morena girls or those with Filipino olive skin who might not naturally get that rosy glow. I've been using this trick for years, especially during my summer travels, and people often mistake me for being mestiza. Now you know my secret!

5. Unique Eyeshadow Kit: Feel like a Pro

When it comes to packing for a trip, I sometimes bring along my Eyeshadow Kit. While I'm not well-versed in the world of makeup mixing, the kit I have includes a tutorial on the back to guide me on which colors to apply first. Thanks to this nifty feature, I've never felt like such a makeup pro before! Opting for natural shades is my preference, as they're perfect for both daytime and nighttime wear. This kit has been a game-changer in my life.

Minimalist Travel Makeup Essentials

Tips for Traveling with Makeup

When you're traveling, it's important to keep your makeup essentials in your Carry-on bag. Avoid putting them in your checked luggage, as they may never see the light of day. Pack smart and light by bringing only the essentials – remember, less is definitely more!

Avoid Liquid Products

When it comes to traveling with makeup, try to avoid anything liquid. It's more challenging to remove, which means you'll need to pack makeup remover wipes - and remember, less is more. Personally, I prefer washing my face at the end of the day, but wipes come in handy, especially if you're not staying in a place with easy access to a sink or shower.

Stay Fresh

I love sweet-scented perfumes like my DKNY Be Delicious Scent, and while I did mention no liquids, you don't have to bring the entire bottle. If you love perfumes while on the go, you can pack them with you using a refillable Perfume atomizer bottle. Just because you're traveling doesn't mean you have to sacrifice smelling great! This is particularly useful for events at night or moments when you need to freshen up after an unpleasant experience, like food poisoning. A lot of things can happen when you’re traveling -trust me!

Don't Forget the Armpits

Eco Roots Deodorant Cream is skin-friendly, free of harsh chemicals, and effective. Transitioning to a natural deodorant was challenging since we were accustomed to aluminum-based products that block sweat, although our bodies naturally need to release sweat from our armpits.

Perfect size for traveling and fits inside your hand-carry bag, it's amazing how a small product can make such a difference. No white residue means no marks or stains on clothes. It's effective for odor control, keeps me smelling fresh, and most importantly it didn’t give me any rashes. 

Sun Protection

I love Thinkdaily Tinted Sunscreen for my daily sun protection. It seamlessly matches my skin tone without leaving any white residue and works well with my powder. This convenient travel stick is ideal for quick touch-ups on the move. It glides on smoothly, absorbs fast, and is coral reef friendly too.

Must-have travel planner

Achieving Inner Glow and Managing Travel Stress

It's natural to be concerned about your appearance and bring makeup essentials when traveling, but taking care of your inner self is just as important. Travelling can be overwhelming, but using a Travel planner can help stay organized. The planner includes a packing list, things to do before the flight, and space for taking notes and planning the trip. It also features a self-care tracker, a habit tracker, and a journal section to record memorable moments.

Remember, the key to a minimalist travel makeup bag is to pack only what you'll actually use and what can serve multiple purposes. Keep it simple and you'll be able to enjoy your travels without worrying about your makeup. Here's an Idea List of Minimalist Travel Makeup Essentials.

Have fun and be safe ^__^

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