Easy Recipes for Beginners - Stay at Home Tips

Easy recipes for beginners stay at home tips

Here's A List of Easy Recipes You Can Do At Home 

I know, this is not my typical wanderlust personality but I'm not always on the plane to a different country, venturing to new lands in search of amazing hiking trails and waterfalls, or swimming with whale sharks and running around my bikini in white sand beaches. I also have my downtime. My travel experiences have introduced me to gastronomic dishes and delectable culinary cuisines, inspiring me to appreciate food.  Yes, you heard it right just to appreciate food, as I wasn't born with a great mind for estimates but I have the patience when it comes to washing dishes- just make sure to feed me! 

On the other hand,  Saul my husband loves to cook. He has taught me some easy recipes that even a person who only knows how to boil eggs will be able to succeed in creating not just edible foods but simple and delicious recipes. Let me hear you say Slurp! Ok. Let's go!

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Weekly meal planner for beginners
Bonus tip: Use a weekly meal planner to organize your meals for the week, save time and money, and promote healthy eating habits.

Breakfast Enchiladas

Living in Los Angeles has opened my palate to Mexican's mouthwatering food selections! My husband loves Mexican food and finds extreme joy in preparing breakfast, and I have a great appreciation for breakfast, aren't we the perfect match? This is a quick breakfast recipe, you only need 2 eggs, slices of bacon, spinach, cheese, and tomato sauce! Viola! Read more:  Full recipe guide 

This is one of my favorites and it reminds me of Italy! Why? It's salmon, has lots of protein, and is baked.  We shared this recipe with my coworker and she was able to perfect the dish in one try, would you believe that?! It's that easy. Read more: Full recipe guide

Normally, we would order this in our favorite Chinese restaurant but not anymore. We found an easy way to make it at home. I believe having all the ingredients fresh is always a good option, if you agree then check out our homemade chill garlic paste, this is Saul's ultimate secret recipe.  

Mongolian Beef is not your famous Szechuan Beef, it's not spicy but sweet as it has brown sugar and oyster sauce mixed. Read more: Full recipe guide

Stuffed Bell Peppers

My first stuffed bell peppers, a traditional Spanish Cuisine, were made at home. I never thought it would be this easy. You only need to make the stuffing that goes inside the bell peppers and that's it! the rest of it goes inside the oven. Read more: Full recipe guide 

Pancakes from scratch

I love breakfast! Did I already mention that? Well, let me say it again. This time we made Pancakes not just any ordinary pancakes from a package box, but real pancakes. We made it from scratch and it was surprisingly easy. I grew up buying pancake mix, it was good but now that I've tried making it at home and from scratch it actually takes even better. Read more: Full recipe guide

The secret to this recipe is marinating the beef. I grew up in the Philippines; every time my husband makes this for me, it reminds me of home. It's interesting how food reminds us of places, people, and past memories. Read more: Full recipe guide

Sinigang is a popular Filipino dish where the soup-based and is made from tamarind, lemon, or other sour fruits to make the soup sour.  I'm proud to share this dish as we made it from scratch! No sinigang powder that's rich in sodium and MSG. Our shrimp sinigang is made with natural ingredients, you can even substitute the shrimp with chicken.  Read more: Full recipe guide

We all have our lazy days when it comes to cooking at home. For us, we surrender ourselves to Ramen or also known as Instant Noodles. However, we don't rely on it too much like using the seasoning sachet as we still love to eat healthily. Maybe it defeats the purpose of fast-instant cooking but we love our vegetables besides what is 10 minutes right?! Yes, our healthy instant ramen is only done in 10 minutes, quick, easy, and healthy! Read more: Full recipe guide

Easy Banana Muffin Recipe

I've never baked before. I only started baking when I met my husband and because COVID happened. The pandemic really pushed most people to be creative at home. Here's my favorite recipe of all time! Read more: Full Recipe Guide

Posting more recipes soon...

Keep an eye out for more easy recipes!

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Meal Planning is the Key

I don't make meals everyday as I like saving my time for other important things that matter to me. Even before we had a baby my husband and I loved the freedom of not worrying about "what's for dinner". We kept it simple, prepare on the weekends or whenever we're both off and do the meal prep that will last us for days. I also use a weekly meal planner to plan our meals in advance, stay on track with our wellness goals, and ensure that we have all the necessary ingredients. Preparing meals is a great way to ensure you have food to eat when you return from traveling. Just heat it up and enjoy!

To use a weekly meal planner effectively, you can start by selecting your recipes for the week, making a grocery list, and then prepping your ingredients in advance. This will make cooking and mealtime easier and less stressful. Remember to be flexible and adjust your plan as needed. Happy meal planning! 

Have fun and be safe ^__^

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