How to get to Castaic Lake, California

How to get to Castaic Lake California

Swimming day in Castaic Lake

It's mid-July at the time of this post and both COVID-19 and the California Heat have many of us drained.  In Los Angeles, the need to get outside the house has driven people crazy to the point that many beaches are nearly closed due to overcrowding!  So instead, we decided to take a Beach Day somewhere less common - at a lake!  Let's go!

How to get there: Castaic Lake State Recreation Area
Location: Castaic Lake Dr, Castaic, CA 91310
Entrance fee: 11 USD (includes parking)

  • @ Lower lake: kayaking, non-power boating, and canoeing (rentals not available during COVID);
  • @ Upper lake: sailing, power-boating, water and jet-skiing, and fishing;
  • @ both lakes: hiking, camping, picnicking, and horseback riding.

A stylish sign that you're almost there.

Don't let this picture fool you; there was plenty of parking space!

We arrived around 9am and queued to enter behind a fairly long but moving line of cars.  It took maybe 10 minutes or less to actually enter the park, which wasn't bad at all.  The green surroundings kept us occupied as we gradually, eagerly snailed in.

One of the paths leading to the lake.

There were some restricted activities due to COVID, but there was still a lot of fun to be had.  Seating areas were limited, so many people (including ourselves) brought their own chairs, tables, and methods for shade.  Grilling wasn't allowed, unfortunately; but we think we still saw a few people sneak some in.

We found a nice spot!

A book under a tree is relaxing for me.  Ah~

Plus live, calming acoustic music.

We definitely recommend checking this lake out if the beaches are too busy for your tastes.  Go early to avoid the crowds and to nab the perfect spot.

Painting with my plants while waiting to go out to this lake again.

Have fun and be safe ^__^

Do you want more adventure?
If you still have one more day to spare why not go to Abalone Cove Reserve in Palos Verdes, California.

Where am I going next?
My next adventure is celebrating my hubby's birthday at South Lake Tahoe, California.

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