What to do in Marina del Rey, California

What to do in Marina del Rey California

Summer Activities in Marina del Rey

It's summer in Los Angeles and I'm feeling good.  It feels like I'm been waiting for this all Spring.  My husband and I share the love for the outdoor and we're all smiles with splattered sunblock on our faces, the camera on hand, and a box full of trail mix to start our summer adventures. 

Our main destination is Marina del Rey — a playground for beach lovers, surfers, boat cruisers, and anyone who wants to chill along with the seaside community of Los Angeles.  I love this place as it reminds me of the beaches in Asia.  People seem more relaxed, free-spirited, and happy here.  I guess being around the ocean lightens people's moods.  Let's go!

1. Biking at Marina del Rey (May)

One sunny day we went to my newly-discovered favorite place in Los Angeles, none other than Marina del Rey.  And this time we brought along our bikes.  There are also bike rentals and scooter rentals in the area if you don't feel like bringing yours.  Sunny California feels can be seen on the road — girls wearing shorts, guys showing off their tan, and everyone looking cool with their shades on.

2. Summer Event: Marina del Rey's "Party on the Beach" (May)

Originally we had only planned on biking in The Marina, but had our route cut short due to a serendipitous event!  We happened to catch the "Party on the Beach" event that day.  This free event had lots of free activities — a photo booth, art classes for kids, artwork (for sale), live music, and all.  Even admission was free.

The highlights of the event we're having the best lobster tacos ever. A bit pricey but the burst of flavors in your mouth is all worth it, just the thought of it makes me salivate.

3. Free Ping Pong/Table tennis in Venice Beach Boardwalk (May)

Another fun thing to do when you're around Venice Beach Boardwalk is play ping pong, also known as table tennis.  It's right in front of the restroom and they have 3 boards for everyone to play.  My husband and I played hard here for a few minutes, then finally we ended the game with a deathmatch... just kidding.  We called it a tie as our shoes were all filled with sand and little did we know people were waiting for us to finish. 

As the weather gets warmer in June, I am already planning for the beautiful month of July.  Aside from being the most wonderful time of the year, it's also my husband's birth month.  I'm so excited like it's my birthday too.  We decided to have our vow renewals on his birthday to make things more interesting.  Plus it's summer and the sea is calling. 

4. Parasailing in Marina del Rey (July)

Address: 13717 Fiji Way, Marina del Rey, CA 90292
Standard flight (500 ft): $85
Magnum flight (800 ft): $95

My friend and I surprised my husband for his birthday with a parasailing ride.  This was his first time and I was excited for him.  The weather was perfect — bright and warm with clear blue skies.  We chose the magnum flight for the higher elevation, 800 ft high up in the air.  We even said yes to dipping our toes in the water before landing back in the boat.  I love that water part of the ride — adrenaline just shoots all the way up and screaming all the while is intoxicating.

5. Mexican Food in Marina del Rey

Baja Cantina
Address: 311 Washington Blvd, Marina del Rey, CA 90292

A Los Angeles summer will never be complete without a good Mexican meal.  A few minute's drive from the parasailing office is the Baja Cantina.  The price is not so bad as the serving size is fairly large and the dishes are delicious.  We ordered three different dishes and split them between the 3 of us.  

6. Sunset Yacht Cruise (July)

Address: Tahiti Way, California 90292
Our selected time: 6:30pm - 8:30pm 
Boat rental: get my boat website

We wanted July to be special.  So to celebrate my husband's birthday and our vow renewal more special, we rented a boat for our family and close friends.  It was a short and sweet cruise.  The sun hid as we cruised but the champagne made it all better. 

It was a great way to gather everyone and make memories with people who genuinely care.  My husband and I had a challenging previous year — long-distance relationships are difficult and being able to surpass that requires a celebration of love and friendship.  

7. Jacuzzi @ Marina del Rey Hotel (July)

Address: 13534 Bali Way, Marina del Rey, CA 90292

When my friend from New Hampshire came over to visit, she stayed at a hotel in Marina del Rey nearby the docks.  We were more than happy to accompany her to the hotel's jacuzzi.  The hotel and jacuzzi were clean and well-maintained. 

After a long day of doing fun and exciting activities, dipping in the deliciously steaming water was incredibly relaxing.

Sometimes, I questioned why we have to work 5 agonizing days a week, leaving us only 2 days to enjoy life.  I used to work 12-hour shifts and got to enjoy 3 days off.  We all should have fewer days working and more time living and making memories with our family and friends.  We work so hard and sometimes 2 days of rest is not enough to relieve the tension.  What a crazy world we're living in, eh?!

Check out: Marina del Rey Hotel Prices

8. Go to the Beach

Venice Beach
Address: Venice Beach, 90291

My first beach time in Los Angeles.  This beach is a surfers' arena as the waves here are quite strong.  We weren't able to swim around much as the waves kept pushing us back to shore.  It was still fun dipping in salty waters and jumping with the waves.

9. Watch the Sunset

Picnics at the beach or the docks and enjoying the sunset — nothing beats the simple things in life.  We watched the sun go down and ended the day with a smile.  There is something about sunsets that puts people's minds at peace and our souls at ease. 

10. Try a seafood pizza: Shrimp Scampi Pizza 

Check out California Pizza Kitchen at Waterside, Marina Del Rey 
Address: 4724 Admiralty Way, Marina del Rey, California 90292

The plaza here is the place to dine and shop in Marina del Rey.

It was my first California Pizza Kitchen experience in Los Angeles.  My husband ordered a not-so-ordinary pizza.  I'm thinking since it's the season of summer and seafood, why not order a shrimp-based pizza.  Surprisingly, it tasted really good and is now one of my favorite pizzas.

Check out: Santa Monica Pier
Address: 200 Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica, CA 90401

If you're feeling adventurous and you want to walk, check out Santa Monica Pier.  It's about a 45-minute walk from Venice Beach.

Have fun and be safe ^__^

Do you want more adventure?
If you still have one more day to spare why not go to Eaton Canyon Falls and hike with Mother Nature, California.

Where am I going next?

My next adventure is Hiking Los Liones Trailhead to Parker Mesa Overlook, California.

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