Hiking and Camping Gears

Hiking and Camping Gears

Unlocking Durability and Affordability: Our Family's Favorite Gear

When it comes to travel and hiking gear, durability and affordability are two key factors that we always consider. As a family, we love to explore the great outdoors and embark on new adventures, so having reliable gear is essential. Over the years, we've tried and tested many different brands and products and finally found some favorites that we always turn to. Here are a few of our top picks. Let's go!

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Travel Tips
  • For flights, Skyscanner is excellent for comparing the best airline deals.
  • For accommodations, our family trusts Booking.com for reasonable prices.

Hiking Gears

Selecting Durable and Cost-Effective Hiking and Camping Gear

Durability is crucial when it comes to hiking and camping gear. It's important to invest in high-quality gear that can withstand the elements and last a long time. Our family never compromises on quality; we want to ensure that our gear is reliable and long-lasting. We aim to select gear that can be used in all seasons, which means it must be durable, breathable in the summer, weatherproof on rainy days and well-insulated for the winter months.

Hiking shoes, hiking boots, waterproof

Hiking Boots

These boots have powered us through steep hikes and muddy paths.  You'd be surprised how good it feels to have your ankles supported by this footwear as you're treading up/down rocky, slippery slopes.  It's been a couple years of hikes and they're still looking pretty good through the wear and tear.  A must-have for adventurers, for sure.

The Ultimate Hiking Tip: Invest in a great pair of hiking boots. We love our Columbia boots and have no regrets. Columbia Men's and Columbia Women's Hiking Boots

Favorite Travel and Hiking Gears
Hiking Pants

For maximum safety, it's always best to wear long pants while hiking. If you prefer lightweight and breathable fabric, you might enjoy All-time favorite hiking pants. I love the drawstrings around the ankles to keep pesky bugs away, and zipper pockets to avoid losing anything while on the hike. Don't let discomfort or lost items ruin your next adventure - gear up with the pants.

On the other hand, my husband prefers Convertible Hiking Pants to keep cool on the trails. He LOVES his pants so much that he refuses to try any other ones until these become unusable.  They have a zipper to convert into shorts, have tons of pockets, and make him feel protected when taking the bushy path less taken.  Not too hot, not too cold - they fit just right.

best women's polarized sunglasses under $100
Saul is wearing the Polarized Hiking Sunglasses in Green, while I have the Hiking Sunglasses in Blue (non-polarized). 

Hiking Sunglasses

These sunglasses are an excellent investment for everyone's outdoor wear.  They offer a great combination of style, comfort, and eye protection with optimal stability during any activity. 

Polarized Hiking Sunglasses US  I CANADA
Hiking Sunglasses US  I CANADA
Kids' Sunglasses  US  I CANADA

affordable reef safe sunscreen

Never head out to the trails without putting on sunscreen, the heat nowadays is not a joke. Also, make sure to use eco-friendly sunscreen to protect yourself and the environment.

Check out our Amazon Storefront to see our latest hiking gear recommendations. 

Toddler Gears

Top 10 Decathlon Products We Love
Kids Hiking Bag: US I CA

Toddler Hiking Backpack

Our little boy loves his bag as it's lightweight and it carries his favorite toys and snacks during hiking. He brings this bag everywhere going to the mall, daycare, and even visits with the grandparents. The straps help keep them in place as he runs around too. Comfortable and practical with its large central opening and front zipped pocket. 

Travel and Hiking Gears for toddlers

Toddler Hiking Boots

Our little adventurer loves his Timberland Toddler hiking shoes, it has been a lifesaver for our little adventurer. These shoes have provided great ankle support, allowing our child to hop and play freely during our hikes.

Camping Gears

Camping tent - 4 persons
Updating this image soon. This is our old beloved Ozark 2 Person Tent. We have a bigger tent now that we have a baby: Core Tent 6 Dome


I'm all for spending for quality but always within my budget.  We have a 6 dome tent that has kept us dry, withstood the wind (when I thought it was going to blow us away), and comfortably fit a party of 3 with room to spare.  It says it fits 6 persons but we haven't had a 6th member join us yet; however, it definitely would work.  On top of that, it was easy to put up. 

Camping Chair or Beach Chair - Foldable

Portable Chairs

My husband is 5'7 (or 170cm), about 150lbs (68kg) and he likes it.  I'm smaller and I LOVE these chairs.  Easy to open, and even easier to pack, they're a welcome addition to our travel pack.

Caming flashlight hiking flashlight with zoom lens
GearLight LED Flashlights 


This flashlight is a great tool to have, as it is compact, bright, and affordable. It can easily fit in a pocket or purse and emits a powerful beam of light despite its small size. It is also lightweight and durable and despite its affordability, it does not compromise on quality or performance and has been tested to withstand everyday wear and tear.

Top 10 Decathlon Products We Love
Cooler Lunch Bag: US I CA

Lunch Bag

We loved this cooler bag as it's lightweight and perfect for short hiking and camping trips, even going to the beach as it keeps our drinks and food cool for up to 4 hours. It's also easy to store this bag as it folds and takes up less space in our cabinet.

fun card games for adults
Fun card games to play while camping: The Hygge Game

Fun Card Game

We love this game as you get to know people in a very fun way. Even just my husband and I would play this game and discover more things about each other.

Dashboard and Windshield Universal Car Mount Phone Holder Desk Stand for iPhone for Smartphones

Car Phone Holder

This phone holder sticks works, and maintains its hold, even through the bumps of a road trip. It has proven to be incredibly durable, even under the intense California heat.

Hiking apparel, shoes, camera, sleeping bag and camping gears

Investing in durable and affordable travel and hiking gear has made all the difference in our family's adventures. We can focus on enjoying the journey, knowing that our gear is up to the task.

These are just a few of the hiking and camping gear that we recommend. There are many more options available, so be sure to check out our Amazon Storefront for more recommendations. With the right gear, you'll be able to enjoy your trip to the fullest.

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