Why you should travel with your partner before saying I do

Why you should travel with your partner before saying I do

Discovering Love and Traveling together

I'm not a love expert. Let's make that clear, this is just something I wanted to do before settling down for someone for the rest of my life. I feel like traveling together really opens up the connection between couples. Most especially true when you go on a backpacking trip: with no fancy hotels, no comfortable bus seats, extreme temperatures, bad Wi-Fi connection, and food deprivation. It brings out all of the hidden personalities someone has at the back of their shoulders. In this way, you'll be able to know if you're a perfect match for each other. Let's go!

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1. Time

He is willing to travel for days and weeks together with me which is extremely important. It only emphasizes that he values his precious time with me. 

2. Money vs Experience

It's a financial burden, a challenge for some to book a ticket or go traveling. As it means to spend their hard work worth of dollars just for a lousy travel trip with their girlfriend. I value moments. Knowing my partner agrees with that phrase simply takes my breath away. Besides I’m a cheap traveler we won't go back home broke and happy. There are always discounts and travel vouchers lurking around the corner, you just have to do your research. 

3. Patience

We all make mistakes and going on a trip together will surely test your patience. I'm lucky my one and only love is patient with my foolishness. First, on the list, was when I researched the wrong address for our ski resort, where we ended up walking in freezing temperatures. Secondly, I forgot our laundry time in our Airbnb. We were all set that night, so we went down to the basement and I realized we had the wrong laundry timing. The last one was during our bus trips to Quebec and Ottawa. I had terrible menstrual cramps and he patiently tolerated my behavior and cared for me. 

4. Teamwork

I remember we were on the bus on our way to a hotel in Toronto when my partner decided to check his printed copy of our bill. He found out that the hotel he booked was in a different location, far away from our direction. Instead of going ballistic, we took our phones, searched for a nearby hotel at a reasonable price, and made our way there. Simple as that, there was no reason to fight over it. Another instance was when we went to a place called Escape Room in Hamilton. A kind of game wherein you have to put your heads together to find clues and decipher a bunch of codes to solve a mystery box or door. It was fun and exciting, we were able to figure things out without fighting at all. 

5. Mood Swings

We had a few twists and turns here and there during our travels. Sometimes it’s due to taking the wrong buses, getting off at the wrong stops, and wrong turns when looking for a place.  Even long wait times and skipping meals bring out the beast within us. Our patience and tolerance for each other were really tested. I was patient with him and in return, he was understanding with me. It was given and taken for us. I also love how traveling brings out the best in people. It showed me how kind and helpful my partner is in difficult situations, not just with me but with the people around us too. 

6. Learn new things

I love this part of learning new things about each other. It's discovering more of his wants, likes, foolishness, and preferences. These new kinds of information will surely make the relationship more interesting. 

7. Strengths and Weaknesses

This is an important element of traveling with your partner. We got to know our strengths and weaknesses, in this way, we're able to support each other and fill in the gaps. It's a wonderful way of understanding each other way better. This reminds me of a song entitled "I'd Rather" by Luther Vandross. It goes like this, "I'd rather have bad times with you, than good times with someone else." I guess it's a great assessment tool if you're willing to put up with your partner, as there will more days of hardship when you tie up the knot together. 

8. Share insights

During our travels, we got to talk more about how we see things. I love hearing his opinions and ideas about nature, politics, religion, outer space, and all kinds of topics we can think about on our bus and train rides. 

9. Precious moments

would like to share my adventures in life with people that I care about, most especially with someone I'm going to spend the rest of my life with. I want to show him how I see the world and the wonders I want to experience together with him. 

10. Love

Traveling with my partner was not just about discovering if we were a perfect match. It's a matter of knowing how much I'm willing to understand and compromise in our relationship, it was a way for me to know how much love I have for him. 

He's the kind of love I've been looking for. It's definitely a yes for me. I do want to be with him for the rest of my life. 

Have fun and be safe ^__^

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