Things Often Forgotten When Packing

Things You Should Remember to Bring On A Holiday

A list of things you should always remember to bring along when going on a holiday. Sometimes we tend to forget what's important to pack in our bags, and in the end, we spend buying stuff during our travels and realize we could have just brought the one we have at home. Let’s go!

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Travel Tips
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Essential Items for Your Next Vacation

1. Ziplock Bag

Safekeeping your Documents is the most important thing in your travel. Never leave without your passport of course it's a necessity when travelling but this time around place it inside a small ziplock bag. Then at least have one photocopy of it in your luggage and another one at home, plus have it scanned and attached to your email. Damaged passports or worst case scenario losing a passport is every travellers nightmare, having a copy of it will serve as a backup plan for the rainy days. It's better to be safe than sorry. 

Try to bring along a printout copy of your flight and travel itinerary, just in case your phone runs out of battery. 

2. Medications

This is something most people forget to bring on their trip. For some, they rely on over-the-counter medicine if they're lucky enough to spot a pharmacy or with water therapy which barely works unless you're planning to stay indoors the whole day. 

3. First Aid

Another important thing that we always leave at home is the first aid kit. Make sure to pack just the necessary items like an elastic bandage, crepe bandage, an antibacterial ointment, a few alcohol swabs, a band-aid and some plasters. 

This first aid kit is a must, especially for mountain climbers and hikers. You might add in a flashlight and a whistle just in case you need it for emergency situations. 

4. Water Bottle

You can buy water bottles everywhere you go but having one on your own means saving the environment and even saving a few dollars. In this way, you can make sure the water source is clean and safe, no need to worry about any stomach problems then. Just bring along a medium-sized water bottle with you then you just fill it out with water in your hostel before heading for your desired tour. I find this very convenient especially in the airport, once you cross the immigration center you are not allowed to carry any liquids with you unless you have an empty water bottle which you can refill inside the waiting lounge to quench your dry mouth before boarding the plane. A few sips of water will do if you're not a big fan of the plane's lavatory. 

5. Slippers

Bring along a pair of slippers, hotel slippers are supposed to stay inside the hotel besides it's too soft to handle the outdoors. For beach lovers like me, a pair of slippers resembles a passport, I would never go without them on a summer escapade. We wear closed shoes almost 5 to 6 times a week for more than 10 hours, our feet deserve a rest from all the tight-fitting, nails-crushing shoe wear. Why buy a pair of slippers if you still have a good one at home, using new ones can cause blisters too. Save the money and avoid all the hassle.  

6. Scarf

Pack a scarf with you wherever you go. You can tie it in your bag or for guys you can put in your pocket. This helps with the cold like when you're in the airport where the temperature changes drastically. It's not only useful when it's cold it also protects your face when you're outside with the scorching heat of the sun. Lastly, it keeps your hair in place especially when going on a road trip with an amateur F1 driver. 

7. Sewing Kit

This may come in handy for an inevitable wardrobe malfunction. It can happen to anyone at any time and any day on your trip. A small sewing kit will do, I bought mine in a $2 shop and I have it with me on most of my travels. 

8. Poncho/Umbrella

If you don't have check-in baggage then bring along the poncho otherwise you can bring both. Even if it's summer the weather is still unpredictable, it might be sunny in the morning but the next thing you know it's already raining cats and dogs. If you're walking on the street you will need to take shelter but if you have a poncho you're worry-free. This is quite important for kids, maybe for us adults getting wet in the rain is not a big deal but for kids they need protection. The umbrella might be troublesome to bring along in your bag however once you feel that intense heat outdoors you'll wish to have an umbrella with you. 

9. Extra Memory Card

This does not only apply to selfies and picture enthusiasts. It comes in handy as an emergency replacement when your memory card malfunctions all of a sudden. But more importantly for storing more pictures, in that way, you'll have the ease of taking as many pictures as you want. It's your holiday vacation, snap some pictures and capture the moment in still shots or videos. These are the kind of moments that you'd want to see on your laptops, or when you're out on the porch reminiscing about the good old days. For some people charged it to my experience this is a lifesaver, it's better to come prepared than buy a cheaper brand and have your precious moments stored in there and have the chance of losing the pictures. 

10. Mini Speakers

For beach and music lovers this is one thing they always pack along on a trip. Whether you are at the beach with the family, on top of a mountain, inside the hostel, hanging out near the pool, playing billiards, drinking sessions with friends or just lying around on a hammock alone, be it whatever and wherever you are, this small travel convenient speaker will be there for you. It can turn up the mood or it can lower the tempo of the day, it will be according to your taste in music and what feels good on that very day. Just make sure to charge it up and bring along the charger cord to bring it back to life once the battery drains. 

11. Headset

When you're on a long road trip listening to good music will loosen up the thought of a long bus drive, even for a long flight too. So before heading on to your trip try to catch up with your music and save up your favorite tunes on your phone or mp3 player. 

12. Sleeping Kit

The kit includes an Air Pillow, Eye Mask and Ear Plugs. A necessity for long flights which is conducive to a good night's sleep. It comes useful too when you're trying to get a few crucial hours of sleep in preparation for a 2 am mountain trek the next day. 

13. Hat

Any kind of hat will serve its purpose whether it's a sunny or rainy day. Sun and rain protection plus it adds up to your fashion statement: a look that shows your laid-back, cool and outgoing personality. 

14. Extra Bag

This comes in handy when you went overboard with your shopping or you bought need to be hand-carried souvenirs for your family and friends. 

15. Snacks

Lastly, pack some sweets and biscuits in your luggage. It may seem ridiculous to be bringing along a snack but when hunger strikes you'll thank me for it. This may not be appealing for the food enthusiast however this can serve as a backup food supply when you're hungry in the airport, on a long bus ride, on a trek, in the hotel or on an island and it's in the middle of the night. 

Now that you're all packed here are 10 more Travel Tips To Keep in Mind

Travel Tips To Keep in Mind

16. Research ahead of time

Read blogs and forums with like-minded people. Consider your budget, the currency versus your money, the weather and what activities you're planning to do. 

17. Watch out for promo fares

These are usually available during holidays or on weekdays. They said its better to watch out for low fares around Tuesday and Thursday. Be flexible with your travel date. 

18. Make a Travel Itinerary

A well-planned out travel is better than a wasted day of getting lost in a foreign land. I do still believe that getting lost is an adventure as long you know where you're going. It's important to know your night bus schedules, ferry rides and alternative routes for your travel. 

19. Book your accommodation

Backpackers usually say they will just find the nearest available place in the area, "come what may huh?." This is a wrong mentality, it's careless and irresponsible, especially if you're a female backpacker. I always make sure I'm staying in a clean and safe place. Have some time to check the trip advisor's comments on your accommodation. Consider how far it is from the airport and how near it is to your designated activities. I personally email my desired guesthouse and even try to ask for a discount. Every day should be a lucky day and surprisingly if you believe it that way it does happen.

20. Always check tour availability

If you're planning for a hike or trek book your activity ahead of time. You will need a local guide for this kind of trail and even permits that allow you to climb. When it comes to Diving especially for courses it should be booked weeks or months before your first class. If you're just looking at fun diving then a 2 days early booking should be fine. I was a bit careless with one of my trips good thing there was an available slot the next day for a dive. However, there was no chance of haggling to get a good price. If you're planning to take a dive course at least inform the dive center with your plans. While for day-to-day activities like kayaking, water rafting and snorkeling booking one day ahead is fine. Avoid booking your flight on the last day of your dive or trek for safety and travel flexibility purposes.

21. Make a Vacation Checklist

The most important thing jot down your Vacation Checklist. You don't want to leave anything important behind. I travel a lot so I already know what things I should be bringing along on my trip. On the other hand, I always make sure that I have a list to double-check all that is needed for my travel, especially when you're going on a solo trip. You have to watch out for yourself and try to save some money too.  The penny you spent on a toothbrush left in the sink is equivalent to a tasty street food in the corner. For instance, many travellers always leave behind: medicine, tissue, slippers, a spare memory card, one more battery for your camera, extra cash and the list goes on. Better make that list then! 

22. Learn to be flexible

Sometimes you have to take some detours with your travels. Allot some extensions with your travel time and make room for adventure mixed with a tinge of patience. There are instances that things don't go according to plan, don't let this ruin your travel instead find ways to enjoy each moment. There's this one trip I had I wasn't able to fulfil one activity so instead I had a massage and a food trip bonanza, it was all worth it at the end of the day. Don't waste your time and just be spontaneous. 

23. Stay safe

Keep in mind to take care of yourself, the things you've read in the forums, all those do's and don'ts were written down not to spoil your travel but to serve as your guidelines. I believe in safety first, I don't want to leave a country with a traumatic experience. Avoid dark alleys, be home before midnight unless you're in a resort and always keep your head above water for scams out there. 

24. Be open-minded

Embrace the wonders that you see and respect the locals around you. If you show kindness they will be your friend. Trust me, I'm a sceptical kind of person but sometimes you just have to let go of your boundaries and learn to connect with people. They will take care of you as if you were part of their family. We are all indeed intertwined with something that makes us care for each other. Love. Spread the love and be loved. 

25. Feed your soul

Travel is not just about escaping work and the daily responsibilities of life. It's learning that there are more people out there who are different from you, with distinct cuisines, cultures and traditions. Let your wandering feet see the explicit beauty of other countries. Be enlightened about how we are all living this so-called life, full of mystery and love. 

Have fun and be safe ^__^

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