Christmas in Singapore

Christmas in Singapore

Where to go this Christmas in Singapore

1. Orchard's Christmas Fountain

Enchanted Christmas Fountain

2. Orchard Central Christmas Love

I've felt Christmas Love while passing by at Orchard Central in Singapore. 

3. Paragon's Christmas Bulbs

Playing around in Paragon's Christmas Bulbs at Orchard, Singapore. I guessed we've gathered more than 7 dragon balls.

4. Orchard's Christmas Tree

Inside the Enchanting Christmas Tree in Orchard, Singapore. Ring the bells for good cheers this Christmas. 

5. Ion Orchard's Purple Christmas

Purple Christmas at Orchard Ion,Singapore. Big Christmas Balls and Big Gifts means Big Smiles for everybody. 

6. Christmas Walk in Orchard Street

Walking along the streets of Orchard holds many wonders to see. A kaleidoscope room that made me smile from ear to ear, dancing stair lights, a beautiful sight of a father holding his child, an adorable Mr. Suave/Swag King and the delicious kids-worship-this Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Christmas Tree.

7. Marina Bay Sands Water Show

It was a calm night, a fantastic idea to walk around and explore the city. Together with a good friend we were like kids walking endless as if there's no tomorrow. As the night was starting to fade, it was a good thing we dropped by at Marina Bay Sands Mall before heading home. It was a great way to end our night with such a splashing water show. People watched as wide array of vibrant colors, bubbles everywhere and lights dusted the night. Christmas Carols were sang and the people swayed to the beat of the sound.

On the other hand  my friend and I missed our out of reach home terribly. I realized that only a few people are strong enough to fly away and handle this kind of longing. I admired this people because I myself has experienced it. An MRT ride will take you to Marina Bay Sands, just alight at Bayfront Station and off you go outside and the fancy mall welcomes you right away.


8. Tangs Christmas Winter Theme

Dream-like white lights feels the street of Tangs Plaza at Orchard, Singapore.

9. Christmas at Changi Terminal 

I can feel and see the spirit of Christmas even here in Changi Terminal Airport in Singapore. An extraterrestrial Christmas Tree and two reindeers with bright lights entertained me as I wait in line for my boarding time. 

10. Robinson Mall Santa's Workshop 

Everyone who passed by Santa's Workshop always have a big smile on their faces. It's near Robinson Mall at Orchard, Singapore. 

11. Santa Claus in Orchard

Santa Claus is coming to Town! I just love to say that, he's actually in town now. I found him along the streets in Singapore and inside the Paragon Mall giving lovely cheers and good wishes to everyone.

12. Sentosa Island

I feel like it's always Christmas feels in Sentosa Island. The land of fun and excitement in Singapore.

Hello 2013 soon! It's a new year another book of empty pages to fill up this 2013. A firework looked like a man with the brightest light as it's head or I see it more as a candle. It makes me smile to know that I had a fantastic fun filled year and now this candles shows that i would have a more brighter life this year. May God continue to shower my loved ones with blessings , good health and more happiness in life. I say Amen to that. Another picture that took me by surprise is this side view image of a person smiling, it looked really creepy. However , it's how you see things that matters. The image has a smile on it's face, I'll be meeting new challenges this and eventhou it may look sour I would still have a smile on my face. Fight! I'll be heading to another country and it only means meeting new people. Each individual I meet opens a new chapter in my life and I'll be more than happy to discover what new adventures this year have instill on me. 

Merry Christmas Everyone! 

Have fun and be safe ^__^

Do you want more adventure?
If you still have one more day to spare why not go take a bus to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and see the World's tallest twin tower or also known as the Petronas Tower.

Where am I going next?

My next adventure is having a short weekend getaway at Batam, Indonesia. 

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