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Bloggers who shares the same passion for Traveling

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”
-St. Augustine of Hippo


Vacation Checklist Guest Blogger: 
Blog Mission: Share travel experience and provide tips for fellow travelers.

1. Must be an Original Content.
2. Post Highlights: The adventure you had during your trip and a brief summary of How to get there and few guidelines for fares, schedules and safety.
Length of Post : NOT less than 300 words or more than 500 words.
Photos: 10 photos ,resize to 800x600 and must be in Landscape just like how I post my pictures. Make sure to add your site's URL in your pictures. 
End of post: Write a brief statement about yourself and your site content. 

There's no money involve being a guest blogger in my site. Just sharing the experience and love to other people through words and pictures. It's also one way of helping each other's site gain more traffic and building a relationship with fellow bloggers who shares the same interest. 

Drop me a message in the form provided on the right sidebar corner, for mobile users it's found in the footer section at the bottom.


Disclaimer: Please do not copy blog photos and texts without further permission and proper attribution.