How to save Money for Traveling

How I managed to travel almost every three months without quitting my job

1. Book tickets in Advance
If you knew that an airline company is having a promo fare check it out and find your target. For the majority of my travels, the plane ticket has been booked 6-10 months in advance. It has its advantages: you save more for a cheap fare, plan out your adventure, and you can submit in advance your annual leave plans. In that way, none of your co-workers can take your slot therefore being denied your travel dates will not be an option. 

2. Research and Compare Prices
Plan out your activity and check what kind of adventures you want to do. Determine if you want an easy-going trip, or if you want to tick off some of your bucket lists, maybe explore your taste buds and go for a gastronomical adventure. For me, I want all of it! If had 5 days or a one-week trip my itinerary will be like this. I'll be doing activities like kayaking, river trekking, mountain hike for half of the week then the remaining days is spend on finding great food and a massage. Having baseline data determines how much is your budget for the trip. Importantly, it gives you ample time to compare prices and which activity to pursue. 

3. Go for Backpackers Hostel
Hunt for the cheapest accommodation in town. This is one thing you should be doing once you've booked your plane ticket and have determined the activities you have in mind. Check out Tripadvisor for great accommodations and see what hotel or hostel that suits you. Try to find a place near your desired activities. At the same time, you can ask your hostel for recommended activities and their price range. 

I'm a big fan of staying in a backpackers hostel, it's clean, budget-friendly and the staff is always helpful. If you spend less on your accommodation then you can go crazy with activities and have plenty more extra dollars for your food cravings. It depends on what kind of traveler you are, for me, I love to interact with locals and other like-minded travelers and always tries their local delicacy. 

4. Avoid Convenient Stores
Every dollar counts. Sometimes we tend to buy unnecessary things when we're around convenience stores like candies, chocolates, chips, sodas, and more. Create a grocery list, purchased the important things you need, and in this way, you can avoid going to convenience stores for insufficient supply in your refrigerator. Just think of it this way, one can of soda and a bag of chips can be your one meal in a foreign land plus with a majestic mountain view or sunset view. 

5. Follow a Budget Regime
I work hard for my family and I intend to send in money at all costs. You need to learn to balance your expenses, set aside the money intended for your family ( including insurance and mutual funds deposits), rent, transportation, food, personal items, and a few dollars for weekend happenings. The rest is for your travel fund, you can get a few dollars from your allowance for personal items, transportation, and weekend happenings. You will have to learn to walk to two bus stops away if there's a chance of saving a few dollars in your pocket and even avoid some weekend events once in a while. 

6. Do Overtime
I'm a hardworking person. Period. I believe that You if work hard then You must party harder. You don't really feel the fatigue once you're fueled by your goal to save more money for your travel fund. I guess 90 percent of my travels are funded by my overtime pay at work. It empowers me to travel more as a gift for myself for working too hard at work. What an excellent excuse! Ahahaa

7. Limit your cravings
I have a sweet tooth so you can't imagine the sacrifice I've put myself into avoiding my favorite outlets. My ice cream cravings were put on hold, then instead of buying those with wafers and toppings, I settle for plain vanilla ice creams in fast food outlets. Even my milk tea weekends are cut down to once or twice a month. It's actually beneficial for my health when I've thought about it. It was hard at first but then I got used to it. 

8. Avoid Shopping Malls. Chill or Be Active
Stay at home and do a movie marathon with friends. Go hike in the nearest reservoir or park in the city. Head down to the coast, rent a bike, rollerblades, or a scooter. Don your rubber shoes that have been sitting in your shoe rack for some time. 

It's time to get moving, get on the road, follow a trail and you'll eventually see the wonders of running. It keeps you away from the shopping malls and at the same time, way keeps you fit and healthy. Two birds in one stone. 

9. Find an Alternative
You don't starve yourself but instead of having a fancy meal four times a week, just have it once or twice a week this time around. Wake up early in the morning to avoid being late and taking the cab to work. 

10. It's all in the mind
If you believe you can do it then you can do it. Cliché is it may sound but it's true. If you want to save more money for your travel fund you will find a way, if there's a will there is a way. I don't get a huge salary out of my work but I religiously follow my budget regime. There are some cheat days, actually a lot of it but I will always try to work out something. Sacrificing your cravings for food, drinks, and shopping is bearable when you have a specific goal in hand, and most especially if you've already booked a plane ticket. 

Have fun and be safe ^__^

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