How To Earn And Save Money Online

how to earn money online

Legit site to EARN money online


I’m skeptical when it comes to websites that say you can earn money through their website. However, you have to go through so many loops and hoops. I discovered FETCH REWARDS and they’re very legit and straightforward.

How to use Fetch Rewards? 

Mechanics is simple. All you have to do is take a picture of your receipt and you earn points.

How to earn points with Fetch Rewards?

Take a snapshot with ANY kind of receipt. What’s even better is that you can connect your Amazon email address, so every time you buy something from Amazon you earn points. You can link two emails like if you have another email that links to your Walmart or Target account. It scans the receipts and you get points. If you’re not comfortable with both options then simply take pictures of your receipts.

Afterward, when you have collected enough points you can then convert them to gift cards. I normally choose an Amazon gift card as we shop at Amazon quite often. I've already used more than 50 dollars in gift cards to shop for our travel and hiking items. 

I can only recommend one site for now. I’m still using Fetch Rewards and hey! Free money?! Why not! It helps with the bills and it’s not such a hassle to take pictures too. We do it all the time with Instagram and Tiktok, we might as well make a profit out of this social media skill we have.

Whenever you're ready sign up with FETCH REWARDS and turn your receipts into free gift cards. Try it and get 2,000 pts! We actually both get 2,000 points, isn't that great?! Share the Love!

Click here for Fetch Rewards. Download it on your phone. Here's my referral code: 1J8BYA

how to save money online

Legit sites to SAVE money online

REBATEKEY - for personal and home products

Rebatekey is a fantastic website to shop for huge discounts on Amazon and other manufacturers. They offer up to 100 percent cash-back rebates. Yes, you'll find items in REBATEKEY at zero dollars, it's crazy. Enjoy the coupons and the best deals directly from trusted merchants like Amazon, Walmart, Macy's, eBay, Best Buy and so much more popular brands. 

How to use Rebatekey?

Buy a product at a discounted price, after you purchased it, type in the order number in rebatekey and then get your money back after the seller verified your order. I was able to shop here for travel and hiking gear at a discounted price, even wonderful books, and toys for my baby.

Check out REBATEKEY and sign up for Free to enjoy the best deals online.

REMITLY for sending or transferring money abroad

Remitly is an online remittance company based in the US that offers money transfers to over 135 countries. I've been using REMITLY since 2019 and so far my family gets the money fast and all transactions were smooth.

I'm very picky when it comes to sending money. If you choose the bank the fees are crazy high, I'm also not a fan of going to offices and getting the transaction done, with Remitly everything is online. I save gas and time. And what made me stick to them, even more, is that there's no transaction fee and the conversion has been pretty good too.

Sign up for free. Check out REMITLY and get a special rate on your first transfer.

SHEIN for clothes and accessories

Shein is an online shopping platform that offers affordable clothes and fashionable accessories. They have all kinds of clothes for women, men, and kids of all body types. 

What I love about SHEIN are the reviews posted by different kinds of people with different body types. It really helps with the shopping experience. It's like bringing all your friends with you and trying out the clothes for you and seeing how they feel about it. It makes the online shopping experience easier and more enjoyable. I mostly shop for summer clothes here, and so far so good. 

Shop at SHEIN using this link and get an extra 10% off your first order.

SKYSCANNER to compare flight tickets

Skyscanner is an online platform to check cheap flights around the globe. In order to save money simply book ahead of time. The earlier you book, the cheaper the airfare. 

We've used different kinds of flight comparison websites for the past few years but I personally trust SKYSCANNER. Most of my Asia trips were possible because I get to book cheap flights. I do all my price comparisons like which months are cheaper to travel to a certain destination and book my flights via the links provided in SKYSCANNER. I preferred going to the links that go straight to the airline website. 

Make sure to bookmark SKYSCANNER to check on flight tickets on your next trip.

BOOKING and AGODA for hotels and inns

Booking .com is a place where you'll find cheap accommodations at places like guesthouses, inns, hostels, homestays, or hotels. I always go to a backpacker hostel when I was single and traveling around Asia.  It's a fun place to meet fellow travelers, plus a great way to find awesome activities around town. These websites are secured and tested. I haven't encountered any problems with bookings. I used two websites to check for the best deals in town even for 5-star hotels: BOOKING.COM  and AGODA.COM.

I love BOOKING.COM because they have a "pay later" or "pay upon arrival" when booking rooms. This gives you options to cancel bookings, manage activities and figure out the location, and if transportation works going to the destination. 

Most travelers I know booked from the AGODA.COM site. I try to be flexible when it comes to my bookings; I go for whichever site gives me a cheaper price.
Check out BOOKING.COM  and AGODA.COM to find the best deals on hotel accommodations. 

GROUPON for things to do, spa, fitness, and food vouchers

GROUPON is a great way to find things to do in a new place or even search for new things to do around your area. They offer plenty of deal choices: travel, fun activities, shopping, fitness, and different kinds of services at a cheaper price.  I have brought all kinds of deals with Groupon like weekend getaways, Muay Thai lessons, wine tours, photo bookings, archery activities, helicopter tours, yoga classes, and even my ukulele.

Check out GROUPON to save on activities, spas, restaurants, and events near you.

Have fun and be safe ^__^

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