My Amazing Run in Singapore

We are all runners 

We walk or we run. We maybe running on the roads or walking in the trails. We are all striving to reach towards each of our finish lines, our goal. We may all possess the characteristics a marathoner should have in order to finish each life's race. This year's race taught me two important lessons in my life. The value of consistency and practice. 

In the first month of the year, I made my first amazing run, the New Year's Resolution Run, a challenge for me to run & to finish the race on my own. Literally, alone. It was a virtual race anywhere in Singapore where participants were allowed to run on their own route. We were free to set our own goal from 5km, 10km, 21km or 42km. And yes, I chose the full marathon. I loaded my phone with Bruno Mars compilation songs (some song lyrics are not so good though but the beat is just too lively) and also a few motivational speeches. From the start, it fueled me to run. I ran to the beat of the songs and I ran while internalizing the message of the speeches. It was a great but tiring job. I was halfway there when I started thinking like quitting. I just wanted to ride a bus going home. Nobody knows anyway. While negative thoughts tried to pull me down, the universe tried to push me too to my goal. I saw a guy wearing a shirt that brought the message "Quitting is unacceptable ". It hit me. I ran fast until I felt pain in my upper right abdomen. I knew it was not right and I need to correct my running. I slowed down my pace and consistently stepping forward to finish the run.

In life, it doesn't need to be fast to achieve our goals. The faster we are, the more we get tired. Consistency is an important ingredient in achieving our goals. Let's just keep our own pace that we can sustain throughout the race. 

It was December, I ended the year with my last amazing run, the Standard Chartered Marathon. It was flooded with runners. At the start, almost all runners were really running. Yes, in a marathon, not all we called runners are running. They walked too and they walked a lot. Their edge is they finished it, they survived even if it hurts and even if it still hurts days after. I was one of them. My body muscle hurts so much after our run. Ahhh, I still remembered the face of a friend who offered me the slot to run instead of her sister. Without any doubt, I said yes to her. Excited, worried but I know I can do it. I had expected the pain I will feel after. I was into running 2 years ago and I have tried running a full marathon 4 times. I feel strongly that's why I did it without practice, my last run was January. I am indeed strong coz I finished the race but I would have finished the race stronger if I have practiced beforehand.

Bruce Lee says "Fear not the man who practiced 10,000 times once but the man who practiced once 10,000 times." I felt like I was the man who practiced 10,000 once in this situation. 

To be a master of something is to do it many times in our life. By practicing many times, we commit mistakes, we learn, we grow and we become better.

A few words from my Guest Blogger:

Hi, my name is Ahdy, a civil engineer by profession, an aspiring full-time stock trader in the future, a mountaineer, a marathoner & a backpacker by passion. I love to travel- taking new experiences and life adventures. My ultimate goal in life is to be happy and worry-free - living life to the fullest. Wishing everybody to have a healthy & happy life. Follow your passion whatever it is. Cheers!!!

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Have fun and be safe ^_^

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