My Birthday Specials

My Birthday Specials

It all started last 6th January 2010 with my oh so very close friend went for an amazing activity. That was the day I decided to do something extreme, adventurous and different each year for my birthday. Why? Hhmm let me think about it. Here it goes. It was the time of the year when all the holiday specials have just finished. Christmas is the most celebrated season of the year , followed by Rizal's day which is also considered a holiday in Philippines, i don't why I even included that. Lastly, a few days after is New Years day. People have exchanged gifts, hugs and kisses. Then comes my birthday where the dreaded post cleaning session begins and a series of bowel movements to the toilet if you ate too much during the holidays. I thought to myself my family and friends celebrated enough already, that cooking something special is not on the list anymore. I know the left overs during the holidays will be do us just fine. Here comes my birthday with the leftovers and no more surprise gifts as it comes along with the Christmas gift last year. There's nothing left for me to do. Beside it's quite hard to gather my friends after the holidays most of them would be visiting the doctor because their sick or to extend their holidays, some are still in the province or worse have to go back to work. Then I realized something I need a change. I want something different, something wild and crazy for my birthday. 

When I've started my birthday craze adventure it was like doing my bucket list on my special day. I just got hooked to it. A way to celebrate life and live it up. There are times I over extend my birthday, instead of just one specific day it can last for days. How awesome is that? Now I can hear Barney (from the series 'How I met your mother') saying "This day will be... Wait for it.. Legendary!" Boom! That's how I do it and still am doing for the next few years to come. 

Grab your beer, piña colada, watermelon shake or whatever you have in your hand right now or feet if you don't have one or simply in your mind that will do too. Cheers to Adventures and all the great things that's about to happen! Amen to that. Salud! Kanpai! Tagay! 

The Adventure Begins!

2009 - All my workmates including me wore something Red that day and we drank like there's no tomorrow.

2010 - Edgecoaster and Skywalk at Crowne Regency , Cebu Philippines. My best friend and my brother came along with me for this exciting activity.

2011 I'm still trying to figure out what I did that year. I remembered that I had an advance celebration together with my sister and uncle. Its also either I was in Manila or Parasailing in Boracay or simply had dinner with my family and my close friend. 

2012 - Hiking at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Singapore

I decided to have a post birthday activity with my friends by simply hiking in a park in Singapore. I had insufficient funds or lets just say I was really broke I can't even afford to buy myself a cake. We all have our challenging days. However, I was able to save up after a few months and rewarded myself with a belated birthday gift. My preparatory skydiving experience at Ifly, Singapore.

2013 - 3 Days Bohol Trip in Philippines

Bohol Itinerary Trip

A short trip in Bohol with family to unwind and did my first ever Bungy Jumping or more like Base Jumping at Danasan Eco Adventure Park, Bohol Philippines . It was my also my Mama's first zipline experience considering she's afraid of heights. 

2014 - 3 Days Cambodia Trip 

Cambodia Itinerary Trip 
Roamed around Phnom Penh
Wandered around Angkor Wat in Siem Reap
Volunteered to be a Bearkeeper for a day in Phnom Penh 

2015 - I went Skydiving Baby! , Philippines

Skydiving has always been my ultimate bucket list so when I've heard the news that they have it Bantayan Island in Cebu, Philippines I didn't think twice. It was the most exhilarating, mild blowing and literally breathtaking experience I've ever had. 

2016 - Coming Soon!

I'll try to add some more pictures next time.

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